Top 10 Instagram Plugins for WordPress in 2021

It’s no surprise that many brands are turning to Instagram as a marketing tool – and a successful one at that. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it’s not hard to see why! This guide will help you find the best WordPress Instagram plugins so you can get started on your own social media campaign.

By picking up any following Instagram plugins, and advertise your website all over the world. Let’s start exploring.

1. Feed Them Social

feed them social

Feed Them Social is a powerful yet easy-to-use plugin that will give you more opportunities to get your brand seen by more people, increase traffic and sales.

Grow your Facebook presence, YouTube page, or Twitter following with a beautiful responsive feed that displays your most recent social media entries and keeps people on your website. It’s easy to set up too! It takes just a few minutes to install the plugin and about 10 seconds for your visitors to start using it.

2. Social Stream Designer

social stream designer

As its name suggests, Social Stream Designer is streaming your social media feed on your website page. This plugin supports 14 popular social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, YouTube, etc. Using this plugin, you can embed your social feed attractively without any coding functionality. You can display all the social media account’s feeds on one page also. 

This plugin has 6 different variation layouts that make your social media feed look stunning. It is a GDPR compatible social plugin. Moreover, using drag and drop features, you can manage the layout section quickly. This plugin has 70+ options available for customization. You can also filter the feeds to control spam and repeated posts. It provides a social toolbar and social share buttons too. To get more details, feel free to take a look at the live demo. 



WPZOOM is recently updated with new features and also has 40000+ active installs in the WordPress repository. This plugin allows you to create a WordPress widget to embed the Instagram feeds, and you can add it anywhere you want. 

With the new version, you can now display 12 photos of any Instagram account, and you can display the other account’s feed as well. It also offers you to showcase header and bio on your site. It is a fully compatible plugin as well as responsive.

4. Social Slider Widget

social slider feed

Social Slider Widget is super easy to set up and create a responsive slider widget that contains Instagram images. You can likewise show pictures on thumbnails. There is also a choice accessible to set the time interval to take a look at new pictures. You can embed the Instagram images with username and hashtags, no need to confuse them with any API access. 

With this plugin, you can authorize multiple Instagram accounts and show multiple feeds with any authorization. Moreover, you can customize several things like layout settings, size, image spacing, and many more. This free plugin has 100000+ active installs.

5. Instagram Theatre

Instagram Theatre is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a photo gallery on your website using your Instagram photos. Your customers can sign in using their Instagram account, select the photos they wish to display, and share the page with their followers. 

The plugin includes three types of layout and five types of feed modes. Moreover, it includes fancy box integration. It’s simple, easy to use right out of the box, but it also has excellent features for advanced users. 

6. Grace – Instagram Feed Gallery

Grace Instagram Feed Gallery plugin is a high-level and excellent tool. It provides a wide range of customization and will be your best choice if you’re looking for a powerful and simple-to-use solution.

Additionally, a user can upload and manage multiple Instagram feeds and organize them in any way you like. This plugin is super easy to set up and use, even for beginners. It comes with dozens of options, several display modes, and automatic loading for unlimited images, plus it supports videos! Check the plugin now.

7. Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal is a responsive and adaptable WordPress plugin. It genuinely leverages the Instagram API. Using this plugin, you can display everything you did on Instagram accounts, such as images, videos, photos you’ve liked, photos of a particular location, photos of a particular hashtag, and so on.

It has several customization functionality options that help you to present your photos like never before. It is effortless to use and has a wide selection of options.

8. Integrate

Integrate is another excellent plugin that lets you create posts from your Instagram profile. You can connect multiple Instagram accounts and help to display them with the same or different posting configuration. It has the full support of Instagram’s new multi images and videos. 

Moreover, you can stream the image on your website using the hashtag, images tagged with location, etc. You can also display it on your Instagram account and can be embedded on your site quickly with a fully responsive HTML 5 video player. You can schedule the posting. Also, you can add images to posts, pages, and custom posts.

9. WooCommerce LookBook

LookBook gives you your visitor’s ideas on how to style outfits or show the latest fashion. This plugin, WooCommerce LookBook, creates unlimited lookbooks with a picture of your WooCommerce products. You can easily create it with drag and drop nodes to mark products on lookbook pictures. 

So, you can easily synchronize images from your Instagram to Lookbooks. With this, you can customize various things the way you want them on your website. It also has a quick view popup and adds to cart option on the popup. This plugin mainly helps those selling some products on Instagram and want to display the products on their website.

10. Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is the premium and most popular WordPress plugin. This plugin has 15000+ downloads on the codecanyon platform already.

This plugin offers stylish slider and grid layouts that give you a user-friendly presentation of Instagram images. It has 60+ adaptable parameters and 10+ color schemes that help to customize the Instagram gallery as you want. Furthermore, you can embed the images by hashtags, usernames, and locations. There has also a filter option available that also allows you to show specific photos. 

This plugin easily wraps your stunning images in the colorful Instagram feed. Try out now!

Final Thought!

To sum up, social media nowadays is an essential part of the website. Social media is an amazing way to engage your visitors or get a review or comment on your work. The list of the top 10 Instagram plugins for WordPress websites in 2021 is here. We hope you appreciate it and, go ahead and remark beneath with some other ideas.

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