Featured Snippets for WordPress – A Detailed Guide

Have you noticed star ratings in Google’s organic search results? It is a bit of information, also known as rich snippets. Similarly, have you found an instant answer to your query appearing above the natural search results in position zero? That is the featured snippet. When your page has a featured snippet, it grabs the first position on the SERP result. Unfortunately, some website owners overlook the need to add featured snippets to their platforms. However, these snippets are significant for several reasons.

Gain Organic Traffic

The current position of your webpage in the natural result maybe 7 or 8. Thus, you will not get traffic like other websites, which are in a better position. You need to follow a few pointers to get a successful blog. A website that has achieved the first position gets more than 30% clicks. Thus, with featured snippets, you can take your site to the top position.

Find more clicks

By getting featured snippets, your website will receive a high volume of traffic. The eye-catching snippets give answers to the searcher’s query. 

Gain Authority with Featured Snippets

While Google has pulled your blogs into its featured box, the searchers will feel that you are highly authoritative in the subject. As a result, they will like to visit your site repeatedly. 

Now, you can go through the technical guide to gain featured snippets with your WordPress site.

Use the Plugin – All in One SEO


Google relies on Knowledge Graph API and metadata to display featured snippets of different types.

Schema markup refers to something used for the HTML code of the content. It gives more information to search engines about your site. However, as it relates to complicated codes, you may feel confused. To simplify the process, you can use the WP plugin- All in One SEO.

Millions of websites use this plugin for easy optimization and higher search rankings.

AIOSEO helps with the automatic addition of setup, and thus, it enables you to provide Knowledge Graph information. It also facilitates local SEO, news, images, and video optimization. Therefore, your first task is to install the plugin on your WordPress site.

Knowledge Graph Information: How to set it up

As you have integrated the AIOSEO plugin into your website, you need to visit the Search Appearance section, where you will find Knowledge Graph. From this section, you can inform Google about your site. For example, add your business contact number and brand logo. Search engines will use the Knowledge Graph for providing information to the searcher.

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SEO Schema Markup for your WordPress pages

The AIOSEO plugin plays a vital role in adding the proper Schema markup to the content. Still, it is essential to analyze the general settings to adjust them.

There is a special tab to manage different types of content. You will find the kinds of posts you have listed (like pages and products).

You can change the default settings from the Schema section. In addition, AIOSEO helps you in altering Schema markup for separate pages and posts. 

Incorporate Breadcrumbs Navigation into your WordPress website

Breadcrumb navigation is another option helping you to convert the search listings into the featured snippet. It is a path of some links appearing in the search results.

Tips for ranking in Featured Snippets

You need to know about the featured snippets optimization to get more traffic.

Analyze keywords and target question-type queries

The most important task to make the content effective is keyword research. As you like to make the content rank for the snippet, you have to add keywords. Ensure that you have answered the questions of your target audience.

Maintain the right word count

The content needs to be concise to get it featured in Google’s search results. You can create sections with paragraphs and lists. The standard length is about 52 words. You can try to keep your featured snippet content within 40 to 50 words. Moreover, you need to add headers to different sections of the content.

Focus on the how-to section

As featured snippets give you a chance of attracting web traffic and new leads, you have to redesign your website. That is why you have to write the how-to type of content. You may create every section of your site based on the readers’ questions and relevant answers.

Add Quality Video and Images

Your target audience may like to watch videos and check photos. Thus, by adding the visual content, you can rank your site for Google Featured Snippets. It is better to use tools to incorporate professional quality images into your site. Similarly, you can make voice transcripts for videos and choose them for the featured snippets.

You have now understood how to add featured snippets and make them rank better. Your Google snippets will help you in drawing more traffic to your WordPress website. However, as featured snippets dominate search queries, you must not overlook them.

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