Interactive Content Rocks – Here’s How to Get More of That for Your WordPress Website

Interactive Content Rocks – Here’s How to Get More of That for Your WordPress Website

The Internet audience’s expectations are on the rise, year after year. As creators and publishers, we strive to produce the best content possible, attract new audiences, and create a loyal follower base. However, these efforts lead to another side effect: the competition gets fiercer. To get noticed, your content needs to be of the highest quality but also attractive and entertaining.

This is where interactive content comes in. As a content creator, you can use interactive content to grab your audience’s attention, increase the time they spend on your page (and the number of ads they see and click), and reduce the website’s bounce rate. After introducing dynamic elements to your content, you’ll soon see the results in your WordPress analytics dashboard.

So, here are some ideas on how to start introducing more interactive content to your WordPress website:

Use Charts and Diagrams Every Time you Talk about Numbers

We all love stats – they have been used as a magic trick in marketing for centuries. There’s even that famous joke that 73.6% of statistics are made up. Either way, we tend to believe them. They ooze credibility, authority, and academia.

When you use statistics to prove your point or to confirm some of your hypotheses, your content can become crowded with numbers. In other words, humans love numbers, but not too many numbers. If your content is like this, try using plenty of charts and diagrams instead. This will give your posts that visual boost and let you present your arguments in numerical form in an appealing way.

Create Stunning Infographics

You can turn just about anything into an infographic. And the best part – people love them! They are great for plain reading and viewing but also clickable and shareable. A social media user will more likely share an infographic than an article from a scientific journal.

Best of all, you don’t need complex designing tools to create them or even professional graphic designers. Nowadays, many great free tools (like Canva) allow you to create your own custom infographic quickly.

Work with Experts

If you’re unsure how to start creating interactive content, it’s best to let experts do it for you. Many writing services online specialize in interactive content and can really help your website pop. Read this review of Topessaywriting, an essay writing service, to see what to expect when working with professionals. This way, you can be sure your content will be engaging and free of errors.

Create Whiteboard/Explainer Videos for New Concepts

Video is by far the easiest way to explain a new concept or theory to your audiences. It’s also unbelievably popular: in the last decade, whiteboard videos have gathered billions of YouTube views.

This content intrigues your audience and keeps them glued to your WordPress site. However, the problem can be that it’s pretty time-consuming to produce. If you have a big production budget, you can hire people to do it for you. Otherwise, get ready for hours and hours of DIY. Either way, it’s worth it in the long run.

Post Quizzes and Surveys

There’s no easier way to get your readers to stick around on your WordPress website for a long time than a quiz. Remember that boom of personality quizzes from a couple of years ago? They are still as popular as ever, more accurate, sophisticated, and complex.

The key is to make them relevant to your website and the industry your website is in. If you’re writing about digital marketing, don’t post a quiz related to horoscope signs. Rather, think about something like “How user-friendly is your website from 1-10?”. This is another type of content you can easily outsource. Read reviews of writing tools and paper writing websites to decide more easily on the team that will work best with your WordPress site. They can not only write content based on your requirements but also help you come up with new ideas for surveys and quizzes.

Go with GIFs instead of Images

Images and photos have been the go-to way to make the textual content more appealing and visually attractive. No one likes seeing a bunch of text; even if it’s just a couple of images to break up the text into separate sections, it’s easier to digest and tackle the text as a whole. If you don’t add any images to your blog posts, you decrease the likelihood of your texts being read from start to finish.

To go further, try switching some of those images with GIFs. GIF animations can be more attention-grabbing and captivating, but you shouldn’t overdo it. There are a couple of drawbacks to using them: some users might find them too distracting, and they can also make your website bigger (which will slow it down).

Choose Your Adventure

Netflix’s Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch has re-introduced one of the most beloved story formats ever back into the 21st century: the choose your own adventure story structure. These types of stories are highly interactive, dynamic, personalized, and engaging. In other words, they make perfect interactive content material.

The best part is that you can turn some website pages into a Choose Your Adventure path. Use menus, submenus, pages, categories, and tags to lead your users from one part of the website to another, depending on their options. This is also a type of a quiz, but instead of coming to a “result page”, your users will end up on a landing page that will present to them the solution to the problems they chose during the website adventure.


There is a never-ending source of ideas for interactive content, which means you’ll never run out of fresh content, and your audience will always be amused! You can either look at what some of the other WordPress sites are doing or come up with something that’s entirely your own. Either way, the key is to surprise and entertain your audience and keep them engaged. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

About the author:

Leona Henryson is a UX designer and content marketing specialist. Her recent projects include online learning sites for students where she’s responsible for delivering outstanding user experience and engaging articles for visitors. Her experience in the educational niche allows Leona to present helpful content in a fun and easy-to-consume way.

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