4 reasons to offer outsourced WordPress maintenance services to your clients

4 reasons to offer outsourced WordPress maintenance services to your clients

If you are a creative freelancer or marketing agency, consider diversifying your portfolio through outsourcing. Offering more services than you currently do can sound stressful, but offering outsourced WordPress maintenance services can increase your income while having a minimal impact on your overall workload.

While finding the right agency to partner with can present many challenges, we will explore just some of the potential outsourced WordPress maintenance services you could offer to your clients and why it can be a smart move to do so.

What falls under outsourced WordPress maintenance?

WordPress maintenance can be pretty broad, so you want to decide what you will provide your clients. Some basic tasks include creating backups, troubleshooting errors, and updating WordPress core, themes, and plugins.

If you want to delve into managing content, you could include fixing broken links and optimizing each page for SEO purposes.

Offering a comprehensive list of services will be more appealing to customers, particularly if you can improve their site’s security and performance.

Rather than attempt to handle this highly technical extra workload yourself, it makes sense to partner with an agency that can do it all for you under a white-label package.

Four reasons to offer outsourced WordPress maintenance services to your clients

While partnering with another agency to provide services on your behalf can seem daunting, there are four key benefits.

1. Bring in additional income with minimal effort

Few people have the time or skills to perform daily maintenance on their websites, and with the increased worry of cybercrime, many of your clients will be keen to know they are getting expert care.

The beauty of providing these services under a white-label agreement is that you don’t have to do any work yourself. You can bring in more income without additional time or energy, and your clients don’t need to know that you aren’t the one physically doing the work.

2. Diversify your revenue streams

Inconsistent workloads are among the most stressful aspects of working as a freelancer or in a creative agency. Diversifying your revenue stream can help cover the gaps in your main services.

When slowly signing up new clients, you can add value to your existing clients through ongoing WordPress maintenance.

3. Prevent excessive support requests from clients

After working with a client to launch or revamp a website, you probably hope they will manage just fine without your ongoing support.

While it’s nice to go above and beyond for clients, it can be frustrating having to walk them through requests that could be easily avoided by following simple WordPress best practices.

By offering outsourced WordPress maintenance, you can address potential problems before they occur, reducing the number of support requests you receive. You won’t have to deal with frustrations from clients who didn’t back up their site or problems from clients who failed to upgrade their plugins.

Proactively handling these situations by maintaining your clients’ sites through a third party can be more effective than trying to clean up the aftermath of a hacked site by yourself.

4. Add value to current clients

Sourcing new clients can be time-consuming, so it’s helpful to have a product that you can offer to existing clients with whom you already have a good relationship.

Keeping current clients close by working with them continuously can help you bring in regular revenue with much less effort. You won’t need to check if the client is suitable to work with or do the necessary due diligence. Instead, you can feel secure that you have a database of clients whom you can work with every month.

Creating ongoing relationships with your clients where you consistently add value and make their lives easier will, in return, encourage them to bring in referrals.

If you like generating additional income with minimal effort, diversifying your revenue stream, handling support requests more efficiently, and adding more value to your clients, then outsourced WordPress maintenance could be for you.

Here at WP Tech Support, we’ve built a team of specialists who will act as your dedicated crew behind the scenes, providing a seamless, white-label service for your WordPress clients. Not only will you add a revenue stream to your business, but we’ll also take care of your clients’ WordPress maintenance and deal with them directly on support tickets and issues, leaving you to focus on growing your client base.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Contact us today, and a member of our team will guide you through the process and help you turn a potential service problem into an income stream.

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