Speed up your WordPress site with our 7 crucial tips

WordPress is one of the most popular sites used by the companies that need a solid business platform. Setting up a WordPress website and running it is not enough to ensure that you are offering your audience the best online experience.

Increasing the speed of your site is key to acquiring the most exceptional results from your online efforts. Even a one-second delay in loading your page can make huge losses. Once there are page bloats, it could result in slowing down your website. This means users may bounce even before getting to know more about you. Notably, over 40 percent of people will leave your site if it takes more than two seconds loading.

This article will explore the most effective ways of boosting the performance of your website through WordPress Developers to enhance user experience.

Find the right host

Using the right hosting plan can bring a significant impact on your website loading speed. It could be the reason most companies consider using VPS or rather a dedicated hosting when the site attracts more significant traffic to keep the same trend.

Ensure choosing a hosting plan that is well suited for your business. For example, if you are running a website featuring secured data transmission like an ecommerce site, then you will need dedicated hosting to maintain everything to run smoothly. Although it may be expensive, it is essential for giving your customers an enjoyable user experience. Therefore, to increase the speed of a website, you must employ a reliable web host.

Keep yourself up-to-date

WordPress keeps updating its plug-ins from time to time to ensure that the users are obtaining the best possible experience. Sadly, it is very easy to ignore or forget these updates. Especially if you do not spend most of your time checking your emails or instead upgrading your blogs.

To ensure your WordPress site is up-to-date with its latest version is not a solution for it to load faster, but it could mean fewer problems like security issues. In any case, the two main problems that updates can address are optimization and any holes in website defense from attack.

Reducing your HTTP requests

About 80% of your page loading time will be spent by the users downloading the different elements within the pages, including scripts, images and even the style sheets.  For each component, a HTTP request is made, so it makes sense for fewer claims made on your site the faster the pages will load. There are various ways of minimizing your HTTP request, including:

Place your scripts at the bottom of your web pages.

  • Ensure to use CSS instead of images.
  • For every page, streamline your elements.
  • Combine different style-sheets into one

Allow for compression wherever possible

While running your WordPress site, you will learn that high-quality content means success for your website. However, the material could be weighty, saying that it outweighs your web pages which make them slower. But in most cases, it isn’t very easy compromising on the quality that your site offer and the next thing to do is compress the content to allow faster loading.

Through the use of a compression software eases to reduce the HTTP response and bandwidth your word press pages for them to load a bit faster. The compressed images will allow speeding up the site hence conversion improvement.

Optimize your images

Images are a vital way to make sure that your site remains as engaging as possible. But, there are several things to put into consideration if you want to them to load a bit faster.  It is advisable to use image editing tools to enhance reduction of the image sizes, to avoid empty SRC codes which will eventually lead to improved performance for your visuals.

Begin caching

The use of cache plug-ins helps in speeding up the performance of your wordpress. When it is on a website, it means that all the information, data and images in your site are stored in a particular location such that your site visitors will not have to request from your server every time they get to your site.

Caches reduce the loading time since the visitor does not have to load everything from scratch. This allows information to appear faster on your screen.


Content delivery network (CDN) helps in distributing your site’s files across a wide range of varying servers. And because the static files are duplicated in the areas around the world, it makes it easier in transferring information. It can be transferred to the customers irrespective of their location. Several experts on wordpress speed optimization recommend the installation of a CDN.

When users from different locations visit your website, the information needs to travel further depending on where the servers of your web hosting are located. Let say, for instance, your servers are situated in the USA, the user in that country will experience faster loading than a person visiting the same site in a different location let say Spain.


The optimization of your wordpress website is essential when it comes to the website’s performance. Speed is a crucial factor to the success of a website. It can determine conversions, bounce rate and even searches ranking.  With the aid of the provided tips, you can improve the usability of your WordPress site. Apart from the given advice, the marketer can always back up your site regularly. Also, it is crucial to update your WordPress core, install the themes and plug-ins with the latest versions. It will help in protecting your site from hackers hence boosting its performance. Additionally, Google will look favorably on a fast-loading website which can in turn increase traffic to your site.

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