featured snippets


Featured Snippets for WordPress – A Detailed Guide

Have you noticed star ratings in Google’s organic search results? It is a bit of information, also known as rich snippets. Similarly, have you found an instant answer to your query appearing above the natural search results in position zero? That is the featured snippet. When your page has a featured snippet, it grabs the first […]

Free WordPress eCommerce Plugins


Best Free WordPress eCommerce Plugins

If you’re a business owner in today’s world, you need an eCommerce presence if you want to survive in today’s business climate. As online sales have grown year over year, a variety of eCommerce platforms have emerged. Researching the largest and most widely used eCommerce platforms can be a difficult and exhausting process. Understanding each […]

browser caching


How to Leverage Browser Caching Within WordPress

While the headlines are dominated by how your site is ‘supposed’ to look, clued up site owners know speed is the key. If your site doesn’t load and serve pages fast, visitors won’t be in a position to look at your design. Though, if you leverage browser caching within WordPress, you have a good opportunity […]

seo trends


Top 8 SEO Trends in 2021 You Need To Know

Search Engine Optimization is a critical process in your lead generation and conversion – and a process it is. To benefit from SEO, you can’t just set it and forget it. You need to commit to it and continually keep working on it.   You need to stay updated on the latest trends and follow the […]

wordpress blog


New to WordPress? Read this Simple Guide on How to Create a WordPress Blog

So you want to set up a WordPress blog—that’s a wise decision! WordPress is an ideal solution for learning the ropes on launching a blog, and boy, do we love blogs! Even better, setting up a WordPress blog is incredibly easy. It won’t take 15 minutes to get a primary blog site up and running. […]

wordpress block editor


Top WordPress Blocks and Plugins

Now that you have switched to Gutenberg, how does this editor functionality feel? There is a possibility that you might be looking for more blocks. Or, you may want to have an improved experience.  If not, you may simply wish to download an individual addon that completely uses the new features of Gutenberg. For anybody […]

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