Protect your Website from Data Loss with WordPress Offsite Backups

Having solid backup strategy for your WordPress website is vital to maintaining its security and continuity. Data loss, hardware breakdown and human errors can easily happen at any time so it’s essential to be prepared for your own peace of mind. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

And why risk something as important as your website?

By using solutions like remote data storage centres, backup plugins and data recovery software, you can safeguard your site and eliminate the possible stress and income loss if anything should happen.

When done right, a WordPress offsite backup can effectively restore your entire website straight back to its previous condition leaving your business and reputation intact.

What you need to back up

You don’t necessarily need to backup everything. The two important things that you should back up are the Wp-content folder containing all the images, themes, plugins and files you have uploaded, and the database which houses all your web pages, posts, users and categories.

However, to have the entire copy of your website to restore, a full backup on your site is recommended.

Why choose WordPress offsite backups?

If you backup your site to the server you are running the site on, you won’t be protected if the hard drive crashes. If this happens, you’ll lose your whole site with nothing to restore it from which is why backing up your WordPress site offsite is the best option.

And while backing up to an external hard drive or USB disc is better than nothing at all, it still doesn’t protect you from damage or theft at your home or office that could destroy copies of your backed up files.

To truly have an offsite backup, the copied files must be stored in another physical location. There are several ways that you can do this, depending on what you’re comfortable with. Though without a doubt, the best way to ensure complete peace of mind is to backup your site through a specialised backup service provider, such as WP Tech Support.

We can process a local and remote backup of your website, taking away the burden from you to remember to manually carry out and save the backups yourself. We backup your entire website to our secure cloud server every single day to ensure your site can be restored good as new if the absolute worst happens.

As we live in unpredictable times, having both an onsite and an offsite backup solution in place is sensible to help protect your business and ensure the survivability of your data and your business reputation.

We make support easy for our customers and our online portal offers detailed reporting on a weekly basis. Our range of great value monthly plans are suitable for any budget, with discounts available for multiple sites.

And when you sign up today you’ll get the first month absolutely free! So let us take care of keeping your WordPress site safe from data loss and you can worry about the day-to-day running of your business.



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