How to Generate Verified Leads for Your WordPress Website

Did you know that a staggering 74.7% of businesses are actively growing their email list? And given that email marketing has an insane ROI of $36 for each dollar spent, you should be doing it too.

But I get it. Collecting email addresses and then verifying the leads is not easy.

Any marketer or business owner can generate leads for their WordPress website. But generating verified leads—leads that are genuinely interested in your offerings—is a different story.

You need a lead generation strategy that’s solid enough to attract the right visitors and convince them to take the desired action.

So, let’s understand how you can get such leads for your business.

5 Ways to Generate Leads for Your WordPress Website

I have rounded up five effective strategies that’ll help you attract quality leads for your WordPress website this year.

1. Host a Giveaway or Contest

An easy way to generate verified leads for your WordPress website fast is to host a giveaway or contest.

You can reward the winners with free products, and that will entice website visitors to provide their contact details to register for the contest.

Here’s an illustration of a contest form that can help generate leads.

Giveaway Form WordPress

Image via Delecticious

Make sure you promote the giveaway to reach more people.

You can collaborate with micro-influencers for this. Alternatively, you can ask your visitors to share the contest details on social media for a chance to get more entries into the contest.

But how do you ensure the leads you generate for your WordPress website are high-quality? 

Offer a prize that reflects what your ideal customer would want.

You’ll end up with the contact details of people who would be interested in what you actually sell.

Once someone enters the contest, start putting your email marketing skills into use.

You can send out automated emails to them to nurture them and determine if they’re verified leads or not. And the best part here is that you don’t have to wait until the contest is over too. 

You can begin with an enticing offer, such as a discount code they can use as they wait for the contest results. The aim here is to keep your brand on top of their minds.

In addition to getting verified leads for your WordPress website, you’ll:

  • Get a boost in website traffic
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Build brand trust
  • Increase product exposure
  • Boost engagement
  • Liven and strengthen your brand’s community

2. Use Gated Content

Gated content is where you hide a high-quality resource, such as an ebook, checklist, whitepaper, research report, or webinar, behind a contact form.

The content is usually free. All the website visitor needs to do is provide their contact information (typically an email address) to access it.

Be sure to provide some information about the content, though. You need to entice them, after all. This information has to be just enough to awaken their curiosity. Have it on a landing page dedicated to the gated content, as HubSpot has done below.

Hubspot Gated Content

Image via HubSpot

Here are some tips to generate leads for your WordPress website using gated content:

  • Choose the right content type. Go through your WordPress website analytics to identify the content that visitors find valuable enough to exchange their contact details.
  • Know the buyer stage you’re targeting to identify the right resource to create.
  • Follow through by providing access to the content once the visitor has trusted you with their details.

Use your lead generation software to understand how successful the gated content is and gain insights to create even better content.

3. Use Social Proof

About 60% of consumers admit to distrusting something by default until they have evidence that it’s trustworthy.

The same applies to your customers.

It’s hard to win their trust unless you can show evidence of your trustworthiness. And that’s where social proof comes in.

Start by collecting feedback and testimonials from a few happy customers and display them on your WordPress website.

Or, you can simply show the number of subscribers you have as GrowthMarketer has done.

Social Proof

Image via GrowthMarketer

Once your website visitors see that their peers are solving their problems using your products or services, their trust and interest in your brand will solidify.

Using social proof makes website visitors more open to sharing their contact details. They will be more receptive to your marketing campaigns. This, in turn, will help you generate verified leads for your WordPress website.

4. Turn Your Social Media Followers Into Leads

If you’ve already gained your footing on social media, a great way to generate more leads for your WordPress website is to bring your followers to your site.

It makes sense too. If they’re interested in your social media content, they could be potential buyers as well.

You can share shoppable videos with your social media audience to attract them to your website. Alternatively, you could promote your gated content through social media to get your followers to your landing page.

Be sure to use high-quality videos and photos. With free video editors, you can create a product or demo video that demonstrates all the best features. Similarly, with free photo editors, you can easily create customized and attractive images that can get people to your website.

Once you redirect these users back to your site, here’s how you can turn them into quality leads.

Have a landing page that’s specifically designed for this section of traffic.

Design elements of the landing page to nudge your visitors into becoming leads. This includes enticing them with special discounts and limited-time offers, persuasive copy, and powerful CTAs.

5. Use Exit-Intent Technology

Exit-intent technology will detect when a visitor is about to leave your site and triggers a pop-up.

It’s an effective way to generate verified leads for your WordPress website.

The exit-intent technology tracks the website activity of the visitor and displays a pop-up right before the visitor can leave. When your pop-up offers an incentive that catches the user’s eye, such as a discount or coupon, they’ll happily offer their info.

Here’s how The Sill does it—a 15% discount that gives the user one last chance to sign up.

WordPress exit-intent

Image via The Sill

The pop-up doesn’t show up until the user is about to leave the site, which makes it less intrusive and annoying. Additionally, it’s not a sales-heavy pop-up that could put off your visitors.

Want to generate more verified leads for your WordPress website using exit-intent pop-ups? 

Personalize them based on the visitor’s website activities, traffic source, and more. Also, ensure your pop-ups are optimized for mobile.

You can run A/B tests to find the pop-up placement, design, CTA, and copy that drives the most conversions.

Generate Verified Leads for Your WordPress Website

You can generate quality leads for your WordPress website if you’ve got a solid strategy in place.

Soften your visitors’ hearts with incentives and win their trust with social proof. Offer a valuable resource in exchange for their contact details, and don’t forget to tap into your social media following for verified leads.

With these tactics, you can supercharge your lead generation.


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