User Engagement On a WordPress Website and The 5 Top Ways to Increase It

User engagement on a WordPress website is key, given it is one of the most popular content management systems in the market. This open-source platform allows you to create an interactive website for your prospective clients. WordPress provides bloggers with tools such as; a friendly CMS, plugins, responsive communities, and an open-source community to interact with. 

user engagement on a wordpress

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An open-source, interactive website like this one is sure to grow your business in the right sense, and the SEO-friendly plugins make it easier for you to use the perfect keywords to reach out to the right people. If this website sounds like something you are willing to try, below are five easy-to-follow steps on how best to increase user engagement on a WordPress website.

There are so many business techniques you can establish in order to improve your website. However, all of it means nothing if the user isn’t a priority. The best WordPress websites always excel in gaining the user’s trust and having a fun, interactive environment. Emotions and experiences are key to increasing user interaction and retention on your website. 

1. Minimal web design:

A very minimalistic and to-the-point design of your website is one of the most effective ways to create an appealing website for prospective customers. You want to make sure your site is easy to use and navigate around. Some marketers remove unnecessary content that is undesirable or irrelevant to further increase engagement. 

It is definitely a good thing to have a lot of content on your website, and as long as the content is informative, relevant, and has some purpose, you should do well; otherwise, you will end up creating a negative impact on your potential customers. 

To appeal to your visitors psychologically, experts suggest the use of simple colors and textures. The most successful “minimalistic” websites often have a structure through a grid-based system and a wire-frame.  

2. Navigation:

The foundation of most, if not all, great websites is quality navigation. It is entirely possible that navigation is the most important aspect of web design, and without proper navigation, your WordPress website could be like a forest without a map. In order to prevent your users from getting frustrated, here are some tips on how to improve navigation; 

  • Work on the positioning of different tabs on the website; each website may need very different positions.
  • Provide filters, and this will surely make it easier for people to specify their interests on the website.
  • Make your visitors feel like royalty by enabling them to provide their manual input, also include auto-complete functions.
  • Add a category that includes updates and everything new with the website and/or business.
  • If possible, include a voice search option.

3. Use CTA to your advantage:

User engagement and websites almost go hand-in-hand. To reiterate, the customer wants to feel like royalty and have an opinion of their own. CTA is the perfect way to blend in user input and website engagement. 

A stat reveals that around 70% of small businesses do not have a concise call to action formula on their home page, which inevitably becomes a major reason for their failure. Here are some steps you can take to improve CTA on your website; 

  • A no-brainer is to first ensure that your CTAs work and are clickable. 
  • A very important use of CTAs comes from the ability to locate them, make sure their placement is perfect and is easy to navigate to. 
  • Remember that CTAs are mostly for visitors; make sure to include an emotional aspect to them. 
  • To grab a user’s attention, consider using some special effects. 

4. SEO optimization:

Many have heard of SEO, and rightfully so, it is an integral part of your website’s identity. You cannot possibly drive a car if you don’t know the whereabouts of it. One very effective way to increase user engagement through SEO is to track your user behavior and tailor your SEO accordingly. The key is to always redirect a user to a page relevant to the keywords they are looking at. 


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If you make a user land on your website with no logic on how they got there, they are more than likely to leave your website, increasing your bounce rate proportionately. 

5. Use emotion as a spearhead of your web design:

The fact is, humans are more attracted to emotion than robots. Without emotions, the website would seem like a robot and invariably affect your user engagement. Despite how much we like to flaunt our logic and rationality, we are and will always be emotional beings. And despite wanting to use logic and rationale for decision-making, emotion always gets the better of us in the end. 

The tricky part is that it is extremely difficult to create emotions on a website. A good place to start, however, would be to research your target audience as much as humanly possible because even one bad maneuver could cause more harm than good. 

Once you are done with your research work, try to incorporate your findings on your website by appealing to your target audience. If you are making a business website, the theme of your WordPress website and your corporate agenda must align with the values of your target audience. 


The worst decisions in life come from the extremes, either paying too much attention to facts and logic or using mostly emotion to get the point across. As long as there is a healthy balance, your website will flourish. Just like most escape rooms, the best way for your website to escape the room of depletion is to crack the code into the customer’s emotions. 

One of the best ways to show your emotions on a site is to add many useful blogs or write-ups on your website that communicate to your customers how much you desire their interests. The best website is always a website that has peak user engagement.

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