Going Global for Your Business: Consider a Multilingual Website

Growth is a symbol of progress. So, when you think of expanding your business globally, you aim at targeting your ideal audience residing at various locations. Connecting with a global audience is possible in the best manner with a well-developed website. If the same happens to be a Drupal website, you can reap tons of benefits from it.

One thing that is the most vital part of creating a website for a global audience is presenting your online platform in their native language. It will help you connect with the audience in a more personalized way.

English is not an official language in many countries, and most websites there are in their local language. Hence the people from those regions are comfortable with their language only. So, they may face difficulties while operating an English-language website. So, eCommerce sellers selling their products and services who have their website in English miss out on those customers and hence sales.  

In such a scenario, a Drupal Multilingual website comes in handy, and you may attract people from those regions and countries as well. This results in more visitors, hence more order and more revenue. There are many benefits of developing a multilingual website, which we will see in this blog.

Why is a multilingual website important if you are expanding globally?  

#FunFact: In 2020, Billions of content were translated to other languages by ConveyThis for including the same in multilingual websites.

The global market is very much different from the local area you operate in. You need to consider an array of factors that have been dominating the global market at a major level.

A multilingual website comes as an advantage to deal with the challenges of the Global market.

  • It will offer your website enhanced visibility on the web and help you gain more potential leads from every corner of the world.
  • When you create a multilingual website, you offer major search engines like Google to index your website. It benefits you with a higher ranking in the search engine results.
  • To convert a potential lead into an actual purchase, you need to connect with the audience with your website. The response rate becomes higher when customers find their native language.

All the above points may seem easy to say but are a daunting task. When you plan to create a multilingual website, you need to have a checklist so that no improvement is required afterward.

So, to get you started on this crucial task, we have a well-curated guide for you that will help you accomplish your goals.

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Content Management System

A content management system is required to deal with tons of your website content tailored in various languages.

Why is it necessary?

Microsites can be incorporated into a multilingual website, thus keeping your visitors engaged.

Further, the internalization support of the developer’s community is another highlight to choose a content management system for your Drupal multilingual website.

You can also rest assured with the SEO factor of your website. It is because different languages target multilingual search engines, offering a website a chance to rank for an array of audience search results. 

To do this complex job for your multilingual website, you need a powerful content management system that works flawlessly. 

Both open-source and proprietary types in CMS offer multilingual and internalizing support. 

But it is your job to choose the best one so that it would only upgrade your Drupal website performance.

Interface Translation

Manual translation of content on a website can spoil the user experience. To save your brand from the same, utilize the core interface translation module. It will help you translate the Standard English language of the software to any required language on your site. 

You can also choose to install a core update manager module that automatically downloads the translations instead of manual translations.

Make sure that the translation should be round the clock there in the module. This benefit in attaining a better understanding of the intended website while converting and integrating any multilingual Drupal website. 


While working with a Drupal website, you get the advantage of creating custom content pages blocks and much more. Although, you need to decide whether you want one view for multiple languages or one view for each language.

Content duplication

Since you will be creating the same content in different languages, the probability of content duplication may increase. Don’t forget to check that the display setting is filtering by the current language.

Views Translation

The entire website content is translated, but what if you missed out on the header or the supporting views text. Avoid making this mistake by configuring the views configuration itself for translation. 

Why is choosing a multilingual website an excellent idea for your business?

You must be aware that Google is not a major search engine in many countries like China, Russia, Japan, and others. If you have a website with everything in English, you can miss out on your targeted audience at such geographic locations. To unlock your funnel of potential leads, a multilingual website is key.

Apart from this audience trust a website that showcases production services in their language. It is the language they are most comfortable with understanding to a full extent. In short, it puts the user in a comfort cultural zone to move ahead with the buying cycle on your website. 

Ready to get started?

The internet market was estimated to surge, but the pandemic led to its early arrival. Now is the right time to enter the global market and establish your business as a strong brand. So, move forward without any second thoughts! You may Hire Drupal Developers to develop a multilingual Drupal website for your business. This one-time investment can bring you a huge revenue by targeting locations where English is a not-so-popular language. So, what’s the wait for? Get started today!

P.S. – Apart from Drupal, there are many CMS working on multilingual capability, and WordPress happens to be on that list. WordPress may also come in handy if you are thinking of building a multilingual website or especially a blog. The easy-to-use WordPress CMS is getting popularity in non-tech audiences. We can consider WordPress as a strong opponent of Drupal here.

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