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WordPress SEO tactics that really work

Article read time - 5 minutes

As a website owner, you are (no doubt) always looking to increase traffic and revenue to your site. Becoming familiar…

4 common password theft attacks and how to protect yourself

Article read time - 3 minutes

Hacking has become commonplace in the modern world. Hackers make a living from stealing information from unsuspecting people. Most people…

6 steps to stop WordPress plugins from breaking your website

Article read time - 3 minutes

One of the reasons that WordPress is so popular is due to its flexibility and scalability through plugins. As a…

4 reasons to offer outsourced WordPress maintenance services to your clients

Article read time - 3 minutes

If you are a creative freelancer or marketing agency, you may have considered diversifying your portfolio through outsourcing. Offering more…

Increase Your Business Revenue by Upgrading Your Website to WordPress

Article read time - 6 minutes

The global internet is full of similar looking websites. Such websites confuse users. As a result, companies suffer a lot…

Animation Explainers Case Study

Article read time - 3 minutes

WP Tech Support has one sole aim. To support your business. First and foremost, that means providing expert support for…

WordPress Website hacked: the prevention and cure

Article read time - 3 minutes

WordPress website hacked. You see it all the time in the press. And if you are one of the millions…

Choosing the Best WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

Article read time - 6 minutes

More and more businesses are seeking professional support for their WordPress websites. This can come in the form of a…

Top 5 Business WordPress Plugins in 2019

Article read time - 3 minutes

Plugins are a simple way to add more power and versatility to your business website. It opens up many new…

Expectations for the WordPress 5.3 release

Article read time - 2 minutes

What are we likely to see when the WordPress 5.3 release becomes a reality? On the 7th May 2019, the…

4 reasons WordPress for ecommerce is the way forward

Article read time - 3 minutes

Are you starting an online store? Have you considered the benefits of WordPress for ecommerce? While there are several platforms…

WP Tech Support website relaunch to reflect rapid growth

Article read time - 2 minutes

WP Tech Support are thrilled to announce the launch of a refreshed and updated version of the wp-techsupport.com website earlier…

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