Easily Apply Cart Discount using WooCommerce Plugin

Trying to figure out how to create WooCommerce cart discounts?

Our goal in this article is to show you how to easily apply discounts to increase revenue and reduce cart abandonment rates.

Most of the time, customers add items to their online carts, but they don’t make a purchase. Payment is not made to complete the purchase. Promoting sales through discounts is a great way to build a strong relationship with your customers. By offering a discount, you can increase the likelihood that your customers will return to your store for more purchases.

When shopping online in your store, customers will be delighted to choose their favorite products and find exciting offers since customers tend to love deals and will buy more from your store. If you provide offers to your customers, it keeps them happy and attracts new ones.

Cart Discounts: What Are They?

A cart discount is used to change product prices or offer a discount on special days, such as Christmas, Black Friday, etc. Cart abandonment is the most common behavior among users. Discounts on carts are a great way to prompt users to finish their checkout process. Shop owners who use WooCommerce can significantly increase sales by offering cart discounts. A shopping cart is populated with offers based on the number, weight, or total price of the products we add. An automatic cart discount is applied to the total cart amount when certain criteria are met. Suppose you offer buyers a 20% discount on $200 worth of products. Let’s say a buyer purchases $200 worth of products. Upon checkout, he will receive a 20% discount. You can offer three types of discounts; price discounts, percentage discounts, and fixed discounts. 

Now we’ll look into how we can apply discounts.

Cart Discounts: How Do They Work?

At the moment, WooCommerce does not have an option for automatically applying discount coupons, but a code snippet or an extension can do this. For your WooCommerce store, a robust plugin is a convenient and reliable way to set discounts, promotions, and price drops. Your store can easily add advanced dynamic pricing features with WooCommerce plugins and extensions, as the platform is highly flexible for adding more advanced features.

This article will describe how to apply discounts to carts using the WooCommerce plugins. For the purpose of the demonstration, we will take  WooCommerce cart discounts. By using this plugin, you can create cart Discounts effortlessly.

Here’s how you can install and activate the plugin. The setup will then be discussed with you.

Install and Activate the Plugin

You must first install and activate the plugin in order to add discount rules to WooCommerce. It is available for purchase on WooCommerce Marketplace. All you have to do is search for the plugin name and install it right away.

Click the Cart Discounts tab in WooCommerce > Settings in the WP admin panel after the plugin has been activated.

Now let’s take a closer look at the cart discounts this plugin offers.

Multi-mode Cart Discounts With Rules

Cart discounts can be offered by setting different rules and conditions. By creating multiple rules, you will be able to organize and manage multiple promotions at the same time regarding priority.

The plugin lets you define different discount criteria based on different conditions Following are the modes on which discounts are set. 

Set Conditional Discount On Total Amount:
Your cart can be configured to give a discount based on a minimum and maximum amount. Suppose you apply a 5% discount on purchases between $30 and $60.

Set Conditional Discount On Total Quantities:
You can also configure your cart to give discounts based on the minimum and maximum cart quantity. Suppose you applied a 10% discount on purchasing 5 items.

You can also configure your cart to give discounts based on the minimum and maximum cart quantity. Suppose you applied a 10% discount on purchasing five items.

Set Conditional Discount on Total Products:
Items arranged in a minimum and maximum can also be configured in your cart to give a discount. For example, if you purchase four items, you get an 8% discount.

Set Conditional Discount on Cart Weight:
Your cart can also be configured to give discounts based on the minimum and maximum weights. For example, On 5kg to 20 kg, Offer a 6% discount.

Set Discount on Specific products or categories
You can pick specific products or categories to which discounts can be applied.

Set Discount on Specific products or categories

Apply Percentage Cart Discounts

When a percentage cart discount is applied to a cart, a particular percentage amount of the subtotal of the cart is discounted. For instance, you can discount the cart by 40%.

Apply Percentage Cart Discounts

Apply Price Cart Discount

A WooCommerce discount plugin gives a flat discount or a fixed amount of products. For example, you can offer a discount of $50 on the WooCommerce Cart.

Discounts Based On User Role 

You can make certain user roles eligible for a discount, such as wholesalers, customers, suppliers, members, etc. Example: Suppliers get a discount of 10% off on all products. 

Discounts Based On User Role

Discount Criteria Popup

If you would like your customers to be aware of all the conditions for the discounts, you can create a discount popup. You can customize the font size, color, and text of your message, as well as the size and color of the font.

Discount Criteria Popup

Reminder Emails

The majority of customers leave without purchasing. By sending them emails with discount offers, you can entice existing customers back to your store. A discount email sent to abandoned cart users can also increase sales. 

Reminder Emails

Schedule Cart Discounts

Automate the activation and deactivation of discounts. Activate and end discount offers automatically by scheduling each rule with a start and end date.

Schedule Cart Discounts


Discount plugins are essential for creating different types of discounts for online stores. It is not hard or time-consuming to add discount rules to WooCommerce if you have the right tool. Adding all kinds of discounts to your WooCommerce online store is very easy with the WooCommerce Cart Discount plugin.

I hope it will help a lot to easily apply discounts on your store by using a plugin. You may have understood the functionality and got all that you need to implement it on your WooCommerce store.

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