Digital Marketing Tasks Most People Are Doing Wrong

“Most of the companies believe they are selling to the right audience; however, they’re not doing so. Buyers consider the entire e-commerce experience, not just the marketing, sales, or service. To win in the modern age, you must solve problems for humans.” — Dharmesh Shah, CTO & Co-Founder, HubSpot.

If the Digital Marketing Strategy follows only one goal, like a seamen/fisherman following North Star – MAKE MORE MONEY, then and only then, the shop won’t close. However, to see what helps keep the shop running, one must know what digital marketing is!

So What Is Digital Marketing?

It is known to everyone that digital marketing uses the internet and devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles to market their products and services online.

But most people need to learn that it hugely supports offline marketing. And that is the reason why one must avoid making mistakes while planning digital marketing strategies. Otherwise, it might affect offline marketing adversely.

Thus, this article covers the digital marketing tasks most people are doing wrong.

What Most People Are Doing Wrong

Most business owners know what to do (key phrase – ‘most businesses’), which is why they are making profits, but it is equally crucial for them to know what not to do. Below are the things that should not be done for digital marketing to stay on top of the market:

Digital Marketing Mistakes

1. Targeting the Wrong Customer Base

The first and foremost thing people need to correct is targeting people who do not possess the potential to buy their product. Not every person is a customer.

Targeting single people for the kid’s diaper market is like dealing with a massive loss. The same will be the case for advertising sanitary pads to men. Although stereotypes are broken with passive marketing, active marketing must make sense. Just like people with a monthly income to get by cannot be targeted by car dealers.

The result of targeting the wrong customer base is the perpetual downfall of the brand, which might lead to closing the shop. Thus, it is necessary to do thorough market research before prepping a digital marketing strategy that is on point.

2. Incorrect Website Design

Website Design is not just an SOP task that needs to be checked off the list; it is more about attractiveness and functionality. People in this era are smart enough to research the brand online before sticking to it ardently, and after browsing through its social media, they go to the website.

Suppose you have created a website with WordPress; you must ensure it has all the elements needed to be attractive and functional.

The color schemes, fonts, content, number of pages, detailed description of services and products, contact form, social media links, etc., should be to the point. Otherwise, it is a waste of money, even from the SEO point of view.

The incorrect website design cannot be optimized. To learn how to design it correctly to optimize it, click Why Web Design Matters for SEO purposes for WordPress Websites.

3. Inadequate SEO

It is 2023, and if companies need to know the importance of adequate SEO by now, there is still time. However, in case the companies have missed the bus, here are a few reasons why SEO is crucial:

  • It makes the website seen on search engine platforms
  • It earns more traffic
  • It provides credibility and authority to the website

These are just a few reasons why the SEO of the website needs to be adequate. The whole purpose of creating a website is for it to be searched more on search engine pages. According to Hostinger, here is how one can make the website SEO-friendly:

  • Using keywords throughout the content
  • Make the website responsive
  • Optimizing images and videos
  • Meaningful and crisp meta tags
  • Faster page loading speed

There are many more ways to make a website more SEO friendly, but what is essential is that it needs to be made SEO friendly.

4. Incorrect Personalization 

People need to realize that you have a good name for each customer. You cannot address Sam or Venessa by calling him ‘dear reader,’ ‘dear customer,’ or ‘dear influencer.’

Even if it takes time to draft a personalized email, you must dedicate time to craft the email with a customized message. It might not be something that has yet to be said before, but trying to make someone feel unique with a bit of personalization will give companies lifelong loyal customers.

And one customer attracts many with word of mouth and other influential techniques.

Personalization takes the game up because companies are marketing to people, not machines. It is about touching people’s emotions rather than selling them the product.

5. Poor Social Media Strategy

Social Media is about something other than knowing what a designer posts but what to post, when, how to post, and where. It also depends on the product because Instagram might be the perfect medium to promote the brand to GenZ and Millennials but not boomers, says Hootsuite.

Thus, better platforms than social media might exist if your brand owns a product catering to boomers’ needs. However, if your product is something that GenZ and Millennials can gift to their parents and grandparents, social media marketing can reap the desired results.

All digital platforms will help reach more audiences, which brands might now know. Using every medium to the advantage but being uniform on all platforms is the key to strong social media marketing.

6. Accommodating Too Many Strategies At Once

Few cooks spoil the broth. Similarly, accommodating too many strategies can damage the marketing of the brand which results in digital marketing mistakes. If you keep an eye on the market, you can see that the big apparel brands occasionally collaborate with other popular brands.

Having said that, you can create strategies to support the primary plans. For example, If you host a giveaway on a social media platform, you can promote it via email, through influencers, or video marketing. But promoting one thing on social media and entirely another on a blog confuses people.

7. Failing to realize the importance of Videos

Videos can be promoted, too, and the brands seem to forget that. People prefer motion pictures to static ones, and they like colorful moving images compared to bland black-and-white letters put together into a paragraph.

Having said that, blogging is essential as well. A company with a blog will have a platform to share its news, information, and offers. And always appreciate the power of a reader because they are a customer-in-progress.

8. Not Keeping Up With the Trends

As mentioned above, not knowing marketing trends is one thing, but not being willing to learn is altogether another matter. It is okay not to know how to market the brand on Instagram, but not knowing that Facebook isn’t as appealing as it used to be and TikTok is a hot cake right now is a state of ignorance.

And in the case of brand promotion, it could be a fatal move. Keeping up with the trends means more than simply creating quality content; it must be posted on the right platform at the right time. It is about balancing classic strategies and content with current market trends.


Digital Marketing Mistakes – Final Thoughts

So, is digital marketing about money? Yes – it is always about the money.

Knowing what to do is needed, but knowing what not to do is much needed. Being a part of a herding community while supporting a cause is good, but not when preparing a digital marketing strategy. A successful digital marketing strategy is the one that makes a brand a hefty amount of money.

Thus, here is a list of top digital marketing companies that will make digital strategies for you, guaranteeing success or let us know if you need to create an optimized site for ROI, business, and user-friendliness.

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