7 Tricks to Leverage Conversion Rate of Your WordPress Website

In today’s competitive business environment it might be quite hard to maintain a high conversion rate of your WordPress website. However, by using these 7 tricks, it might be easier for you to get those results and eventually increase your sales.

Use Plug-ins

WordPress gives its users plenty of tools and plug-ins for better optimizations, however, for some reason, not everyone is using this opportunity. One of the most useful WordPress plug-ins that can assist you with your website’s optimization is the one called ‘heat maps’. It is a tool that provides analytics in real-time, tracking your users’ mouse moves and showing you the most popular and visited content on your website. After analyzing that data you will be able to improve your website’s content and, therefore, improve your conversion rate.

Work on Your Visuals

It is the image that catches the eye of the customer first. Make sure that each of your products has at least several images with professional lighting and each of those pictures can be zoomed in. Neglecting the visuals might not only put your sales on pause but also make your already existing customers leave.

Try to use images to your advantage. For example, you are selling really thin smartphones. In this situation, it would be a good idea to include in the picture another object for visual comparison and showcase your product’s benefit (thinness). Also, do not forget to show your product in all of its shapes and colors.

Another great idea for you to consider would be adding pictures of great reviews on your products, this way your customers will feel more trust towards your products.

Improve Your Pages’ Time Load

Most people are not patient that is why the time load of your WordPress website’s pages is a crucial thing to consider. “The optimal loading time would be somewhere under 2 seconds” – claims Ben Grant from Links Management. As mentioned previously, there are plenty of plug-ins for WordPress, including those that can assist you with reducing the time load of pages. For example, W3 Total Cache that is currently one of the most important caching plug-ins out there.

Here are a few other tips for your consideration:

  • Use resize tools for compressing the images;
  • Enable caching;
  • Instead of attaching your videos include links to them;
  • Invest in a good web hosting plan;
  • Use a fast website’s team.

Research Your Target Audience

How many actual customers you will get depends greatly on how successful you are at being aware of the needs of your audience. For your sales to go higher you need to make sure that all your content is tailored to the needs of your ‘typical customer’. With high-quality content you can reach high levels of engagement, boosting it even more by making that content personalized. How do you learn your audience though? You can start out by simply reading comments to your articles, engaging in conversations with people. You can even start a little quiz or send a form on the email where your customers will receive some sort of a reward for filling in some information about them.

Also, keep inputting great effort into creating eye-catching texts. It is just as important as producing some outstanding visuals. Make sure it is helpful and serves the needs of your target audience. Pay attention to the main message that you are trying to send to your potential customer. It should be clear what is exactly your value proposition, what kind of problems can you solve and how much would that cost them.

Invest Some Time Into Guest Blogging

No matter how skeptical are some people about this marketing tool, it still works and in fact – brings great results. Including a link to your WordPress website into every guest post will bring you plenty of new prospects. Just pay attention to the websites you are choosing as your guest blogging platform – placing your content on untrustworthy websites might, in fact, cause you some damage. On the contrary, by getting published on trustworthy resources you will get the chance to build up your reputation and eventually people will start recognizing you as an expert within your field.

Here are some other tips for you if you decide to consider guest blogging:

  • Eliminate inconsistency, try to post something at least once every two weeks.
  • Keep the good quality, people will not follow your link if your materials are poorly written.
  • Work hard on your pitch, it is something that will make you either win or lose your place for the publication.
  • Create a catching bio, try to add there your link as well, some blog owners allow that.

Provide Several Payment Options

Customers love it when they have several options to choose from, especially when it comes down to paying for their purchases. The thing is that some folks are still concerned about giving their credit card numbers and other financial data over the Internet so you have to be able to provide them with other payment options to chose from. Also, make sure that your customers can pay in different currencies.

Send Out Personalized Emails

Your customers will surely love it if you will make them feel special and appreciated. And it is really easy to do that by sending one or two personalized emails. You can reach even better results if you add some complimentary discounts to those letters. Try to use some customization plug-ins, they are typically free to use and give you plenty of room for improvisation and customization.

Final Thoughts

Snowballing the quantity of prospects of one’s website can sometimes be knotty, however, it is completely manageable. Of course, the first thing you should be looking at is your niche and your ‘ideal customer’. Having considered both of those aspects you will be able to build a decent promotional strategy. Hopefully, these tips will be helpful and you will be able to reach the desired result in no time.




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