Mobile Live Chat Support


9 Benefits of Mobile Live Chat Support for Your Business

Mobile live chat is a direct support channel that bridges the gap between a business and its customers, allowing both parties to communicate in real-time and on the go. Businesses use this feature for a variety of purposes, including: Marketing  Customer support Sales, and more.  Source Live chat is mostly facilitated by a window that […]

WordPress and the IT industry


Why is WordPress in so much demand in the IT industry?

Whether it’s just an update or a complete rebuild, you have no lack of decisions to make when it comes to renewing your website. There are several resources available on optimizing your website, but it’s crucial to set a strong base with your Content Management System. WordPress is a reliable platform to use that even […]



How To Setup Automatic Currency Converter For WooCommerce

Are you willing to expand your business to multiple countries? Want to display multiple currencies on your WooCommerce store? Let’s buckle up to learn about the best currency converter for WooCommerce. We’ve come up with some of the best currency converter plugins available and compatible with WooCommerce stores.  The default currency of WooCommerce stores is […]

Webflow vs WordPress


Webflow vs WordPress: How to Choose the Right Platform For Your Site

The value of running a website cannot be exaggerated. However, it’s not an exaggeration to say that choosing your preferred platform can overwhelm you fast. One common comparison is Webflow vs WordPress, because both can help speed up the design process, and provide a professional website. While lots of users will look towards solutions such […]

backup a WordPress website


How to Backup a WordPress Website

For many site owners, your WordPress website represents either a source of income, a key marketing element, or (at the least) sentiment for your chosen subject. Regardless of your reasoning, keeping a backup of your WordPress website is a sound idea. While you may not use the backup much, it’s a solid-gold insurance policy against malicious […]

digital marketing WordPress


Benefits of WordPress for Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Looking to strengthen your digital marketing campaign? Then WordPress for digital marketing is the answer. WordPress is a content management system that you can use to create your website or blog. Since its inception, both large and small businesses depend on it because it’s simple to use and has multiple features, including e-commerce themes and […]

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