Six Reasons You need Live Chat for Your WordPress Site

In this age of digital penetration, online chat is constantly becoming the new type of effective customer service. And offering a platform where you interact with clients in real-time is a perfect way of connecting with and supporting them.

As a matter of fact, studies show that live chat produces satisfaction rates of 73% compared to 63% of other means of customer support.

If you run a WordPress site and are serious about growing your business, using live chat should be no brainer. However, if you have not decided yet, this post will outline the reasons you should integrate live chat on your WordPress site.

What is online chat?

Online chat refers to any form of communication done over the web that offers real-time conversations. Chat messages are usually short to allow users to respond quickly.

Broadly speaking, with a live chat app on your WordPress site, you will be able to interact with customers in real-time and solve their issues while they are still active on your site.

Reasons you need live chat for your WordPress site

Having a live chat solution on your WordPress site is the launching pad to sales growth. It will lead to the expansion of your business and give you insightful details about your customers. Let’s take a deeper look into the reasons for having live chat for your WordPress site.

Real-time convenience builds an understanding

The secret to making your business thrive is having a clear understanding of your customers. Live chat provides an excellent medium for businesses to understand their clients and create long-term business relationships with them.

A quick response generates the energy required to develop a healthy bond between your business and your clients.

Furthermore, live chat does not only provide a quick response; you can also attend to technical issues instantly. Doing this boosts customer satisfaction, improves brand loyalty by making a better user experience.

Live chat is cost-saving

Having a live chat support system on your WordPress site increases your customer service team’s efficiency by allowing virtual agents to attend to multiple chats simultaneously.

In a nutshell, you will not need to employ more agents as the live chat software offers various alternatives for chat utilization and distribution.

Additionally, it increases the average order value because you can give real-time advice and feedback when a visitor is in the middle of the shopping. It also lowers the customer service wait times, thus, reducing the overall help desk costs.

Live chat gives you a competitive advantage

With the level of business rivalry increasing daily, it has never been so important to have something that can put above the rest. Regardless of the size of your business, having a live chat solution on your WordPress site gives you an edge over your competitors.

Even the big industry players like Apple, Virgin Airlines has an online chat system to stay ahead of their competitors. Besides, nobody wants their site visitors to leave them for their competitors because of something you can quickly implement in your site.

It boosts conversion and sales

Having a live chat agent take a customer through the purchase journey bolsters their confidence in your products and customer service. As mentioned earlier, a positive customer experience results in a higher-order value.

Moreover, when a customer engages in conversation with a live chat agent, they have up to a 40% chance of becoming a repeat client to your website.

Live chat software helps extend your customer support services to operate up to night hours with the help of chatbots, giving you a 24/7 presence. This positively influences conversion rates and customer satisfaction, thus translating to improved sales and revenues.

However, the secret behind improving conversion rates with live chat is to have your representatives adequately trained. Have them equipped with insightful information about your products and services.

It is also important to provide them with a discount coupon so they can offer visitors who look confused on the site. They can use this to nurture potential clients or make an upsell to the customer who has purchased a product.

Builds a long-lasting customer relationship

Satisfied, loyal customers are less likely to leave your site and are also not price sensitive since they are aware of your price list. Statistics show that customers who feel cared for and valued do not care much about what they pay and are less expensive to maintain.

When a visitor feels their concerns are attended to, and they can interact with an agent from the company, they are probably going to build a strong bond with your business. They will also feel free to share the experiences they get from your site.

To be more precise, 63% of visitors who have used live chat solutions return to the site compared to those who don’t.

Insightful reports

With quality live chat software, you get a built-in report monitor tool integrated to allow you to collect valuable insights about your customers and service team. As a result, the service team can provide customized customer service.

The monitoring process helps the support team improve customer experience each day by quickly identifying the chokepoints in their service provision.

For instance, you will identify underperforming agents and take appropriate actions, such as giving more training or necessary guidance.


Having live chat support software on your WordPress site is undoubtedly worth the investment. It is undeniably the most effective way to start a conversation with your visitors and convert them into becoming regular customers.

Additionally, live chat allows you to interact with customers in real-time and understand their concerns. When you get the users’ problems from their perspectives, it becomes easy to address the issue and offer the solution accordingly.

WordPress live chat software offers real-time feedback and allows you to solve technical issues while the customer is still on your website. This gives a positive customer experience and encourages the client to purchase from you, hence translating to increased revenue.

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