Essential Tips & Tricks to Improve WordPress Website UX

To be a part of modern business, it is vital to build an impressive website.

That said building a website is not enough; it is mandatory to provide a better user experience. It should go without saying but a lot of website builders avoid this golden rule.

Everyone has been through a lousy user experience, at least once!!
Have you thought about why it has happened?

Either the website layout and design is as ancient as Netscape or your website is too slow to load. This would be the main reason why visitors are leaving your site and are not visiting again.

Did you know 47% of customers expect a website to load in less than two seconds? A delay of one more second could make them leave the site.

With website user experience optimization, users will explore more of your content and simultaneously keep the user for longer. It will reduce the bounce rate and the ready-made conversion opportunities in the business.

Better UX differentiates you from your competition. If you have the right elements on your pages and are not persisted with other issues, then it is sure that you will get positive feedback. To make you aware of how to attain the best UX, we will give you the best strategies.

So, let’s get started.

Effective Ways to Improve WordPress Website User Experience

# Simple and Clean Website Design

Experts in web design usually focus on developing something different from being functional. We know that unique and attractive designs can win visitor’s hearts. Consider yourself as a visitor, the first and foremost thing that you will consider is that all the elements should be at an appropriate place. And if the website does not have the factors in a suitable position, then you will get confused and will leave the website instead of wasting more time searching.

Avoid this hassle and opt for a clean and straightforward website design. Go with a layout with a striking and beautiful look. It shows a perfect balance between form and function. It is the most suitable approach that every business expert is following to enhance the UX for their websites.

# Responsive and User-Friendly

Being in this digital era, people are using smartphones to access everything. And without any doubt, it is driving massive traffic to several websites. So, it is necessary to keep your WordPress website responsive. Going mobile friendly is a secure method to fulfil every mobile internet user.

But do not forget to keep the quality as the prior factor while integrating responsive elements on the website. Do not let yourself compromise when it is about a better user experience. You can also opt for several responsive design tools that can help you to check the website responsiveness.

# Website Security

If you are providing excellent security to your users, then you are simultaneously assuring them to build trust with you. Developing robust website security guarantees a phenomenal browsing experience to the users. Serving the best approach for a security seal will give you more and more customers for your brand. Potential customers will also help you to get leads and conversions.

# Navigation Menu 

The WordPress platform offers you infinite options to customize things according to your requirements. For creating a new web page, WordPress allows you the customization of the navigation menu. Giving some focus on setting the navigation process without worrying about content is worth it. Spending some time on the website structure is essential then after you can focus on the content/ words.

# Appealing Call to Action (CTA)

The CTA should be accessible on every page. Giving a higher conversion rate and best user-experience. The other important thing is to use a CTA above the fold so that users can access it simply if they have a desire to reply.

# Eliminate 404 Error

Catch the 404 error and eliminate it. Not a single customer is going to like it. Therefore, fixing it can give your potential visitors a better user experience.

So, if you want your users to have a plain and smooth experience, then assure that your website is error-free. Because it is not acceptable neither by the users not by the businesses.

# Page Loading Time

Do not hamper conversions with slow page loading time. It will do nothing but frustrate visitors. The page loading time will let the visitors decide whether they want to continue with your website or not.

The first impression is the last one. So, if at first they have had a bad experience, the chances are that they will not come back to your website.

Web hosting is critical in speeding up the page loading time. Hostgator or Bluehost are reliable and cheap web hosting servers to choose from.

Wrapping Up

If you have grasped the strategies mentioned above, then you can surely experience an engaging website in no time. If you will develop a user-centric website, attaining an outstanding user experience is a sure thing. If you want to improve your UX, then do consider users in mind.

With that in mind, suggestions and queries are always welcome. Let us know if you liked this article. If you are considering other measures to have the best UX, then do share with us. Happy Reading!!

Author Bio:

Jason Daszkewicz is an expert WordPress developer with 5+ years of experience. Currently, he is associated with WordSuccor – WordPress development company in the USA. He loves to keep abreast of the latest technologies and tools in the corporate market. Jason believes in sharing knowledge gained through experience. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook .

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