Top 5 Social Media Plugins For WordPress

Social media has become an integral part of every business; from organic reach to paid advertisements, it is taking a new shift of integrating User Generated Content in marketing strategies. User-generated content is boosting customer trust and reliability on brands and businesses like nothing before. 

Social media plugins are designed to easily collect this user-generated content, social media posts from different social media platforms and merge the content into websites creatively and strategically. 

With social media plugins, you can curate social media feeds using hashtags, mentions, keywords, handles, URLs, etc., to display on your website. 

This article looks at some fantastic social media plugins to collect and merge social media posts or content on your website. 

So, let’s start to learn more about the social media plugins that you can use to embed social media posts on your WordPress website. 

5 Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress Website

Taggbox Widget


Taggbox widget is a social media aggregator also popular as a UGC platform among the brands and marketers to collect, curate, customize, and embed social media content like UGC, hashtag posts, etc., on the website. 

Taggbox Widget has an intelligible interface that makes it an easy and painless job for marketers to integrate social media content without any heavy technicalities and issues on their website. 

It has multifunctional features like customization to design social media feeds with themes, layout styles, banners, background, etc.; moderation to remove irrelevant and unwanted social media posts. Intelligent analytics to understand visitors’ behavior and engagement with social media feeds, and many more to derive maximum benefits. 

Smash Balloon


Smash Balloon is again an interactive social media plugin to merge social media content on your WordPress website. It’s smashing the market with many brands as a clientele base with powerful and sophisticated features to embed social media posts on the website strategically. 

With this tool, you can collect multiple sorts of social media posts and distribute them on your website to attract and embed social media feeds on your website.

WordPress To Buffer

As the name suggests, WordPress to Buffer is a tool by Buffer, a popular and powerful social media management tool used by big brands and marketers to manage their social media content strategies effectively. 

WordPress to Buffer offers an automatic solution to share social media posts for the blogs and pages on a post on the social media channels every time new content publishes on your website. 

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WordPress To Buffer Pro allows you to schedule the post with content beforehand on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

If you want to connect your WordPress website and publish the content from your site on social media channels, it will make posting on social media channels easy and effective.  

You can install the WordPress To Buffer plugin on your WordPress website and connect it with your Buffer account in a few clicks. This will help you manage your social media content and website content to publish from a single platform.


Spotlight Instagram Feeds

Spotlight can be your go-to social media plugin to merge beautifully crafted social media feeds on your website. Popularly Spotlight social media plugin is widely used for placing Instagram provides on the WordPress website anywhere on the website. 

Using this tool, you can easily collect vibrant Instagram posts and craft them with beautiful templates, themes and customize them for the best layout on your website. 

You do not require any code to embed Instagram posts on your website. Along with that, you can also convert your Instagram feeds into Shoppable Instagram and create a link to place in your “link in bio” section of your Instagram account. With this, you connect your Instagram feeds to your WordPress website and boost the conversion rate on your website with the power of social influence.


Last but not least, Blog2Social is another powerful social media plugin for WordPress websites to effectively manage social media content and schedule the posts on 17+ social media platforms. 

It is an auto-posting tool that helps WordPress websites automatically update the latest content to their linked social media accounts. Blog2Social facilitates cross-promotion, scheduling, and auto-post of WordPress blogs to diverse social media channels that make the work easy and effective.

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Wrapping Up!

Social media plugins save lots of pain and effort by automating publishing and posting content over social media channels. With these tools, you can effectively manage and concentrate your efforts in making the best marketing strategies for your business growth. 

Use any of these tools to upgrade your game of updating and integrating social media content with your WordPress website. 

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