Benefits of Click-to-Call Widget for WordPress

Benefits of Click-to-Call Widget for WordPress

As a business person, you know the importance of a soothing customer experience, especially in this competitive market. Customers always lean towards business with proper customer care and on-point business communications. 

Audiences and customers always seek the easiest way to reach your business, free of cost. So, how do you live up to your customer’s expectations?

You should use a Click-to-Call Widget to solve your problems. Need help figuring out what it is and how it can benefit your business? No worries. This article will uncover everything you need to know. 

Let us begin with the very basics.

What is a click-to-call widget?

As the name suggests, the Click-To-Call widget is an interactive click-to-call button that initiates phone calls directly through a browser using (VoIP) Voice over Internet Protocol technology in real-time. 

Click-to-call widgets facilitate internet calling and allow you to request callbacks from hosts by leaving your phone numbers. Hence, they are known by various names, such as click-to-talk, click-to-text, click-to-dial widgets, etc.

What is a click-to-call widget

You might have noticed phone icons and call buttons that say ‘call us,’ ‘click-to-talk,’ etc., on various web pages, emails, map listings, advertisements, and other such items. These are all forms of click-to-call widgets. 

How does the click-to-call widget work?

As a customer or an audience member, you may visit a webpage, receive an advert, or email with click-to-call buttons, and have you ever wondered how they work? 

If you have, then you have a treat on your way. Let us understand the working mechanism of a click-to-call widget from a website owner’s perspective, which is self-explanatory to the customer or audience’s POV. 

Most cloud service providers have a built-in feature within their system that allows businesses to create customized click-to-call widgets and place them on their websites. 

You can implement a click-to-call widget on your live channels once you integrate virtual phone numbers and other cloud services in your business communications. 

How does the click-to-call widget work

You follow a few steps to get a virtual phone number, place it on the website, and customize the widget to lure audiences to click on it and reach your sales or customer support department. You can set it wherever you see fit on your website. 

Anyone clicking the call now button can make an outbound call or request an automated callback from your business. In later sections, we will learn how to install a click-to-call widget on your WordPress site. 

Type of Click-to-Call

In this section, we shall explore the types of click-to-call widgets based on their functionality and features. 

1. CRM click-to-call

One of the click-to-call widget’s best attributes is that you can seamlessly integrate it with a CRM’s knowledge base, depending on the service provider’s integration and compatibility. 

CRM system facilitates one-click-call on the business side. A single click will launch an outbound call and display a customer’s complete contextual records. 

CRM click-to-call

It is an absolute game-changer in the sales processes and customer service departments. Accessing a complete customer history, preferences, queries, and a customized note to tackle them on a live call will boost employee productivity and elevate the customer experience. 

2. App or browser calling

Browser or app calling is the most common form of click-to-call widget usage. As explained earlier, a click-to-call link on your website or application allows a user to call you directly through the app or browser over VoIP. So no matter if you are making calls abroad or inside the country, you don’t have to dial all the numbers. Hence, there will be fewer chances of dialing the wrong number.

App or browser calling  

Potential clients who visit or stumble upon your website by chance can use this click-to-call link to contact your team and investigate more about your brand, products, and services. 

3. Request a callback

Only some people who stumble across your click-to-call button will want to spend their money calling you unless necessary. So, as an alternative to App or browser outbound calling, why not offer your audiences the “Request a callback” option?

A CTA button allows a user to request a callback by providing a phone number. This approach is beneficial to businesses, too, because it allows you to collect enough information on the requester to set up a personalized call, increasing the chances of lead conversation rates. 

Above are the three forms and implementation of the Click-to-Call Widget. You can incorporate all kinds into your website. Now, let us hop to the benefits of using these call widgets. 

Benefits of Click-to-Call Widgets: Why should you use them?

We have uncovered the fundamentals of click-to-call widgets so far. Let us go through the benefits of adding a call widget to your website.

Benefits of Click-to-Call Widgets

1. It makes it easy for your web visitors to contact you

Deploying click-to-dial widgets in your websites, emails, adverts, etc., opens up a portal that allows a website visitor to click and connect with you. They do not have to go through the troubles of searching and dialing your business phone numbers. 

All they need to do is a single click. Any audience that tries to reach your business team can do so effortlessly, which increases the chances of customer conversation rates and the exceptional customer experience.

2. Helps to gather customer data

When interested audiences leave their phone numbers requesting callbacks, you could also use that information to explore other details. For instance, you can know which website they recently visited, their preferences, etc. 

Helps to gather customer data

It allows you to personalize your communications while calling them back. It leaves a remarkable impression on them. 

3. It helps to increase your sales, conversions, and revenue

When incorporated with the (CRM) Customer Relationship Management System, the click-to-call widget offers a highly automated platform that streamlines customer communications. 

It offers your sales reps or agents complete customer information for quick lead response time, personalized communication, and preformatted answers to impress them. 

Customer satisfaction grows employee productivity, increases sales, leads conversions, and, finally, business revenue. 

4. Provides satisfying customer experience

Click-to-call delivers customer satisfaction from both ends – business and customer. Customers can effortlessly call or request callbacks from businesses. 

They don’t need to hustle for business phone numbers like before. At the same time, callback requests save them money and get their queries answered in detail.

Provides satisfying customer experience

The other aspect is that businesses can instantly establish customer-based personalized communications in response to callback requests. This generates a positive vibe between the parties, elevating the user experience to a new level.

5. Easy to add on websites and customize it

Adding call widgets to websites is as simple as 123. You get well-designed and highly customizable widget presets you can select within a few clicks. All you need to do is place a destination number and customize it to match your website or business theme. 

In the later sections, we will learn to add a click-to-call widget on your website. 

6. Boosts your marketing efforts

You can add numerous or the same phone numbers in your marketing campaigns. For instance, you could place your call widgets on emails, web pages, Google AdWords, etc., prompting audiences with a CTA and see which ones generate more inbound calls to perform the best for your business marketing. 

Boosts your marketing efforts

You can easily find the better performers, invest in them, and eliminate the non-performing ones to save time and effort. The other good part is that you get to explore and test out all your available spots. 

7. It gives your business a more professional look

Call widgets add more value to your business website’s authenticity and professionalism. Audiences and customers like an easy and secure way to connect with businesses, which is possible through click-to-call widgets. 

A business phone system that offers one-click calls positively impacts audiences, alluring them to join your business sooner or later.

How do you install a click-to-call widget on your website?

Finally, we are here. As mentioned earlier, in this section, we shall learn to install a click-to-call widget on your WordPress site (website). 

First, you need to decide which click-to-call plugin you want to use. Then, conduct some research and review it to see if it fulfills your requirements. Once you have finalized the widget, it’s time to implement it from your WordPress admin panel.

  1. Log into your WP admin panel and look for the plugin in the left-hand column below the dashboard. 
  2. Click on ‘Plugins,’ which opens a new window showing all plugins you have used. On the top, you will notice an “Add New” button; click on that button.
  3. You will be taken to a new page displaying all the plugins that WordPress offers. You can easily search the plugin in the ‘Search plugins’ bar by entering its name or related keyword.
  4. Once the search result shows the intended plugin, click the “Install Now” button beside its name. It takes some time to install; click the “Activate” button after it is installed.
  5. After a short prompt agreement, the plugin’s menu opens like a page builder. It provides a default button, which you can customize according to your needs. You can also create sub buttons for various links, such as Facebook, WhatsApp messages, email, and more. 

You can experiment and play with color themes, placements, and orientations. The most critical aspect is placing valid phone numbers and destination addresses for the buttons. 

You can manually add call-to-click buttons simply by using the WordPress editor’s button options, too. Some cloud service providers have their click-to-call widget builder that allows you to build custom call buttons. 

You should generate a widget code, copy it, and paste it into your target page’s backend codes. 

The video below teaches two ways to deploy call widgets on your WordPress site. 

YT Link: 

Plugins are the simplest and easiest way to set up click-to-call widgets, but they might use up your website resources. 

Wrapping Up

Assemble a complete business phone system that streamlines your business communication and, more importantly, elevates your customer experience. Call tracking, forwarding, call scheduling, etc., aren’t the only aspects you should consider—a click–to–call Widget is equally essential. 


1. What is a click-to-call button?

A click-to-call button is an additional webpage element that allows visitors to make direct phone calls to the business teams without manually dialing their phone numbers. It may also offer visitors other options like requesting callbacks, chatting in WhatsApp, and other forms of communication.

2. What is a call widget?

A call widget is a shortcut icon that allows smartphone users to call someone they often talk to with a single click or tap.

3. Why is a click call necessary?

Click call saves time and makes customer communication effortless and smooth. Potential customers and audiences do not have to search and dial business phone numbers to talk to customer service representatives. Just a click is enough. From a business POV (e.g., in a call center), Click-to-call integrated with CRM systems automates and streamlines all business calls. 

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