WordPress Web Development

WordPress Web Development

The immense popularity of WordPress in the past few years might sound like a perfect march of a perfect hosting company. But the reality is that 15 years from now, WordPress did not have a website of its own. It might sound strange but WordPress was live only in 2005. This makes it even more interesting to explore the various facets of WordPress. Let’s take it from the top!

The journey online

The dream to go live and expand revenues is at the heart and core of every web development company. Not only businesses but bloggers, freelancers, startups and orthodox companies are now looking at the digital market as the panacea of change. A change which can expose the smallest of the businesses to the largest ever audience possible. A change which can herald a new dawn in the life cycle of small companies and startups and act as a potential money-spinner for them.

In this context, it’s noteworthy to mention that WordPress provides a window of expression to all the potential players in the market willing to go live. Thus, WordPress has become the new normal for hosting services and is hailed as the first order of both merit and choice. As such it powers multiple number of websites which we encounter more frequently.

When we peep into the technical details, we find that WordPress is an open-source content platform. This means that any individual is free to modify it as per his free will. If we are wondering that any sort of programming might be required, the answer is NO. The content management tools allow us to design a thematic and engaging website in a short span of time. Thus, the contribution of WordPress to the world of hosting is less ordinary.


Getting started with WordPress

Getting started with WordPress needs no tutorials. When we choose WordPress as the preferred platform for our websites, the first thing that we need to keep in mind is WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting caters to the needs of WordPress and its users to make its performance better, efficient and user-friendly. It enables users to get started with WordPress in a hassle-free manner by itself acting as a beginner’s guide. With just a start uplink, you are good to go ahead. Moreover, WordPress hosting also provides features like updating software, media management, theme management etc.

The maze of Simplicity

Many website hosting providers are no less than a labyrinth which make it complicated and confusing for a user to go live. But WordPress is different. It is different in the sense that it enables the user the simplest possible transition to the internet by providing a step by step guidance. For a website along with its content to go live, WordPress is an extraordinary answer.

The track of flexibility

With the help of WordPress, you are free to expand the level of your applications. Not only does WordPress enable publishing blogs and articles, it enables the creation of posts and pages. Formatting and inserting media are two other important features. Be it a photo blog, a professional portfolio or a government website, WordPress has a unique answer to all of them.

Sounds like publishing

If you have already created a page, a blog or any other type of media, you are ready to send it worldwide with the help of WordPress. With the click of a button, you would have already published the authentic manuscript in the form of photos, blogs, content or any other form of media.

A kit of tools

Creating a series of drafts and scheduling a publication are all but part of the various tools provided by WordPress. Revision post publication is also possible with WordPress. If you are willing to make your content private, you are free to do so with the help of a password. Otherwise, you can keep it public.

The hierarchy of management

The hierarchy is perfectly established. While administrators manage the site, the content writers manage the content. Meanwhile, the subscribers have a profile they can keep up with. Other authors are also free and welcome to contribute.

Conveying it through media

It should be acknowledged that WordPress enables us to keep up with the latest media by allowing the export of pictures, wallpapers and other backgrounds. Captions, images and galleries enable us to host a dedicated website which is loaded with features.

Of scale of numerous service providers.

The collection of Applications

  • A large number of social networking sites are easily possible by virtue of WordPress.
  • Membership sites owe their popularity over the years to WordPress and its applications.
  • Business websites depend upon WordPress and it acts as a money-spinner for them.
  • E-commerce sites as already mentioned are increasingly dependent upon WordPress.
  • Bloggers are already used to WordPress and are promoting the same among web development
  • WordPress serves as a first-hand tool to draft resumes and create a pitch among employers.

Citing Critical Vulnerabilities

In 2007, 2008 and 2015 Secunia reported that WordPress was not completely immune from critical vulnerabilities. These stray incidents reported put a few of the users in dilemma if WordPress was the right platform for their websites and whether going ahead with it was the right option. However, strictly speaking no major platform is absolutely immune from critical vulnerabilities and hence WordPress should be considered the relatively less vulnerable platform.

Looking ahead!

The world of WordPress is too large to describe shortly. To put it in a detail, we may refer to features like full standards compliance, easy theme system, extension with plugins, built-in comments, search engine optimization, language use, installation and upgrades, importing, data usage, application framework and other diverse range of customs.

The future of WordPress can be envisioned as a potential application platform. Nevertheless, the real potential of WordPress is revealed from straight facts. It powers about 34% of the websites worldwide. It should be no surprise that we may come across a website powered by WordPress in an interval of five to six minutes while browsing across the internet.

In one word, WordPress and its features can provide an extraordinary experience of developing a world inside a website!

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