Divi vs. Silk Theme Review 2022 – Which Theme Is Better?

People’s questions are different. People often ask me which theme is the best in terms of design. Today we will look at which theme can respond more to these Divi or Silk users. So let’s start.

Features of Divi

What is Divi?

Divi is a popular WordPress theme. Divi is more than just a WordPress theme; it’s a brand-new web design platform that replaces the standard WordPress post editor with a highly superior visual editor.

Divi has the audience in all directions. Whether it’s freelancers or website owners. Divi is great for beginners because it gives you the freedom to revive your visions.

Divi competition is ElementorOceanWPSeedProd, and others.

Divi looks excellent on paper but is this the right topic for your site? I will try to answer that question.

Divi: Design

You don’t need to be an experienced designer to create a website with Divi. The visual interface helps you drag and drop all elements and create a page easily. 

You have created several designs and are wondering if you can save them. Of course, you can save all your designs and thus build a library of designs and therefore have easy access.

Divi vs Silk

Believe it or not, Divi comes with over 2000 templates, that is, ready-made designs for your site.

The design works excellent even on smaller resolutions, such as a mobile phone. Reactive editing is a great option. Other topics may have issues with how the site is displayed on your computer, tablet, and phone. But with Divi, there are no such problems. This can help you change the smallest detail on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The background of the site is essential. In most cases, the site’s background is without an image or with an image. The option to add specific effects to your pages and move from one block to another exists.

You can add any CSS property for some of the elements. Advanced code editing features include autocompletion, color picking, multi-line selection, syntax highlighting, and so on. 

Divi vs Silk

You add depth to your page by adding shadows. You can easily add them without having to know about graphic design. There is also an option to assign a shadow to the text. Divi theme offers countless animation options. You can adjust the animation speed and direction. Delight your visitors as they scroll down the page with your animations.

A great relief is using search filters, where you can find what you need quickly. And finally, as icing on the cake exists the option of keyboard shortcuts. Once you get used to using shortcuts, you will wonder how you lived without them at all.

Divi: Speed and Performance

With Divi, it is effortless to create fast sites; the google page test says that Divi scored 100 points for speed. What adorns the speed are the dynamic framework, dynamic CSS, and javascript.

Divi vs Silk

Critical CSS helps your visitors by directly giving a super fast highway to your content.

Divi: Builder, Support and WooCommerce

WooCommerce is compatible with Divi. 

WooCommerce integration with Divi is available. At the very beginning, you need to create a store, then a basket, product pages, and so on.

There are as many as 16 product page modules and eight checkout and shopping cart templates.

Change header, footer, category, pages, post templates, 404 pages, and more with the builder. This is an excellent option.

Divi has over 30 experts who have answered two million questions in the last ten years. This makes future customers happy.

Features of Silk

What is Silk?

Silk is a fashion blog WordPress theme. 

This theme is built and rolled out by the folks at PixelGrade, making easy-to-use themes. In addition to the Silk theme, they also released Julia LT, Felt LT, Gema, Noto, and Vasco. 

Silk’s competition is UltraAstra, and others.

Silk: Features

First, it must be said that Silk comes with vibrant design options. With this theme, the developers tried not to leave anything at risk, so they added finely detailed design elements. 

Divi vs Silk

They have also added very nice fonts, so your page will look friendly to all readers. The typography is very well arranged. You can set your blog however you want. 

Also another available option is Gutenberg integration; with this, you can write the best posts with the latest WordPress integration. In addition to all the good options, Silk has excellent premium support. With this option, you can get an answer to any question. 

Silk: Speed

You will be delighted with the speed. The developers who created the Silk theme paid particular attention to its performance. The theme is also very well SEO optimized. You will also be satisfied with how the theme is displayed on a mobile phone, so the response is excellent.

Divi vs. Silk Comparison

We went through a brief overview of both topics. We will compare these topics in the three most important categories in the following.

So let’s go.

Divi vs. Silk: Design

Design is the first category in which we will compare these topics. Divi dominates every opponent in this category. Everything is simply available when there are over 2000 ready-made page templates available. Floating options, responsiveness. Let’s be clear, Silk has an excellent design, but Divi is better in its class.

Divi vs. Silk: Won Divi

Divi vs. Silk: Speed and Performance

In terms of speed, both themes are excellent. The developers at Silk have worked hard to make the theme perform very well. On the other hand, Divi is very proud of the 100 points won on the google page. In terms of speed, I would split the points.

Divi vs. Silk: Tied

Divi vs. Silk: Pricing

Divi Price

Price is a significant factor. It is essential what topic you will spend your money on. Options Divi theme prices are great. The Divi theme price is great!

Divi vs Silk

If you bought a Divi and are not satisfied, don’t worry. You have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Silk Price

There are three paid packages available, so let’s look at what options they offer. The first package is called Silk on a roll, which costs $75 per year. This package includes the Silk theme, style manager, one year of updates, one year of support, and the use of the package on one site only. 

Divi vs Silk

The second package in order is Silk for Life. The price of this package is 115 dollars, and you pay it once, and that’s it. It includes everything the same as the first package, plus lifetime support and updates. 

The third package in a row is Themes Bundle. This package costs 500 dollars, and you have the following within this package. All themes are released by PixelGrade and used on unlimited sites. 

The $89 Divi package gets a lot for that amount of money. On the other hand, Silk offers an excellent package for $155 that is available for life. If you have the money, the $500 package that includes all themes by PixelGrade is a good option.

Divi vs. Silk: Tied


Ultimately, both Divi and Silk are excellent WordPress themes. Whichever you choose, you will go right. My choice between these two themes would be Divi because of the better design options. If you have selected one of these topics, let us know in the comments.

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