Why You Should Choose WordPress for Your Website Design

The dream of creating a website on your own may be exciting and frightening but also thoroughly stressful. If you have been researching on your own, you might have become overwhelmed with the knowledge that there is no lack of website design and creation platforms to review.

And while you might have realized that one platform won’t fit all the needs – you should know that there is one website creation platform that stands out from the crowd.

You may have already heard of it – yes, that’s right – we are talking about WordPress. Choosing a professional web design agency, buying hosting, and using WordPress instead of website builders is the ultimate way.

WordPress powers over 455 million websites globally. Here are five excellent benefits of using WordPress for your website design:

WordPress is Free

The primary benefit of using WordPress is that it is free! is an open-source and free website-building platform developed in cooperation with volunteers. The term “open-source” means that the code is available to the general public and can be modified and shared with anyone.

You only pay for hosting and can also benefit from the optional premium themes, plug-ins, and extended features. The WordPress software works on pretty much any web host across the web. It is highly customizable – but as mentioned before – you are still required to manage your hosting.

WordPress is Expandable

The WordPress archive has so many amazing plug-ins. You might think of plug-ins as extensions – you can add to your WordPress website for additional capabilities. While using to download the software, will help you build your website and use plug-ins.

Speaking of, they offer a host that gets you set up with WordPress. However, it is essential to mention that you only get a limited version of WordPress on their servers, which is why you need to upgrade to a higher package to get the full version.

So, your best bet is to set up WordPress on third-party hosting or opt for an agency that offers a WordPress web design package.

WordPress is SEO-Friendly

The free plug-ins of WordPress, such as Yoast, provide web creators with the tools and guidance to properly format their website’s SEO. This aspect makes WordPress immensely popular in the marketing sphere.

If you are new to WordPress, you should know that WordPress alone isn’t going to help your website rank on Google – after all, WordPress is just a tool. But the good part is that WordPress simplifies implementing the best search engine optimization practices.

So, even as a beginner, you can easily use WordPress to optimize your website for higher Google rankings. 

WordPress is perfect for Content Management.

WordPress is an efficient content management system – in case you didn’t know – Bloggers created WordPress for bloggers. But, the content management system of WordPress isn’t only for blog posts.

Web creators can also efficiently use WordPress to create, maintain, and market any post or product. But, if you want to run a blog, there is no second choice. WordPress is a much better choice because you don’t need to know much about design to get a different website layout.

WordPress Makes You Own Your Website

Owning your website may sound like it is already given to you when you start working on it. However, the truth is that many website-building platforms don’t allow you to transfer your website assets and code outside their environment.

As we mentioned before – WordPress is an open source – all websites, files, and code belong to the site owner. In other words, by using WordPress, you are the sole owner of your website assets and code and can do as you wish with them.

For instance, if you decide to work with a developer, you can grant them access to the files and remove any web development delimitations that are often an essential part of other website-building platforms.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have covered five crucial benefits of using WordPress to design and create your website – the truth is that we have only scratched the surface of the potential of WordPress and what it can do for your website. So, start your fantastic journey with WordPress today and get to know more along the way.

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