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Protect your Website from Data Loss with WordPress Offsite Backups

Article read time - 2 minutes

Having solid backup strategy for your WordPress website is vital to maintaining its security and continuity. Data loss, hardware breakdown…

7 On-page WordPress SEO Tips

Article read time - 4 minutes

Your website is a valuable asset to gather visitors and raise awareness of your brand. No matter what your website…

Regular WordPress Maintenance: what it means and why you need it?

Article read time - 3 minutes

Brush your teeth and floss. We’re told to do this twice a day to maintain optimum gum health and prevent…

5 ways to generate traffic to a new WordPress website

Article read time - 3 minutes

As of 2014, tens of thousands of new WordPress websites are created every single day. As the CMS platform makes it simple for…

5 steps to optimize images in WordPress

Article read time - 3 minutes

Visuals are a vital part of grabbing a visitor’s attention, breaking up long pieces of content, and increasing the likelihood…

Why you should move your WordPress site to HTTPS

Article read time - 2 minutes

In today’s digital age, sharing our personal information with different websites is the norm. Whether it’s making a purchase or…

Is your WordPress site loading speed slow?

Article read time - 3 minutes

How to speed it up and why it matters How often have you visited a slow website and given up…

Is your WordPress website safe from security vulnerabilities?

Article read time - 3 minutes

Due to the popularity of WordPress as the preferred content management system of around 26% of the world’s websites, hackers…

6 reasons why your business needs an on-going WordPress maintenance and support plan

Article read time - 3 minutes

Your website is often your customer’s first port of call when interacting with your organisation and is an essential part…

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