How to Design Your eCommerce WordPress Website For Maximum Conversions

No part of the customer journey should be overlooked. This is to enhance your site’s conversion rates. Every aspect of your site needs to be designed carefully, from your checkout page to your landing page. 

However, creating a user journey that balances a positive shopping experience with clear paths to conversions is easier said than done. 

To help you improve your eCommerce WordPress website for maximum conversions, here is a list of best practices that you should follow: 

1. Choose the theme that suits your brand

Are you planning to build an eCommerce website? Picking a theme for your WordPress site can feel overwhelming. There are thousands of options that you can choose from. From a wide range of free and paid themes, choosing one that applies to you can be challenging. 

Ideally, you must choose a theme that best suits your current branding strategy. Ideally, a theme goes well with your logo and other branding materials. 

Since the brand message being sent out doesn’t change, this ensures consistency and trust from your customers. It also increases their chance of converting. Here are the great benefits of WordPress for your digital marketing campaign. 

2. Opt for a simplified design

Many eCommerce sites commit the mistake of adding a lot of visuals to their site. However, minimalist designs are liked more by online shoppers. That’s because they care more about looking at the product and purchasing it from your site. 

Placing visuals on your site design makes it more confusing. It also increases the likelihood of shoppers feeling distracted when they land on your site design. 

3. Provide easy navigation

If customers can’t find the items they’re looking for in your online store immediately, they’ll likely head to your competitors’ sites. 

When you use the navigation bar on top of the screen, users can easily browse the intermediary product category page they’re looking for. From there, it’s easier for them to dig deeper into the specific products offered for every category. To find out more, you can check out this WordPress 2022 website optimization guide

4. Add clear CTAs

Having clear CTAs is key to converting more site traffic into sales. 

Usually, these CTAs are “Add to Basket” and “Buy Now” buttons that grab the visitors’ attention and encourage them to click. CTAs can also use contrasting colors and other unique design elements. 

You also have to ensure that your CTA is aligned with the intent of a webpage. For instance, the CTA on the product page may say “Buy Now.” On the other hand, a content page’s CTA may be “Read More.”

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to keep your CTA’s wording short and sweet. 

5. Improve the loading speed

Sometimes, a stunning site design isn’t enough. You have to come up with an impressive-looking site, and you also need to turn your attention to its performance. 

A fast-loading page is vital to avoid bounce rates and lets visitors stay on your site. Moreover, many people hate slow-loading pages, and your audience will lose interest. You can check out Google’s Page Speed Insights to get an idea of your site speed.

6. Optimize for mobile

eCommerce WordPress Website For Maximum Conversions

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Half of the web traffic around the globe comes from mobile devices. With this in mind, keeping your site mobile-friendly is vital. 

A simple checkout process is vital on mobile more than on desktop. Because users work with smaller screens, the fewer distractions, the better; keep it simple. 

Phone data can also be unreliable. Phone signals dropping in a split second can affect the user’s download speed. Thus, you have to ensure that your site is mobile optimized. This allows you to have faster loading times despite a slow internet connection. 

Incorporating simple yet effective steps like this can make a difference in converting more people on mobile or visiting a competitor’s site. 

7. Use opt-in forms

You might also consider using opt-in forms to enhance your conversion rates. These could include the need for post forms, sliders, and overlays. 

Ensure that your content is still relevant to your audience, offering them something new instead of driving them away with pop-ups and other irrelevant ads. 

8. Offer simple, one-click checkout

With a one-click checkout process, customers can skip the “add to cart” step and check out while on the product page. 

Having a one-click checkout shortens the checkout process significantly. 

It’s vital to eliminate these extra steps needed in a traditional checkout process,

Moreover, even if you don’t go with a one-click checkout, streamline your checkout process to generate more conversions and lower cart abandonment. You might also require your customers’ minimum data input to make the process much more efficient. 

9. Be mindful of the plugins

eCommerce WordPress Website For Maximum Conversions

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Plugins on WordPress may extend your current functionality and even introduce plenty of features. However, it does come with plenty of downsides. 

You may risk slowing down if you add too many plugins to your site. So, do research, install the bare minimum plugins needed, and stick with them. It’s to ensure that your site loads quickly. Plugins also have essential security considerations. Ensure that all your themes and plugins are updated to the latest versions. 

It’s to ward off attempts of hackers to harm your site. In your WordPress dashboard, you’ll see any plugins or themes that need to be updated. It ensures that it’s compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. 

Over to You

So there you have it. By now, you already have a good idea of how you can improve your eCommerce WordPress website for maximum conversions

These steps will enhance your eCommerce site experience and create a positive impression on your customers, leading to better traffic and conversions. 

Designing your WordPress site for maximum conversions not only gives visitors a positive user experience on your site. It also fulfills its objectives of getting users to convert, gain maximum conversions, and then generate more revenue for your business. Good luck!

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