How To Drive More Traffic To Your WordPress Blog

How To Drive More Traffic To Your WordPress Blog

With WordPress, creating a blog is quite simple. However, the main challenge starts after creating a blog, buying a domain and web hosting service, and designing your website elements. The biggest challenge is how to drive more traffic to your WordPress blog. As there are over 600 million blogs on the internet, bringing organic traffic to yours can be challenging.

But with some proven tips and tricks, you can ensure that you get higher traffic and a top ranking on Google. Without both, you can earn money from your blog or make it highly successful, which is the goal behind launching a blog.

Let’s check out some proven tips that can help you increase traffic for your WordPress blog.

1. Have a signup form for newsletter

An email newsletter can help attract more visitors to your website and drive more traffic to your WordPress blog. Thus, ensure you have a newsletter sign-up form on your blog.

Also, to encourage users to sign up, give them an offer or a discount. For instance, a free monthly e-book if the user signs up or anything on the same wavelength.

Moreover, design your newsletter in the best possible way so users can open it instead of tossing it in the trash when they get it. Use the Canva newsletter template design to create the perfect newsletter for your website. Also, keep it short and use the blog’s logo, name, and more.

2. Monitor the keywords

When you start writing content and publishing it, you also need to know whether it is performing well on the internet. You need to know what keywords people are using to search for blogs similar to yours and whether you are using such keywords in your blogs.

Google Search Console, a free tool, can help you with a keyword search. Next, use the Ahrefs tool to search your competitors to see how they are using the keywords and the status of their traffic.

3. Use social media to your advantage

Social media is the perfect platform to promote your blog, ensuring increased traffic. Social media brings tons of referral traffic to your blog. So, encourage all your blog posts on social media using appealing visuals or videos.

Moreover, WordPress lets you include social sharing buttons on your blog. These buttons let users/readers share the post directly on their social media accounts, which is vital to increasing the sharing of your blogs.

4. Know your audience and create a profile for them

Understanding your target audience for whom you are writing the blog is vital. If you know your audience, you will be able to make sure that your content and promotion tactic targets them. So, before you start writing, get an idea about:

  • Their likes and dislikes
  • The problems that they are facing and what solution you can provide
  • How they read blogs- using mobiles or website

Also, find out there-

  • Age
  • Salary
  • Occupation, and more.

When you know all these details, creating a target audience profile or buyer’s persona will be easy. This will help you promote your blog better and attract more traffic.

5. Do content optimization

Content is the most essential part of your blog. If you do not write fresh, relevant, and original content that appeals to readers, you will not get high traffic. That is why content optimization is necessary. To do so, you need to use SEO.

Search engine optimization uses targeted keywords so that Google can use this information to rank the page or blog on top. For your WordPress website, SEO is vital, and you can do this by adding a meta description, writing an optimized and appealing title, doing internal linking, using heading tags, and more, which will assist in driving more traffic to your WordPress blog.

6. Monitor the speed of your website

No one likes a slow-loading website- whether it is Google or visitors. So, ensure your blog opens within seconds and that the internal speed is quick. If a site takes more than four seconds to load, people will leave it and go to the following link. It increases the bounce rate, negatively affecting your blog’s ranking and traffic.

To increase the speed, make sure that the size of the images is small (quality image with minimal size), install cache, and remove unnecessary elements, like a slider on your homepage. Instead, go for a bold image that you can change as needed.

7. Optimize for mobile

Do you know how many people use their smartphones to read blogs? More than 60% of your readers. So, imagine a scenario where a reader opens the blog on their mobile, and it doesn’t work or the design is unresponsive. They will leave and never return, and you will lose your traffic.

So, while designing the website, keep mobile in mind. The navigation system, the font, and the color scheme should be scalable for mobile as well as desktop.

8. Editorial calendar

When you know your audience and the keywords they are using, you have tons of blog post ideas. This can also be overwhelming because there is pressure to convert the ideas into words and publish them. But don’t give in to this pressure.

It is like a game plan that states when you want to publish an article and at what time. It will give you ample time to finish the blog post, proofread it, add visuals, and more to turn it into a polished product.

Also, keep in mind that you can start with two or three articles a week and increase it with time. But whatever you are doing, your followers need consistency.

Drive More Traffic To Your WordPress Blog

We hope that these tips will help you drive more traffic to your WordPress blog. They are simple tips, but they do require hard work and honest attention, so focus on them and make sure you keep yourself apprised of any blog trends that are making their way across the world. Using them can make a ton of difference if they are relevant and useful.

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