Grow your business by choosing a website that is scalable

Near enough every decision in today’s market comes down to exploration and, ultimately, choice. Although SME’s have a limitless choice of digital platforms to enable a web existence, WordPress is far superior in our eyes when looking to grow or scale your company.

WordPress may have acquired a reputation for being more commonly used as a blogging platform, but there is much more to it than that. The idea that it is only for solopreneurs and startups is changing and big brands are finally starting to see the benefits of choosing WordPress.

The recent addition of WordPress VIP, a managed platform offering purpose-built systems, data centres, practical expertise and specialists has allowed WordPress to adopt major enterprise level companies such as The New York Times, eBay, UPS, Forbes and more.

In fact, WordPress is currently driving around 30% of all websites globally – a huge achievement for it humble roots as a blogging platform. WordPress, at is core, is a content management system (CMS), but has the capability to be fully customised and personalised to suit the requirements of any organisation.

Choose a website that is scalable

WordPress is extremely versatile, highly configurable and, from a design and business perspective, can be changed quickly and seamlessly when the need arises. The platform is able to handle vast amounts of traffic, but you will need to scale it correctly to foster maximum business growth.

Building a scalable digital environment hinges on multiple aspects, but, most importantly, a website that is capable of withstanding heavy traffic flows. Scaling for different levels of work load is valuable to businesses with fluctuating needs, and critical for ecommerce websites that tend to have periodic or continual spikes in demand. Assessing and determining the scaling structure for organisations is recommended, and using a cloud-based system may be best for a startup or a rising business whereas a bigger enterprise can scale inside its personal remote cloud space.

Most other platforms are much tougher to scale, which is why more enterprising companies are moving to WordPress instead. There are now over 60 million websites run by WordPress with a huge variety in size and content, and some having millions of views per day. So, whether you are a small company looking to scale quickly or big enterprise looking to sustain positive growth, it will be able to handle all of your requirements.

Choose a website that is secure

The team behind WordPress work with security researchers and hosting businesses to continue to make WordPress as safe as possible. If any exploits are found, security updates are instantly issued for download.

It’s worth noting, the majority of WordPress sites that get hacked are typically a consequence of personal carelessness, such as creating simple passwords, not updating themes or plugins, or failing to implement basic safety features. Applying sound judgement, managing WordPress updates and running regular maintenance will make your WordPress website as secure as any other CMS can be.

Choose a website that is adaptable

As previously mentioned, WordPress is extremely adaptable and anyone can build their website to meet their individual taste. You have hundreds of styles to choose from, and the capability to upload and manipulate images, videos, audio files and PDF’s. You can also auto-embed content and videos from YouTube, eradicating any complicated copying or coding. The WordPress platform is extremely straightforward and intuitive, allowing non-technical enthusiasts to run and maintain their own website without ranking up huge development costs. There are also thousands of plugins already available if you don’t have the experience or confidence in coding your own site.

If you want to be one of the millions of people that use WordPress to scale their business, we can give you guidance and support to get the most out of the platform.

We can handle all aspects of your WordPress site’s security and maintenance to ensure you’re always protected. We also include daily backing up of your website to our secure cloud server for complete peace of mind, allowing you to scale your site with confidence and to its full potential.  Take a look at our monthly WordPress support plans for more information.

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