Best WordPress Themes For Your Website With Ads

Best WordPress Themes For Your Website With Ads

In 2022, WordPress is not just a website builder or a content management system. It has become a career for many sharp minds who earn a six-figure amount from a wisely monetized WordPress site. If you want to join them, your WordPress site must be monetized. 

To monetize your WordPress site, you must focus on display advertising. You need a WordPress theme that can provide ideal advertising space. If you’re confused about which WordPress theme you should choose for your business, this article is mainly for you: 

WordPress Themes That Offer An Ideal Advertising Space

JNews – For Magazine Site & Blogging Site

If you want to build a WordPress site for your magazine or blogging site that offers at least 30 advertising spaces, multiple social sharing buttons, and a paywall system, JNews is the best option. 

What’s a Paywall? 

When the paywall is activated on your site, the website’s content is accessible by permitted users. The allowed users are monthly subscribers who have paid monthly membership premiums. 

Wise Mag – For Affiliate Marketers 

The Wise Mag is the best theme for an affiliate marketer intending to earn more profits. This professional WordPress theme allows you to add auto-affiliate disclaimers to your posts and pages. Besides, this theme will enable you to enjoy many features and customization options. Since this theme is a one-stop solution for all your WordPress Site Monetization Needs, it’s evident that it is expensive. I must say, the money spent will prove to be an asset. 

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Avada – For Influencers

When aesthetics matter the most, Avada is what you must look for. The drag-and-drop interface facilitates designing your website as you want. The best thing is that no coding is needed. Good knowledge of design and colors is all you need to have. This theme allows you to use various pre-built demos to help you share online videos, blog posts, and more. These kinds of WordPress websites are most familiar with experiencing ad publishing requests.

Divi Theme – For B2B Marketers

When we talk about Divi, we are talking about a WordPress theme that allows you to use 800+ pre-designed demos. This theme also allows you to build a homepage of your choice, all thanks to its drag-and-drop interface. This builder has approximately 40 modules incorporating features like Call-To-Actions (CTAs), Forms & Testimonials.

This theme supports monetization as there is a space below the blog post content. Divi also allows you to customize ad placement. You can either place it above or below the blog post. 

Grimag – For Writers & Bloggers

If you are too lazy to think of monetization ideas and want everything ready on the platter, Grimag is your ideal theme. It is the personal favorite of writers, bloggers, and SEO executives. The careful incorporation of advertising space is what makes this theme different. The allocated ad space will not hinder the SEO efforts. You wouldn’t face any falls when driving traffic and yielding profits. The main reason behind the popularity of this theme is, ‘The Ads will never look like a misfit.’ 

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True Mag – For Building Social Community 

True Mag is one of the most beautiful and responsive themes for Ad-Sense. This theme allows you to access the following: 

  • Multiple Homepage Demos 
  • Multiple Slider Styles
  • Video Ad Responsive Plugin 
  • Wide & Boxed Layouts  

One of the best things every SEO executive loves about this theme is – ‘You can turn your site into an eCommerce store anytime.’. Your followers can view post uploads and rate them. This site is quintessentially helpful for creating a social community. Also, the site’s content can be translated into multiple languages to reach an international audience. This theme is indeed ‘True Magic.’ But you can’t unlock its magic until you leverage it with SEO efforts. Don’t worry; Kinex Media can help you bring out the best results from your WordPress theme. 

SuperAds – For Creating Review Websites

This WordPress theme is appropriately optimized for Adsense. SuperAds traditionally displays your content, but the eventual look always looks elegant. Because of its flawless responsiveness and fast loading, this theme is the first choice for people to build review websites and blogs containing massive amounts of information and affiliate links. You’ll start making considerable money as soon as the site built on this WordPress theme goes live. You can use the lite version if you find these themes quite heavy. 

The Fox – For Magazine Websites 

This theme is one of the most-wanted themes in contemporary magazines. You can enjoy a huge facility of 16 demo sites. You can add ads – 

a. below or above the header 

b. before each section of your homepage.

 We suggest you use the elementor page builder if you want more ad space. This theme comes with a variety of benefits. One is ‘Widgets that allow you to create responsive banners for ads.’ Who does not like such excellent facilities? 

Seashell – For High Responsiveness

If you want a highly customizable blogging theme, you can’t get anything better than Seashell. It allows you to enjoy responsiveness & social sharing integration. You will enjoy seamless website navigation if you go with the premium theme. This theme also allows you to enjoy a great space for placing ads. This WordPress theme can help you make money by planning a suitable ad space. 

Final Comments!

Everybody wants to make a considerable amount of money by sitting idle. There can’t be any way better than monetizing your WordPress site. You must choose a suitable WordPress theme based on your business’s niche, objectives and goals, and budget. Selecting the appropriate WordPress theme and developing it in the right direction can help you achieve your financial goals. It will never end. To keep gaining financial profits, keep your WordPress site maintained or updated. We’re here to help with WordPress website maintenance to ease your work.

About The Author: Karan Sharma is the co-founder and CEO of Kinex Media Inc. He intends to bring about a massive transformation in eCommerce web design and development. His team of talented IT professionals knows the secret of achieving huge conversions.

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