How to Customize Your WordPress Blog

Blogging is a hobby that anyone can pick up fairly easily thanks to how versatile and user-friendly WordPress has become over the years. Based on reports, WordPress powers 39.6% of the internet in 2021, with over 600 new sites popping up daily worldwide.

Additional data suggests that 77% of internet users read blogs regularly, with over 75 million blogs being powered by WordPress. This makes customizing your WordPress blog important, given how competitive the blogging industry has become, especially in 2021. Let’s dive into several practical tips which you can follow up on to make your WordPress blog more unique and enjoyable to use.

Think About your Hosting Carefully

The first thing you should think about when setting up your WordPress blog is what kind of hosting you will rely on. Generally, hosting can be free or paid, either monthly or annually. While free hosting may seem tempting, you never know when the hosting provider will cease to work properly or whether your private data is safe.

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That leaves premium hosting services, of which there are many to choose from, all with various feature lists. The more comprehensive the feature list and customer support, the higher the price of hosting. However, when a WordPress blog is concerned, you shouldn’t go for expensive hosting and settle for a modest, secure option instead.

Choose a Good Theme for your Blog

Beside its plugins, WordPress is known for its sheer volume of themes, both free and premium. Once you set up shop and start a WordPress-powered website, you should choose a theme that will reflect your blog’s topics.

There is a plethora of themes that come with diverse visual designs and feature lists, so picking the one that fits your blog is easy. All you have to do is browse WordPress themes until you find the one that “clicks” for you.

Make the Blogging Process Smoother

Given that your WordPress website will be dedicated to blogging, you can take the steps to set up the necessary plugins for later convenience. Installing a set of plugins such as Advanced Editor Tools will allow you more freedom in writing and formatting blog posts on the WordPress website.

The tool comes equipped with a range of text editing plugins designed with WordPress publishing in mind. Referring to paper writing service reviews in addition to setting up Advanced Editor Tools will make your job as a blogger much easier to manage.

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Enable Visitors to Share your Content on Social Media

Your blog content must be as easy to share on social media as possible. According to research, 53.6% of the world’s population uses social media with 98.8% doing so through mobile devices. Installing a plugin with social buttons should be a priority during the setup process.

A plugin such as Jetpack will allow you to quickly and seamlessly insert various social sharing buttons into your blog posts. You can choose the platforms you want to link to and take advantage of Jetpack’s site security features as a bonus.

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Consider SEO Optimization Early On

Blogging, by its nature, relies on written content to attract new readers. For you to attract as many readers as possible to your WordPress site, you should think about SEO very early on. Installing a plugin such as Yoast SEO will allow you to manage your content editing and optimization more systematically.

The tool will allow you to monitor your writing’s SEO, enable you to localize content and ensure that your readability is up to SEO standards. Combined with the smart use of the assignment writing services, you will be able to edit and format your content properly to ensure its appeal. Real-time content analysis by Yoast SEO is also available to you during the writing process if you are under word count or other restrictions.

Facilitate Reader Interaction through Comments

Regardless of which topics you cover on your WordPress blog, your visitors will undoubtedly want to pitch in with comments and opinions. You can make good use of user-generated content by installing a comments-centric plugin such as Disqus to enable healthy discussion on your website.

This plugin is easy to set up, and you will quickly enable your readers to talk to one another for the benefit of your site’s SEO. The value of Disqus extends to its anti-spam features, which will allow you to keep your comments section clean from shady links or deliberate spam.

Personalize your Posts through Author’s Boxes

Each blog post on your website should include a small author’s bio section to give your blog a bit of personality. A plugin such as Simple Author Box will do just that and allow you to attach a small headshot and bio to each post. This will not only make your blog more personable but also encourage guest posting and collaboration with other bloggers. Likewise, you can attach social links to the author’s handles in the author’s bio seamlessly, extending the plugin’s functionality to include social sharing.

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Make Good Use of Featured Images

Adding a Featured Image to each blog post on your website will increase its visual appeal. You can use original photos and graphics as featured images or opt for stock photo sites such as Pexels or Unsplash instead. Remember that each image you add to your posts should accurately reflect the article’s content and be of high resolution so that it displays properly.

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Categorize your Blog Posts for Better UX

You can make your WordPress blog’s browsing experience much more enjoyable and legible by introducing Categories. Categories will let you separate different blog posts into their respective categories and enable readers to pick which ones they want at that moment. Adding Categories is very simple and allows you to better organize your blogging and content management in addition to making the site easier to navigate. You can also add descriptors to Categories to clarify what type of content it contains and add a few more keywords for SEO.

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Using WordPress Customization to your Advantage

When it comes to WordPress customization, only the sky is the limit, and you should freely shape your blog to reflect your character and content. You can also engage with professional WordPress support to ensure that your site is fully functional, updated, and free of SEO bottlenecks. Take the tips we’ve discussed into account, and don’t stop customizing your blog until you’re satisfied with how it looks and feels.


Bio: Donald Fomby is a professional copywriter, content creator, and editor working closely with the best dissertation writing services on the web. He is a passionate and dedicated writer who aims to provide his readers with practical, up-to-date tips, trends, and information. Donald spends his free time honing his article and case study writing approach through research and life-long learning.

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