How To Setup Automatic Currency Converter For WooCommerce

How To Setup Automatic Currency Converter For WooCommerce

Are you willing to expand your business to multiple countries? Want to display multiple currencies on your WooCommerce store? Let’s buckle up to learn about the best currency converter for WooCommerce. We’ve developed some of the best currency converter plugins available and compatible with WooCommerce stores. 

The default currency of WooCommerce stores is American dollars (USD). However, you must enable multiple currencies to expand your store to the international market. 

Why? Customers from different countries may want to see the product’s price in their preferred currency. Therefore, you can convert the default currency and enrich your customers’ shopping experience. Moreover, eCommerce stores already have this feature to promote their brands beyond the local market.  

However, you can automatically display the currency according to your customer’s location. How? There are lots of plugins for converting the currency of your WooCommerce store. We will recommend the best WooCommerce automatic currency converter plugins. 

Importance of WooCommerce Automatic Currency Switcher

While selling products online, you must ensure that your items are available in the global settings of web marketing. The products you offer through an online store should be easily purchasable globally. This is how eCommerce is propelled internationally over the internet. 

Maybe you’ve launched all your products into your WooCommerce-based online shop. Unfortunately, that’s not it. To grab the customers above the local market, you must display the product and currency information according to your customer’s preferences. That is because your customers may not be familiar with the default English language. Even if they understand English, they would prefer to know the exact price of their currency. 

Therefore, you can display your customer’s preferred local currency by converting the default currency. As a result, your customer’s shopping customers will get detailed information about the total payable amount. Moreover, customers will purchase your product without hesitation after seeing the familiar currency.

Here is a list of benefits that you will get by using the best currency converter plugins for WooCommerce:

  • You can extend your eCommerce business into different parts of the world map
  • Easily Convert the currency based on the user’s location 
  • Minimize the cart abandonment, cashback, and refunds 
  • Display multi-currency across your WooCommerce website 
  • Display the accurate payable amount to the customers 

Multi-Currency in Product Feed

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there is a crucial point that we should highlight. At some point, you will have to expand your WooCommerce store. Therefore, you will have to create product feed files to promote your products in multi-channel

While expanding the eCommerce store in the international market, you must consider your customers’ location. This is a major concern since different countries have different currencies and exchange rates. Our WooCommerce automatic currency converter plugins can convert the currency of the feed file. 

To elaborate, we can say that the data or currency of the feed file is also converted after converting the currency. As a result, you don’t have to change the currency of the product feed file one by one. All your products’ currencies will be converted immediately, and your effort will be minimized immensely. 

Setup Process of Automatic Currency Converter For WooCommerce

We will introduce you to the WOOCS setup process for your WooCommerce store. This plugin is generally free, but you must buy the premium version to get the complete features. Check out the benefits and key features that we’ve mentioned later in this article.  

Let’s follow the guidance provided below to learn the setup process of this fantastic WooCommerce extension: 

WOOCS Installation Process

Go to the dashboard of your WordPress site and select the Plugin option from the left-hand menu.  Then click the Add New option, which will appear under the plugin menu, and then insert “WOOCS”  as a keyword on the search option located on the right side of the interface. 

The WOOCS- Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin will appear on the screen. Click the Install Now button, and after the installation process, click Activate. 

Currency Conversion Settings

Now, click Plugins > Update Plugins. A plugin list will appear, where you will find the WOOCS—WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin. Click the settings button below the plugin’s title to enter the user interface. 

After installing the WOOCS plugin, it gets integrated with WooCommerce. Therefore, clicking the plugin’s settings option will open the WooCommerce plugin’s settings area. The WOOCS user interface will appear, where you can explore all the plugin options. 

Setting & Options

The top of the user interface has multiple plugin settings options. We will show you the essential features to navigate quickly and switch currencies. As you can see from the image below, the free version has only two currencies. The full version allows you to display more currencies via the widget. 

Basic Currency

First, set the primary currency you want to display at the front end of your site. To do so, mark the currency you want to set as your basic or primary currency. 

Country Flag Icon

Next comes the country flag or currency, which you can display by uploading an image. We’ve indicated the USD by uploading a USA flag icon. As a result, you can easily identify the currency only by viewing the flag icon image. 

Country-based Currency Name

Now, look right beside the flag icon to see the name of the country-based currency. For the USA, we’ve entered USD, and for the Indian Rupee, we’ve entered INR by typing it manually. 


Then comes the currency, which you can select from the dropdown menu. We’ve noted the option in the image (5) below for your convenience. After selecting the currency, you can see its value after the position of the currency symbol. 

Visible Button

Also, you can select the decimal point and separators from the dropdown menu. You can make a currency visible or hide it by clicking the button below the Visible heading. 


After setting all the currency, you can provide a short description that will clearly define your currency. It’s essential to provide this information because it gives you a clear idea about your chosen currency. 

Display & Switch Currency in Frontend

Click the Side option from the top menu bar of the WOOCS plugin. Below the heading Option, it says Enable / Disable. Now, turn on the button below the heading Status. 

Keep in mind that, up until this point, we’ve shown the backend or the features that the site owner will utilize. Now, we will show you what the customers will see. 

After completing the previous settings, head to your website’s shop. Now, look carefully to see the currency displayed in USD. The currency switching option will appear at the top left corner of the screen. 

If you want to change the currency to the Indian rupee, click the INR Rp button from the widget. After clicking, you will see the currency below, and each product will be converted to the Indian rupee. Look closely at the image below, where each product’s price on the shop page is converted accurately. 

Now, click the Add to Cart button and view your cart to get the details. All the price details are displayed in Indian currency on your cart page, so the WOOCS plugin works perfectly to convert the currency accurately. Interestingly, the currency displayed via this plugin has an ongoing exchange rate. 

If you move further to the checkout area, the currency will still be accurately represented according to your preference. At this point, it is clear why WOOCS is holding the crown of WooCommerce automatic currency converter. The main reason is that it’s quite a user-friendly tool that converts site-wide currency. This means once you convert the currency, it’s simultaneously swapped across the whole website. 

Best currency converter plugins for WooCommerce

We highly recommend using a WooCommerce automatic currency converter, often known as the WooCommerce currency switcher plugin. We’ve selected some of the best add-ons for WooCommerce stores, and these tools have unique features.

From our list of the Best currency converter plugins for WooCommerce, you can choose one according to your store type and business requirements. Some plugins are totally free, but the paid tools offer additional but extensive features. 

1. WOOCS – Currency Switcher for WooCommerce. Professional and Free multi-currency plugin

FOX – Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce

WOOCS- WooCommerce Currency Switcher is one of the best woocommerce automatic currency converter tools. The plugin allows customers to switch the currency of a store according to their preferences. The currency is converted in real time, including the exchange rates. Moreover, you can enable a widget on your site using this extension. Format the price according to the currencies and place the converter in different areas, including the checkout page. 

With WooCommerce Currency Switcher, you can implement your creativity. How? Create your preferred or customized price format and include symbols according to the currency. Get statistical data on currencies that your customers converted. 

Key Features

  • Various User-friendly interfaces for the customers 
  • Using the Free version, users can convert up to two currencies 
  • The currency rate gets updated automatically in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, even minute frequency
  • Customize price formats and currency symbols and collect statistics on currency conversions. 

2. CURCY- Multi-Currency for WooCommerce

CURCY – Multi Currency for WooCommerce – The best free currency exchange plugin – Run smoothly on WooCommerce 8.x

In our list, CURCY is another woocommerce currency switcher plugin at its best. It allows customers to convert currencies while shopping and during the checkout process. In addition to the product price, it converts coupons, shipping prices, and taxes according to customers’ choice or currency. This plugin’s widget can be added to your site’s front end in seven styles. 

On the one hand, customers can select the currency via widget, currencies bar, etc. On the other hand, the plugin auto-converts the currency based on the customer’s geo-location. Even the currency changes when a user changes the site’s language. 

With the premium version of this plugin, you get exclusive features like an unlimited currency switching option and Finance API integration. Most importantly, premium users can save their preferred currency without utilizing cookies.  

Key Features

  • Apart from product price, switch currency for shipping prices, coupons, codes, and taxes. 
  • Change currency by navigating the widgets and floating bar with the currency. 
  • Users can add customized exchange feeds, currency symbols, and checkout using multi-currency
  • Automatically converts the currency according to location and language. 

3. Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is yet another automatic currency converter plugin. It enables the currency conversion option of your store’s items according to your shopper’s location. The plugin can detect the shopper’s IP address and convert the currency based on an accurate exchange rate. 

Customers can also restore the default currency throughout checkout and adjust it depending on the billing or shipping country. The currency switcher option can be positioned and styled so users can easily switch currencies.

The plugin offers a variety of widgets and shortcodes that make it more user-friendly. This plugin is one of the most simple plugins out there. 

Key Features

  • Currency switching and exchange rate update options are automated 
  • Users can switch currency according to location 
  • Formatting and switching placement options for multi-currency 
  • The currency switching flexibility is ensured with widgets and shortcodes 

4. Currency Switcher for WooCommerce by aelia

The currency switcher for the WooCommerce plugin offers a complete currency-switching service. Customers can see the price and the transaction in their preferred currency. The currency is displayed on a widget, and users can choose any currency from there. 

The chosen currency will be saved so users won’t have to convert it for every purchase.  As a result, shoppers will not be charged extra money for converting the currency every time. Moreover, the exchange rates are updated automatically according to the ongoing rate. 

The payment option is sorted based on the currency selected by your shopper. This plugin tracks visitors’ geolocation and changes the currency based on that information. Due to its excellent features and versatility, it has become a well-known woocommerce automatic currency converter plugin. 

Key Features

  • Smooth Currency converter tool for both merchants and customers
  • Shoppers can easily convert the currency and purchase products from your site 
  • Exchange rates are automatically updated, and you can manually update them as well 
  • Enter the prices in each currency, including the coupons skipping the exchange rates 
  • Prices are displayed based on shoppers’ geolocation 
  • Saves the currency selected by a visitor and 


You now understand how simple it is to include a WooCommerce automatic currency converter plugin in your e-commerce site. In addition, it assists foreign consumers in making their purchasing experience delightful. 

We’ve created uncomplicated guidance that you can follow to install a plugin and confidently enable the currency conversion feature. For currency-switching purposes, our plugins will meet all the requirements of your WooCommerce store. As a result, customers will stay on your site longer, and you can easily confirm sales. 

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