7 Best Plugins to Automate Your WooCommerce Store

Automation is a blessing! 

Every WooCommerce store owner understands it. WordPress is a platform that lets you be creative. 

But, more than that!

WordPress helps you automate your campaigns and other marketing activities to boost your WooCommerce store’s conversion rates. 

I know many of you are newbies or perhaps the experienced ones willing to elaborate your ideas on plugins to automate your store. 

Let us discuss it here.

How to Choose Plugins to Automate your Store?

As long as you are selling products online, WordPress plugins will help you. You can add functionalities that generally help you boost your revenue. 

Selecting the best plugins to automate your store has been a mystery for many WooCommerce store owners. But, not so tough as you think. It is just a way of sorting out the best plugin from hundreds and thousands of plugins.

A quick tip for those who struggle in choosing plugins to automate their WooCommerce store.

  • Know more about your website/store before you indulge in choosing the right plugins
  • Know the features that are missing from your website. It helps you to select the plugin with that features
  • Clarify whether your WooCommerce theme and the web hosting plan support your decision in choosing the plugins
  • Consider whether you have a budget to be spent on plugins and extra functionalities
  • Whether you have a clear purpose of using the plugin or not

When you focus on this checklist, you would probably land in the right plugin that satisfies your requirement and boost your store’s revenue. 

7 Best Plugins to Automate your WooCommerce Store

WordPress has become a handy solution for many WooCommerce stores, individuals owning a personal blog, and other business sites. Though there are many features present in WordPress, the store’s performance purely depends on the plugins you use.

Unfortunately, many popular plugins fail to work for a few WooCommerce stores. This is because of a lack of research about the store before choosing the plugin. So, after looking at the list of plugins listed here, do not forget to check out the ways to choose the right WooCommerce plugin to automate processes in your store.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

yith woocommerce

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist, a popular automation plugin, helps users create a wishlist of items to purchase without adding anything to the cart or the checkout list. The wishlist of items will become a handy pick during the checkout process or even in their pre-holiday season. 


  • Easy shortcode available to add anywhere in your website
  • Show the “remove from wishlist” button when the product is already on their list
  • And, “add to wishlist” button on the product page
  • Customize the columns, colors, text, and layout
  • Supports product variation in your product page
  • Easy integration with other platforms

Your users can simply add items to their cart without any intention to purchase. This list will be helpful for them to recheck or revisit the products to buy later. The wishlist encourages people to share their lists on social media or email. It also helps spread the word about your store/ product, which boosts your online presence and revenue.

Both free and paid versions are available. Pricing starts from $94.99 for a single site. 

Omnisend For WooCommerce


Omnisend, the best WooCommerce plugin, is an omnichannel marketing automation platform, especially for eCommerce and WooCommerce platforms. It helps you to build a strong connection with your customers. 


  • A single marketing platform to automate
  • Mix multiple channel marketing to increase sales
  • Advanced email marketing tools
  • Automated workflows
  • Customer support – 24/7

Forget about the marketing presence in a single platform. Omnisend allows you to focus on multiple platforms, including email marketing channels, SMS marketing, popup notifications, and Facebook messenger. The plugin also gives you easy access to the popup boxes, signup boxes, and other tools that give you an excellent marketing scheme that reaches multiple network types.



TrustPulse, the great WooCommerce automation plugin, effectively skyrockets your online store with an increased conversion rate. It uses social proof to encourage visitors to engage in social media channels. It acts as leverage and works as a trust builder for customers.


  • Real-time activity check including purchase, signup, and registration 
  • Built-in “on-for-notifications” to leverage ideas
  • Smart targeting feature to post-sales and conversions 
  • Easy setup with flexible integration
  • Detailed analytics report

Trustpulse helps you to showcase the real-time activity in the store. When you get real insights, you can improve your store accordingly. Customers see updates, real-time notifications, and a better understanding of your store and ongoing sales. 



Retainful, one of the best cart recovery plugins, has become a handy solution for many WooCommerce store owners. Being an automated plugin, you can pick the most attractive templates from the pool of templates available. With these customizable templates, you can turn your campaign successful. 


  • Automated cart recovery emails in a scheduled manner
  • Unlimited cart recovery templates
  • Real-time performance tracking
  • Shortcodes for email personalization
  • Flexible integration with multiple ESPs
  • Easy drag and drop email editor

Retainful’s premium features will help you cut down the time for your campaign. Say it has a countdown timer, add-to-cart popup, and exit-intent popups. You can use these features to attract customers and stop them from abandoning their carts. You can also glance at the insightful dashboard that helps you monitor the details related to the campaign. 

Retainful’s pricing starts from $15./month for the starter plan, $39/month for the growth plan, and $159/month for the professional plan.



LiveChat can play an important role in any WooCommerce store. Customers always like to know more about the product or the referral program. They directly wish to contact the person related to the website/store. When you stick to the best LiveChat, you can automate your responses to the customers. 


  • Mobile-responsive with increased accessibility
  • Option to add feedback/survey option at the end of the chats
  • Integrates with different CRM easily
  • Solid user experience with constant floating time
  • Attractive chatboxes that drag customer’s attention 

Though Livechat is not specifically designed for WooCommerce websites alone, the way it boosts the store’s revenue is equal. It helps you to drive real-time sales as it increases the accessibility of the customers. The plugin is always responsible and user-friendly.

Beeketing for WooCommerce


Beeketing for WooCommerce is the next top marketing plugin for WooCommerce. The plugin consists of more than 10 marketing features that are effective for all WooCommerce stores. It includes features for cart abandonment, boosting online sales, and improving your email marketing. 


  • Extensive collection of extensions to choose from
  • Automate product sales, add stock indicators, etc
  • Offer coupon and discount codes in the checkout process
  • Increased cart value with the fantastic cart abandonment feature
  • Options available for Facebook Messenger support, welcome emails, and drip campaigns 

You can also be wowed by the other features, including cross-selling, upselling, email capture, and loyalty programs. Many WooCommerce store owners prefer beeketing in their list. Reason? Instead of linking multi plugins to their website, they wish to pick the all-in-one plugin with multiple features. It is a free plugin. If you want to add extensions, then you can purchase them.



RafflePress, one of the popular add-ons to your store, gives you more benefits when planning to organize a signup program or a referral program. It is a great plugin that helps you to build a customer base. Customers love contests and games in every WooCommerce store. 


  • Create giveaways with its amazing widgets
  • In-built security feature to protect from hackers 
  • Brilliant tracking and retargeting
  • Marketing and CRM integration 
  • Giveaway builder with easy drag and drop editor

RafflePress is one such plugin that helps you gather all important information left by the customers on your WooCommerce store. Running contests and giveaways boosts customer engagement, and thus RafflePress does this for you. You can get RafflePress at $39/month.

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments 

Optimize your bookings and rentals effortlessly with the WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments plugin. Seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce, this top-notch WooCommerce plugin offers versatile booking options, including single and multiple-day bookings, recurring appointments, and more. With easy integration for Elementor page builder users, embedding your booking calendar into any WooCommerce page is a breeze. Elevate your online WooCommerce store with enhanced booking and appointment management capabilities for a seamless customer experience.


  • Send email notifications and reminders and request booking confirmations
  • Seamlessly sync with Google Calendar for efficient management
  • Manage staff effortlessly and set preparation time for smooth operations
  • Support individual or group bookings, partial payments, and recurring bookings
  • Seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce and customize calendar design for a branded experience

Enhance your WooCommerce capabilities with the Bookings & Appointments plugin. Prices start at $99.00 for a Single Site, $149.00 for 5 Sites, and $259.00 for 25 Sites. Choose the ideal plan for your business and streamline booking management effortlessly.


The list may go on when you detail your website and identify its requirements. No WooCommerce store can sell goods to your customers immediately. Thanks to digital innovations and other social media platforms. It helps you make a way to reach your customers personally and trigger them to buy your products. 

In this phase, the plugin also plays a prominent role. When you pick the right WooCommerce plugin to automate your store, get ready to experience increased conversion rates.

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