Elementor vs OceanWP 2022 – Are These The Two Best Free Themes?

Let’s find out more about both topics and finally compare them.

Characteristics Of Elementor

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a theme made for WordPress. In the last few years, this topic has experienced a considerable increase in popularity.

Elementor vs. OceanWP

It comes with its free version, which is excellent, but it also has its Pro version, which is logically better than the free version. It is effortless to use and thus suitable for beginners. If we look at other page editor themes, Elementor has a significant advantage because it’s free.

Elementor: Design

If you can create a page that you invented in your head, the answer is that you can do everything with the help of drag-and-drop editors. Everything can be customized without writing codes. Drag and Drop is an excellent option. There are over 100 widgets that will help you create any part of the page. Elementor offers about 300 designs.

Elementor vs. OceanWP

An excellent addition is responsive editing; with its help, you can change how the page will look on the screens. And this way, you can see how it will look on a phone or computer screen.

One of the great features offered by Elementor is live editing. This way, you can easily change paragraphs, images, etc. Customize your colors and use them many more times. A dark mode is an option used by a large number of users. This is great because it protects the environment and saves energy. With the navigator’s help, you can move quickly through the elements.

Creating a website from one place is a great option. This also applies to the content of the footer and header text. Add custom CSS and apply them to your entire page. You can change any color as well as the background. Add a name, logo, and description to your website and make a difference between your website and others.

Elementor vs. OceanWP

Some of web creation’s countless valuable features are contextual editing, inline editing, shortcuts, and right-clicking menus. Autosave is a great option, especially for people who need to remember to hit the save button.

Using google fonts can be very important if you want to improve your website. The typography unit can be expressed in pixels and ems. Change fonts, their length, weight, and more.

Various design options are available, including an icon library; you have the opportunity to import your, and 1500 icons are immediately available to use in your design.

You can set a picture or color in the background of your page, but in addition to this, Elementor offers to set a video on your background. Create your slideshow for any segment of the page.

Elementor: WooCommerce

All the features used for Woocommerce are available in the pro version of Elementor. Sell your product or something else on your created website.

WooCommerce dynamic tags are great. When you change something on one page, it automatically changes the entire website.

You can create a basket to your liking, that is, what the icon will look like when the basket is empty and when a product is added.

Elementor: Support

Elementor support is excellent. Support is worldwide. Agents answer questions. You get fast and accurate answers from agents. Help is available 24/7. You can chat with their team live if VIP support is available to you. When you ask a question, you can expect an answer within a day. Premium support is available in all packages.

Characteristics Of OceanWP

What is OceanWP?

OceanWP is a WordPress theme that uses professional features.

Elementor vs. OceanWP

An exciting theme that has all the same features as the other themes I’ve reviewed but at a slightly lower price.

OceanWP: Design

All right, let’s go. Design is undoubtedly one of the most important factors when choosing a WordPress theme. Because not all themes offer great template options.

OceanWP shines here. You can change anything. You don’t need coding skills or anything like that. Everything is simple and within reach. Apply your favorite colors and put them on your site.

Elementor vs. OceanWP

Choose whatever font you want; you can also choose google fonts. Changing the typography to specific areas and sections is also available. Globally, your site must look unique. Your main page, blog page, store page, and so on are all easy to change with the OceanWP theme.

Header options OceanWP comes with seven free header styles. Of course, in addition to this, you can create the header the way you like it the most. You can change the style of the header on each page, so let’s say you have a header in one style on the main page and another style on the blog page. Additional controls and options are available.

Full color and typography settings are available, making your headlines stand out from the rest of your content. You can change the appearance of your page however you like.

Elementor vs. OceanWP

Show one sidebar or, let’s say, more sidebars or none, after all, the page you look at. You can change size metadata, for example, which the author is, publication date, category, comment, and reading time. Change the taxonomy, that is, how many blogs you want to be displayed in a certain number of columns.

OceanWP: Speed and Performance

OceanWP is a fast theme. For the sake of comparison, it may not be the fastest like the Astra, but it is right below it.

OceanWP: WooCommerce

WooCommerce integration is available and completely free. Create your store and arrange it to perfection so that, in the end, you will be amazed by yourself and not only by your visitors.

Choose between several style options. You can turn off specific sections or turn them on however you want; everything is simple. You can change the billing process of your product, for example.

Let’s say that it is a payment in several steps and then in one step, however you choose. Add more filter options for your customers to make shopping easier for them. You can choose between four Store styles, namely, Hower, Image Swap, Featured Image, and Gallery Slider. A toolbar is also available to introduce new sorting options to your visitors.

Elementor vs. OceanWP

In addition, you have the option of a quick search, that is, to search for something without leaving the same page. Enable or disable store elements is all you wish.
Enable to see the product description, the icon that you can add to the basket, then the price of the product, the product category, and so on.
You can adjust the number of columns in your store, that is, in how many columns your products will be displayed, and the same for the number of products in rows.

You can change the two styles of paganization and, let’s say, make the pages change numerically by numbers or infinitely; it’s up to you. Ultimately, everything about WooComerce is to minimize everything, that is, to remove unnecessary things from the site so that your visitors can focus only on shopping.
Elementor vs. OceanWP Comparison

Elementor vs. OceanWP: Design

As for the design, both themes are excellent. They offer design changes without a line of code so beginners can quickly get started. I use Elementor, and it is excellent. Even the free version is just as great as the OceanWP theme. This is a very difficult for me to determine a winner quickly, so I will share the points in this category.

Elementor vs. OceanWP: Speed and Performance

We come to fundamental categories, namely speed and performance. Today, a WordPress theme can only be imagined with good performance. You will be right in taking both of these two topics in this field. But these two themes are out there, but they have pretty satisfactory performance, and 99% of users would be satisfied.

Elementor vs. OceanWP: WooCommerce

Elementor, as well as OceanWP, come with built-in WooCommerce integration. With the help of this integration, you can create a vase store according to your taste. That is your shopping cart, product pages, and so on. OceanWP and Elementor are good at this, so I share points in this category.

Elementor vs. OceanWP: Price

Elementor Price

Elementor comes with three paid packages, as shown in the image. Also, as is already known, Elementor has a great free version.

Elementor vs. OceanWP

There is an Elementor cloud that costs $99 and lasts for a year. With this, you get a free SSL certificate, even 100GB of memory, and the option to connect your domain. It includes all features, including live editing, responsive design, 100+ widgets, and more. You should choose the free version if you are a beginner. But if you are not a beginner, then I suggest the Expert package.

OceanWP Price

On the other hand, OceanWP comes with three paid packages. OceanWP also comes with a great free version. As we can see, the prices are low; you have the option to buy for one year or a lifetime.

Finally, a conclusion about prices. If you are a beginner, you can use both themes for free or if your budget limits you. On the other hand, it can be seen that OceanWP is cheaper than Elementor, but that’s why you get a lot for Elementor, even though it is more expensive. Both themes offer refunds, Elementor after 30 days and OceanWP after 14 days.


Ultimately, it is tough to decide which topic is the winner, that is, which is better. For this comparison, two very similar issues with similar characteristics were taken. That is why it isn’t easy to decide who is better.

Elementor vs. OceanWP

Based on the data, the more popular theme is Elementor, that’s why more people use it. But on the other hand, OceanWP offers excellent options, such as a free version at a very reasonable price and much more. In the end, I leave the choice up to you. Let us know in the comments which theme is better for you.

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