Should Large Stores Use WooCommerce?

Should Large Stores Use WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin used to sell things on WordPress websites. The WooCommerce WordPress plugin can be used by any merchant who wishes to sell their items in online stores through the WordPress site. It is used by more than 3.5% of the website worldwide and accounts for more than 11.5% of WordPress users.

You might be a business owner considering whether WooCommerce is suitable for large-scale stores. If you own a large-scale business, you can acquire the WooCommerce plugin to sell your items online. But it comes with some limitations. WooCommerce is the most popular plugin for WordPress. Let’s see whether WooCommerce is suitable for a large-scale business or not.

Factors To Consider While Choosing an eCommerce Platform For Large Stores.

You must consider several factors before selecting an eCommerce platform for your large-scale store. 

Price of the Platform

Although this factor might seem very basic, you must determine the features different platforms offer at different rates. You must consider all the features an eCommerce platform provides before acquiring them. Some offer more at introductory rates, while others offer minimal features but high pricing. WooCommerce is a free plugin, but to run an eCommerce store on it, you need to buy hosting, domain name, and security.

Security Features of the Platform

Should Large Stores Use WooCommerce

You must integrate a secure eCommerce platform that offers higher security on financial transactions. Otherwise, customers will only appear on your site to purchase your items. Therefore, whichever eCommerce platform you select must have an SSL certificate and should also comply with PCI. This will prevent fraud, and customers will trust your eCommerce platform to purchase products. Although WooCommerce does not offer an excellent level of security, it allows you to get an SSL certificate to secure your online store.

Presence of User-Friendly Themes

Theme is another essential factor to consider while selecting an eCommerce platform for your large business. The theme plays a crucial role in making navigation simpler for customers. The eCommerce platform’s premium themes will provide users with an exciting shopping experience. In the case of WooCommerce, you can use any theme offered by WordPress.

Offers Numerous Selling Channels

Having multiple channels on the eCommerce platform will make it more impactful for your large-scale business to enhance revenue. These channels will allow you to sell various products on different channels. Therefore, while acquiring an eCommerce platform for your business, see whether you can sell your products across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and others. WooCommerce is a top-rated multichannel eCommerce plugin powered by WordPress, where you can sell your products on different channels and increase business revenue. 

What Advantages Does WooCommerce Offer to Large-Scale Businesses?

There are numerous advantages to integrating the WooCommerce plugin for your large-scale store. 

You Can Avail of Unlimited Customization Options

Should Large Stores Use WooCommerce

WooCommerce allows you to create a large-scale online business store depending on your demands and requirements. The WordPress directory contains an infinite number of plugins. You can sell physical items like sofas, chairs, and others while providing online products to customers, like comics and novels. Thus, if you plan to integrate an eCommerce platform into your business, WooCommerce would be the best choice. 

WooCommerce Has an Advanced Content Management

In the competition of eCommerce websites that look for SEO to rank top, WooCommerce is an exciting eCommerce platform offering a wide range of content management options. Therefore, if you wish to take your business to another level by selling your products, integrate WooCommerce into your business soon. 

An Interactive Community

Many websites are operating on the WordPress WooCommerce plugin with more integration regularly. The large forum of the WooCommerce website is spread worldwide; users learn more about each other by reading each other’s articles. The large and interactive base of the WooCommerce platform also ensures that WooCommerce will not shut down soon. You can use this platform to sell your products to customers for a long time. 

Obstacles in Scaling Your Store on WooCommerce

Although scaling is possible in the WooCommerce business, you might face challenges.

Reduced Conversion Rates

Lower conversion rates are a drawback for the WooCommerce platform to scale. Therefore, you need to drive more customers to your websites and improve the conversion rate to assist your WooCommerce store in scaling out. Use simple popups and convert website visitors into customers to improve this factor. 

Cybersecurity is a Threat to Your Store

Should Large Stores Use WooCommerce

Cybersecurity is a common issue on WooCommerce websites. Increased data losses and cyber threats can cause your business to face the biggest downfall. Therefore, when acquiring the WooCommerce plugin for your business, see that it complies with the security features and that you don’t face any hassle scaling it on top.

What Alternatives Can Large Stores Go For?

Well, what is the need for an alternative to WooCommerce? None are flawless. Some limitations of WooCommerce include the fact that it can encourage business owners to search for other options. So, here we will read about the best alternatives to WooCommerce that large stores can opt for. 


Shopify is an advanced and enhanced eCommerce website that sells goods. Its drop-down feature makes it exciting for stores to build rich content stores for customers. Besides, you won’t require purchasing separate hosting for Shopify, and it also allows the implementation of custom codes for adding features. You can compare WooCommerce and Shopify to understand both platforms for your large-scale store clearly.


BigCommerce is another effective alternative to the WooCommerce platform. There is an authentic storefront in BigCommerce that allows users to create custom-designed stores for their customers. From content management to multichannel support and search engine optimization, BigCommerce can be a great alternative to WooCommerce. 

WP Easy Cart

Like WooCommerce, WP Easy Cart is another WordPress plugin that large stores can utilize to create their online storefront. With a user-friendly extension, you can connect Easy Cart with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others and extend your online store to those platforms. With Easy Cart, you can showcase infinite products and categories. Just add the plugin to your website.

Final Words

Knowing how vital WooCommerce is for your large-scale store, you must also be mindful of the potential threats your website might face. Even though you can enjoy the advantages of integrating WooCommerce into your business, you must also consider the obstacles and the dangers that act as barriers to your trade. Therefore, determine all the factors, see your requirements, and acquire the eCommerce platform for your business.

Overall, WooCommerce is an advanced, top-rated, multichannel eCommerce platform to sell your products. However, if you plan to go for some alternatives to WooCommerce, you can select the ones stated above. It is not that you will get everything out from WooCommerce. Therefore, determine your needs and choose the plugin that best suits your demands.

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