Effective Strategies To Help Identify Any Vulnerabilities On Your Website

A company’s website is crucial for its brand. It is often the first time a potential client interacts with the company. Having a strong website helps to create a good first impression. A well-designed website will encourage visitors to stay and explore the services and products you are promoting on your site.

However, if there are vulnerabilities on your site, it can put your company at a higher risk of being attacked, regardless of its size. Companies that do, unfortunately, get targeted are at great risk of shattering financial losses. Understandably, this is a situation all business leaders would love to avoid. Finding solutions and new ways to keep their company and website safe from potential attacks is a target that all business leaders should strive to achieve. Once they have put measures in place, it is a case of keeping on top of them to help increase security.

Business owners looking for effective strategies to help them identify vulnerabilities on their company website should keep reading to find out more.

Check All Systems Are Updated

Start simple by checking all the company’s systems to operate and keep the business safe. Outdated systems are more likely to be at risk of an attack compared to updated versions. Older versions of the software will not have the same advancements and safety features as the latest versions, hence why they are more at risk of an attack. Checking the systems is a time-consuming task. However, it is crucial for systems to be up to date. Not conducting these checks puts your company at risk – a situation in which no business leader wants to actively put their company. After completing thorough checks on all the systems used, consider scheduling regular checks. These could be done weekly or monthly to check that the systems are all up to date and using the latest technology and software available to them.

Invest In Expert Services

Along with performing your own checks, consider investing in services from experts in the field. Investing in extra services is an additional expense that not many business leaders wish to invest in. However, the detailed analysis and thorough investigation they can provide could uncover vulnerabilities that you were not able to spot. For instance, ForAllSecure uses its Mayhem security software to identify potential issues on a company’s website. This in-depth process can help to minimize a company’s chances of a cyberattack. Investing in these services can help save your company from spending significant amounts of time and money on rebuilding its image and trust in clients.

Regularly Update Passwords

After utilizing the services of professionals, consider updating the passwords. It might be something that the professionals suggest, but it is worth doing. Ask your employees to update their passwords and encourage them to use something new. Try to use a mixture of capital letters, numbers, and symbols as it can help to create a strong password. Of course, keep in mind that it has to be one that you can easily remember. Updating the passwords does not have to be done daily. Think back to the last time you updated your password, and if you struggle to remember, then it might be time to think of a new one.  

Look At Who Has Access

There is a reason business leaders have employees in their company. Employees help to keep the company running as they work towards achieving the targets the company has set. Some employees will likely need access to the website to make relevant updates to any information available or improve the user experience. However, as an employer, it is helpful to know exactly who in the company has access. Look at who has access to the backend of your company website. See if any employees have access but do not need it. Removing the permissions and updating the systems afterward can help you to have greater control and a clearer idea of who has access to the backend. It also helps to keep the risk of issues occurring to a minimum, as only those that need access will have it. 

Time To Get Checking

Participating in any checks is understandably going to be time-consuming. As mentioned, the time, money, and the company’s reputation it can save from regular checking are worthwhile. Reports reveal that 30,000 websites are hacked daily. These frightening statistics emphasize the importance of ensuring that your company’s website has minimal or zero vulnerabilities that could make it a victim of a cyberattack. 

The longer the delay in checking for any vulnerabilities, the greater the chance of a possible cyberattack occurring. Avoid delaying the process any longer and use some of the strategies mentioned above to help your company to identify any vulnerabilities your website has. 

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