7 SEO and Content Tactics to Implement Right Now

7 SEO and Content Tactics to Implement Right Now

COVID-19 surprised everyone, frightening us in many different ways. From lockdowns to substantial economic impacts, people worldwide have been negatively affected. Companies began reducing PPC budgets and other advertising expenses to save their finances.

However, in the digital marketing world, SEO wasn’t as affected as expected. Some think it wasn’t a concern, with companies investing even more in SEO! These companies are wise, as they are already preparing for a world after COVID-19.

Do you want to improve your SEO and content for better traffic? Then read on as I show you seven tactics you can act on right now!

Seven SEO and Content Tactics You Should Follow

Many companies, maybe even yours, are most likely in survival mode. That’s why SEO companies recommend that you need quick and effective results to get back up and catch up after cutting your PPC budget.

That’s why it’s time to focus more on SEO and content marketing with the following relevant tactics you can try:

1. Keyword Research

It’s time to get all your top-performing posts and research the queries they rank for. Check all forms of data from various keyword research tools, whether Ahrefs, Google Trends, SEMrush, etc.

Once you have collected all the relevant queries, check their current performance, then split the queries into the following:

  • Queries that have Page 1 rankings
  • Queries that have Page 2 rankings
  • Queries that rank for those below page 2

That way, you can see what content and keywords you should be more focused on when creating future content. You can also incorporate these keywords for better SEO efforts.

2. Improve Your Existing Content


For your content with first-page rankings, you can give it some minor tweaking to move up to better rankings. Or, you can even get a featured snippet, which effectively gets clicks!

You can get a featured snippet if you target queries using particular content with backed-up research.

However, if you have second-page rankings, it can get a bit difficult. You’ll need to add more sections to your content or even make a separate page for it.

I recommend adding some relevant FAQs to your content for satisfied readers.

3. Consolidate Your Existing Content

Analyze the queries for content that has ranked below page 2. You may rank below page 2 because you have related or similar content from your other posts.

These web pages won’t perform well as individual posts. However, consolidating all the content on one strong page can improve its chances of ranking higher.

This is a better way to rank higher in existing posts that don’t rank as well as others. After all, it’s much better to have one high-ranking post than a lot of content that may not be noticed.

4. Writing New Content Properly

What about writing new content? While doing keyword research, you may have found some low-search-volume and question-like queries. Sure, these keywords’ individual search volumes aren’t as high, but combine these keywords with low competition, and it’s worth using!

Using these queries and long-tail keywords, create relevant and interesting short-form content. Like all your existing content, be sure to add authoritative links and backed-up research and make it interesting to your target audience!

5. Have a FAQ Page Schema Markup

I mentioned that you should incorporate a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section into your content. You can do this by implementing a schema-type FAQ page.

Doing this can help extend your snippet with an FAQ box. Since search engines like Google can quickly detect websites implementing these FAQPage Schema markups, you can achieve this feature and get your results quicker.

Implanting the Schema markup for your content isn’t difficult, but it’s best that you use a special tool or software for it—unless you can write JSON-LD code or have staff who can!

6. Provide Tools For The Target Market

Of course, you should also consider your target audience. There are many tools you can implement on your site and content to accommodate both your readers and target audiences.

Special Announcement Schema markup generators and other tools are available during these times. These can allow you to add a Special Announcement markup on COVID-19 to your website, doing all the work for you so you don’t need to code.

You should also create other relevant tools, depending on your niche and target market’s interests.

7. Create Highly Relevant Content

Consider new content that keeps your target audience updated, interested, and informed. Create highly relevant content that’s new and backed up with recent research. More people can pick it up with content like this, driving more traffic to your website in a snap! Plus, incorporating good keywords and queries can make it rank higher for more people to see.

Be sure to stay updated with your industry’s current trends and put a spin on whatever new pieces of news you come across. Don’t copy what competitors write and find new angles, posting consistently and with your target audiences’ typical web-browsing schedule in mind. Fortunately, you’re more likely to gain more traffic with good content now that everyone’s online!

Wrapping It Up

Even amidst today’s situation, you can still find ways to make the most of your traffic. From high-quality and relevant content to proper research, you can get the target audience you deserve. Good luck and be safe as you and your website continue attracting your market!

I hope this article on various content and SEO tactics helped you. So don’t wait any longer—look into following any of these methods now.

Do you have any questions or want to share tips and experiences in improving your SEO and content? Please do so in the comments section below. We appreciate all your thoughts.

Author Bio:

Joel House is a founder of Joel House Agency in Brisbane. He is passionate about organic SEO, and Google Adwords makes him special. He has served top brands and has ten years of experience in digital marketing. He ensures one thing above all is to keep the same quality for each client and get the best ROI

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