6 benefits of installing an SSL certificate on your WordPress Website

You think it would never happen to you, but when every website on the Internet is a potential target for hackers, you never know when your luck may run out.  Given the recent GDPR legislation and the wrath of a data breach, it’s time to take stringent security measures when it comes to your website.

Installing an SSL certificate makes the connection more secure when you browse, buy and communicate online. If you’re unsure if you need one, here’s six significant benefits of securing your website with an SSL Certificate.

1. Data encryption

The pivotal role of an SSL certificate is to protect the exchange of client-server information through data encryption. When you install an SSL certificate on your website, all your personal and financial data of your customers – including credit card numbers, user IDs, and passwords – are all encrypted and secured.

2. Authenticity

Another significant benefit of installing an SSL certificate is to authenticate your website. When it comes to shopping online, customers should be confident about the authenticity of the site they are transacting with.

Sight of the green padlock in the address bar encourages visitors to shop confidently as well as leading to better search engine rankings for you. As part of Google’s mission to make the internet safer, you will be rewarded with a better search engine ranking.

3. Safe shopping

Most online shoppers are well informed about the importance of HTTPS websites, and the significance of an SSL certificate. Having an SSL certificate guarantees safer credit card payments to all your visitors through verified payment gateways.

4. Higher conversion rate

There is a direct correlation between trust and revenue. If you are seen to operate a trustworthy website, you will naturally achieve a greater conversion rate. Installing an SSL certificate shows your visitors that their card details will be kept safe.

5. Demonstrates strong business ethics

Digital privacy is necessary for the online world – and those businesses which demonstrate that they are concerned with keeping customer information safe will benefit. Investing in an SSL certificate is a strong indicator of your business ethics. It demonstrates that you are striving to provide robust security measures to your customers.

6. Stay ahead of competitors

Businesses have a lot to gain by installing an SSL certificate on their websites. A secure checkout system not only attracts first-time customers but also helps retain existing ones. An SSL certificate can become your USP and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Setting up the necessary SSL certificates can be tricky if you’re a novice to coding which is where we come in. Here at WP Tech Support, we put your website’s security as our priority and can transfer your current WordPress site to HTTPS without any negative implications to your existing site.

We have a range of monthly payment plans to ensure that your WordPress website stays secure from hackers, is fully optimised and backed up daily. It is simple to sign up for single or multiple WordPress sites and we don’t tie you into long-term contracts. Contact us to make the change to HTTPS today!

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