Social Proof in Your Marketing Strategy

Social Proof in Your Marketing Strategy

Social proof is a must-have tool for every marketer nowadays. If you are looking for well-tried ways to increase your brand’s credibility, then there is nothing more practical than using social proof to enhance your brand voice.

Social proof has come to marketing from psychology. Nothing is surprising in the fact that modern marketing uses a lot of psychological tricks, but social proof is a kind of unique phenomenon.

Initially, the term “social proof” was used to describe the expected behavior of people in any uncertain situation. We all seek the approval of experts, neighbors, relatives, friends, or even random people with the experience we do not yet possess. Social proof shows us how the community reacts to a certain thing and dictates our behavior.

Social Proof

Social proof influences our decisions nearly always. It is solid when we want to try something new and unexplored. That is why wisely using social proof’s potential is so essential for your marketing strategy: you will be able to influence the behavior of your potential customers through implicit advertisement of your products or services.

Think about the modern social media that surrounds us. What do we usually see there? The social media environment is where people talk about their attitudes to various events. The most common event for each modern human is a purchase of some product or service and an attempt to share this experience with the most significant number of other people possible.

Social proof is the result of such an activity. We buy something and react to it, creating social proof. Wise marketers always catch such user-generated content to promote their products or services. Let us try to implement the main tricks of social proof marketing for your brand.

How to Get Social Proof

Before using social proof, we need to learn how to get it. Famous trademarks have tons of social proof, but new brands do not have such an advantage. Getting social proof is the question of being popular among potential customers. Here are some basic ways to get social proof, even for recently created brands.

Use customer feedback

Testimonials are one of the oldest ways to influence your potential customers with the help of the real ones` feedback. Despite being as old as the internet, testimonials still work well for most products and services.

For newly created brands, it is essential to encourage users to send their feedback or to share it through social networks. Every brand has an opportunity to create contests, giveaways, and other events to make the feedback process enjoyable for customers. Branded hashtags should be required for all users participating in the connected events.

Some brands might find out that their previous customers have already left valuable feedback without informing the company about it. Search forums and turn on Google notifications by your brand name to collect all social proof you can.

Associate with other reputable brands

Do not hesitate to collaborate with other brands in your industry. Use every opportunity to showcase your partners—it will help your potential customers associate your new brand with something more familiar and trustworthy.

You can start by getting official stamps from social media leaders such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc. It is relatively easy to get the certificates of approval for your official social pages and then use the stamps of these prominent brands as proof of your reliability.

Involve industry experts

Every expert opinion is more valuable than regular customer feedback. Try to involve the experts in your industry to evaluate your product or service and use their feedback as the ultimate advertisement of your brand.

Involving celebrities in your advertisement campaign is also helpful in gaining a powerful injection of customers` interest. Although only some new brands can afford such spending, it is usually hundreds of times worth the expenses.

How to Use Social Proof

Let us imagine you already have tons of social proof. How should you use it, then? The best option would be to collect all pieces of social proof in one place (presumably your company’s website) and showcase them in the best way possible. Luckily, a dedicated tool allows you to create any social media feed you want without special skills or knowledge in web development and design.

Flow-Flow social media streaming plugin is your crucial advantage in the competitive struggle for social proof in modern marketing. You can create any social stream in minutes. For example, a WordPress Facebook feed would be a piece of cake even for inexperienced website admins.

The main advantages of the Flow-Flow social media streaming plugin are:

  • user-friendly and intuitive interface, suitable even for newbies in website administration;
  • powerful customization opportunities available with no web development and design skills;
  • pre-moderation feature for your branded streams based on hashtag posts from social media users;
  • the chance to mix different social media sources (12 different social networks available) within one stream;
  • 40+ social media feed types (including the opportunity to stream public business accounts, hashtags, posts by location ID, and so on);
  • free demo version to estimate the main features of the plugin.


Social proof is a powerful marketing tool that any newly created brand must use to gain its audience. Although getting social proof is the first step of your branding campaign, there is also a very important second step—implementing social proof. Use Flow-Flow to make your second and decisive step more accessible and more effective!

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