Benefits of Accepting Bitcoin

In the modern-day world, no one will be a stranger to the term, “cryptocurrency”. As the online market gains more value becoming increasingly popular, Bitcoin is becoming a household name. But, for those who are still unsure of the decentralised currency, take note of the businesses across the world who are already accepting Bitcoin as a valid form of payment.

From tech giants at Microsoft, to the eco-friendly enthusiasts at Lush Cosmetics, the leading giants are at the heart of Bitcoin, capitalising on revenue and drawing in more traffic than ever before. Through online eCommerce sites or point of sale, here are some of the reasons why you and your business should consider accepting Bitcoin.

A modern world, a modern currency

Paying for your products has now become more accessible than ever. With most customers having the ability to store all their information in their phones, digital services are the new way of banking, eliminating card theft, fraud, and data protection concerns. With Bitcoin, there is no personal identity attached to that form of value and there is no way that personal information can be intercepted.

Adopting Bitcoin payments will not only modernise your business, but you will be attracting a whole new generation of buyers who are already ahead of the times. Consumers are always on the lookout for the next big thing and by adding Bitcoin you can give them just that. Early adoption of Bitcoin allows you to stay modern and current.

Maximising sales for your business

Maximising the potential of your business is the key focus for any owner and by offering additional payment methods, you are providing customers with a choice. By including more revenue streams, you maximise the revenue generated.

Lower transaction fees and no chargebacks

Every penny counts when it comes to business. Whether your business is a global name or a family-run business selling jam from your kitchen, it all counts. The cost of transaction fees for accepting Bitcoin are significantly lower than those charged for credit or debit card purchases, and therefore, many smaller merchants are seeing the advantages of Bitcoin payments.

Chargebacks can be detrimental to any business, causing unwanted disputes and costing your business time and money. Bitcoin eliminates chargebacks, proving another way that transacting in the digital currency can save merchants money.

Take your business international

Merchants can accept Bitcoin from anywhere in the world at a much quicker rate. It’s faster, cheaper and allows companies to globalise their business more easily. For far reach customers, it can be hard to pay for goods and services easily through standard banking, so providing your customers with a simple method of payment eliminates the potential of losing sales.

Ready to get started?

For WordPress sites running on WooCommerce, we have a simple plugin available which comes with a handy integration guide.

So, if you are ready to join the Bitcoin go-getters and want to start maximising your sales, sign up for a merchant account with CoinCorner and start accepting Bitcoin with CoinCorner Checkout today!

Thanks to Alexandra Domingo, Business Development Manager at CoinCorner for sharing her insights.

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