Does your business need a digital health check?

Your digital presence is now a mandatory success factor for any business, particularly your website.

Just as your internal processes and procedures need a regular check up to ensure they achieve your business objectives and meet customers’ expectations, so does your website.

Here’s a few questions you should ask yourself to establish whether your website is in need of a health check.

Is your website user friendly?

Your website is the ‘shop window’ of your business or brand. As first impressions are everything, an uninviting website design is unlikely to communicate your business values correctly. If your products or services aren’t clear or your site takes too long to load, people aren’t going to stick around to discover just how great your business really is.

If your website isn’t carefully crafted to suit your users, there’s a good chance they won’t stick around and are unlikely to ever return. An easy-to-navigate website will improve the average amount of time people spend on your site and lead to increased conversions.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Google’s algorithm now makes it imperative to have a mobile-friendly website. Not only will your customers appreciate the convenience of being able to scroll through your site easily, but it will also improve your SEO.

If you’re spending money on SEO tactics, you should consider investing it into making your website mobile-friendly first. The majority of internet user now browse using their mobile phone or tablet so you are potentially missing out on a large customer base by not offering what they want.

Are you using out of date plugins?

Out-of-date technology, such as WordPress plugins, require regular maintenance and repair. Like anything, the older the plugin gets, the more prone to faults and less efficient it becomes. It also leaves you increasingly vulnerable to security threats.

The team behind WordPress continue to make WordPress as safe as possible and release security updates immediately if any exploits are found. However, not regularly updating themes and plugins will compromise the security of you and your customers.

Take a look at some of the most common WordPress security issues here.

Do you have a backup strategy?

Having solid backup strategy for your website is vital to maintaining its security and continuity. Data loss, hardware breakdown and human errors can easily happen at any time so it’s essential to be prepared.

A robust backup strategy is needed if you need to restore your entire website straight back to its previous condition. Although you may not think it could happen to you, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Choosing an offsite back up strategy is the best way to ensure complete peace of mind as it protects you on a different level than a hard-drive or USB stick that could easily be lost or damaged.


The digital health of your business should be regularly assessed to ensure you’re meeting the evolving needs of your customers, search engines and your organisation.

At WP Tech Support, we provide proactive, preventative WordPress support to keep your digital presence healthy. Our premium quality support and maintenance service delivers total peace of mind through our range of monthly payment plans, all of which include an initial website health check to make sure your WordPress installation is up to date, secure and free of issues.

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