Common WooCommerce Issues & How to Fix Them?

Common WooCommerce Issues & How to Fix Them?

WooCommerce is a powerful, open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Designed for small to large online merchants, it quickly became popular due to its simplicity in installation and customization. When using WooCommerce, your possibilities will be endless. 

Issues with WooCommerce 

As with all WordPress plugins, issues can arise from time to time. This article aims to help with some common WooCommerce issues and how to fix them.

Below are some known errors sometimes associated with WooCommerce:

Why is my WooCommerce Store Slow?

E-commerce stores usually have an extensive database, which slows down performance. Fast loading is essential. For instance, if the website were quick, the company could retain significant sales.

How to Fix the Issue?

A website that loads fast has more page views, and it ensures the clients are engaged. Your conversion rate will also improve. The main issue is not necessarily the web hosting provider

If you have purchased a cheap web hosting plan as you launch your eCommerce store, such an option will suffice. However, with time, you will have to opt for a better choice when there is an increase in traffic. Although the premium versions are expensive, they are worth it, and you will realize that the returns are reasonable compared to when you were using cheap web hosting plans.

Themes & Plugins Conflicts

What are the conflicts associated with plugins and themes? Adding a plugin to your website improves its functionality. Each plugin adds some codes to your website; however, a compatibility issue results in WooCommerce issues.

How to Fix the Issue?

WooCommerce is self-sufficient. As plugins and themes are designed, such factors have been considered. In this case, it is advisable to learn more about the origin of the issue. 

Theme Conflict

theme conflict

Go to the appearance tab, then themes. You will then set and activate the default theme and check again to ensure the problem is not recurring.

If the problem is no longer there, it means the theme was the main issue. You can liaise with the theme provider, and they can help to solve the issue.

Plugin Conflict

If the issue does not disappear, it means that one of the plugins is causing it.

How do you fix the plugin issue?

Go to the plugins and check the installed plugins. You will then deactivate all the plugins that are not present in the WooCommerce extension.

fix plugin issue

If the issue disappears, it means one of the plugins caused it. You will have to research to determine which specific plugin is the culprit. Activate the plugins one by one, and at the end of it all, you will come across the plugin that caused this issue. You will then get rid of the plugin. There are instances where you may need to be using an updated plugin.

Cache Issues

A cache is a software or hardware component that stores data in a manner that will be used later upon request. The cache ensures that websites can load faster. 

As explained above, the cache is helpful. The question that now arises is how the cache affects the speed of your website.

The cache can be stored locally on the user’s browser. If there are no login pages in the cache system, the reset password process page for clients won’t load. Users cannot reset their passwords, so they will encounter requests that showcase login errors. The caching plugin ensures that your website’s loading speed has improved. Your WooCommerce store will experience significant issues if it is not set correctly.

How to Fix the Issue?

Similar issues occur as you make significant changes to your website, and you may need to remember to clear the cache. Before you can set up your WooCommerce store again, you should try out the WordPress caching plugins.

Download the Missing Links from the Completed Order Emails

You should send a link to users using their email after their digital purchase is complete. Sometimes, the download links will be redirected and not reach the intended recipient.

Such issues won’t settle well with your client base, affecting customer satisfaction and purchase rate. If you are selling digital products, you must solve this issue first; these issues mainly arise because the SQL table may be missing.

After fixing some SQL tables in your database and activating WooCommerce, you will notice that some issues arise when the prefix is 64 characters or longer. It would help if you looked at the maximum length of each identifier.

How to Fix the Issue?

The only solution to this problem is to change the name of the SQL log table. You can perform this task with the help of a plugin. 

  • You can use tools such as phpMyAdmin to manually reduce and rename the prefix.
  • The value of the prefix should be upgraded in wp-config.php. WooCommerce should be deactivated and reactivated. 

WooCommerce will generate the missing SQL tables.

Email Notification Errors

Such issues usually occur after a client has completed their purchase. At times, even the store administrators typically don’t receive the email notifications.

The clients expect some emails regarding the tracking and confirmation orders. In case of a refund or an exchange, the clients will also receive emails. In addition, you are supposed to send emails from your end to ensure you are building trust and ensuring client satisfaction.

How to Fix the Issue?

Adhere to the following tips:

Check the Email Setup

As you navigate through the email settings, you should check these two options:

  • Email sender options
  • Individual notification emails

Check Whether the Emails are Going to the Spam Folder

Your emails may end up in the spam folder. The hosting provider can assist in such instances, so it is advisable to approach them if you are experiencing such issues.

Image Size Compatibility

For your WooCommerce store to succeed, you should ensure that the images present are of high quality. The quality of the images matters if you are showcasing galleries to your prospective clients. People can only purchase products that they have seen. The main disadvantage of an eCommerce store is that clients need help seeing your products. The only thing they can check is the present images. 

Whether the explanation issue is sufficient, essential factors include building trust and ensuring customer satisfaction.

How to Fix the Blurry Images Issue

  • Download images that are of the correct size. 
  • The images should be appropriately compressed.
  • The WooCommerce should be updated to the latest version.

Checkout Problems

The payment gateway configuration should be checked. There are instances whereby the TLS certificate for the online store has not been configured well. Your site cannot also work without the TLS or SSL certificate. Ensure that you have gotten each one of these certificates. 

How to Fix the Issue?

HTTPS Error Pages

This error appears when the SSL certificate has an issue. The hosting provider can help to solve the problem.

The Non-Secure Links Should be Identified

none secure web links

There are instances when you get non-secure content warnings when you link directly to a stylesheet or an image instead of HTTPS or HTTP.

Session Conflicting on Numerous Sites on a Similar Domain

The conflicting issue arises when many websites are being hosted on one domain.

How to Fix the Issue?

Add the following code to the wp-config.php file.

if ( ! session_id() ) {

 session_name( ‘PHPSESSID_1’ );


Configuration Issues

When the WooCommerce store fails to receive a response from a server, it will showcase an error. Such issues also arise because of the internal server.

404 Server Error

404 server error

                                                      Images Source:

This error appears for broken or unreal links. The permalink settings should be edited to solve the issue.

How to Fix the Issue

Log in to the admin dashboard.

Go to settings, then permalinks. You will check the post name and save the changes. Your search engine indexing will then snap, and the external links from your website will be deleted. To fix this issue further, you can set up 301 redirects, which can be done using the 301 redirects plugin.

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