Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners

In this article we take a look at steps to improve your websites search visibility by applying WordPress SEO best practice on your site to achieve optimal results and make your website more productive and help in its growth.

What crosses your mind when you hear SEO?

It is a technique used by most organizations while creating a website to get more traffic by ranking their websites in the top results of the various search engines. They make their content easily comprehensible and well structured.

SEO is not about fooling the Google by placing the website in the top results, but you can achieve it by making a website that has your code formatted and optimized in the best way so that when someone searches for a particular article which matches you search-engine-optimized website, it ranks in the top of the results. Therefore increasing your usual website traffic and helping your content reach a greater group of people.

One of the biggest sources of traffic for most websites is search engines. Most search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines use advanced algorithms to comprehend and rank websites in the correct order so that it helps users to find quality content. However, these algorithms may not be impeccable yet it needs your help to understand your content so search engine optimization plays a big role in doing so.

If your content is not well optimized it will not rank in the top of search results of the search engines and when someone searches for something similar to your website your results will appear lower in rank. Thus you’ll miss out on the traffic. So it is of utmost importance to create the content of your website user friendly so it maximizes the search results. Safari SEO Manchester suggests that content is the most important pillar in the four pillar approach to SEO. Without keyword planning and effective content strategy execution, the quantity and quality of backlinks coming to a web page will not have a substantial impact.

Step by Step WordPress SEO Guide

inbound marketing wordpress

Inbound Marketing helps us to utilize many factors such as content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and social media marketing to create awareness of your business and helps you to grow your website by increasing traffic.

The strategy I’ll be discussing here is offering top quality content, which is an easy way to build an inbound marketing strategy for your customers. Creating blog posts will help you to drive your traffic to your website and helps to throw light on the products and services of your business organization.

If the content of your blog is well written and informative it gives a chance to add value to your reader’s experience in regard to sharing posts or accessing useful information. Always give something for free because that will bind your customers to your website. You can offer an educational flipbook to show the customer you care about them.

Optimization of WordPress comments

Comments tell a lot about the interactions between the user and the website. Engaged users often link back to your website time after time, thus making more traffic and optimized Search Engine Optimization.

Always make sure that the comments you have are real and not spam. A spammer will always try to post bad links which will affect the overall position of your website during search rankings. I recommend you to start using Akismet, it comes pre-installed with almost all WordPress site and helps you fight spammers.

If your blog attracts genuine comments about your business then you are doing a good job maintaining your website.

If there are too many comments on your blog, it may load slower which also changes your search engine rankings. So when you are building a website make sure it can handle a lot of comments when putting on your server, because the loafing time may get slower. The best way to combat it by splitting the comments into different pages.

Email Marketing Companies

Email Marketing

HubSpot is not only free and reliable, it contains a feature-packed tool for email marketing companies. It comes inbuilt in the free WordPress plugin. With this marketing tool, you can create professional emails for marketing your product and help you to build your audience at a wide scale with drag and drop email builder.

Since it’s directly connected with HubSpot CRM, you can easily make emails based on the information you receive from the form submissions and activities from the website. So both of them work hand in hand to create a good Search Engine Optimized blog.

You can create beautiful emails from scratch by using this editor by personalizing subject lines, content, links, and attachments. You can also optimize your emails by applying

A/B tests and analytics. You can send up to 2000 emails per month for free and you can upgrade this with Marketing Hub Starter which starts at $50.

Optimization of individual posts of your blog

You need to pay attention to several things when you create a post or edit it so that it is SEO friendly. The elements that make a difference which you need to include in your blog is your blog title, subheadings, and the meta description.

These factors reflect on what your post is about and encourage the audience to read it. SEO friendly not only helps search engines to comprehend the topic of the page but also gives the audience visiting the page a brief understanding of the content. Meta headings and titles play a deciding role for the audience to view your post at first glance.

Application of CRM on WordPress

crm on wordpress

CRM Strategy is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management are plugins which are designed to guide you in balancing the needs of your customers now, before, and days to come.

CRM’s help you to manage all the new contacts it gets from the traffic in your WordPress. You will not only miss out on great deals but also lose on new customers if you don’t have CRM in your WordPress.

They give you the ability to track the interactions made by the customer with your website and helps you store all the information in a compact and organized manner. They can automate parts of your marketing, sales, and customer service processes. Since they are a lot of CRM’s to choose from, I’ll throw light on a CRM which will help your WordPress in a great way.

HubSpot’s WordPress CRM plugin is a brilliant solution for managing things that are related to customers. It helps you to track all the interactions made by customers with your website from pages they visit to live chat conversations.

Everything gets synced to robust customer profiles present in HubSpot CRM. It also has a meeting calendar link which helps to fix an agreeable date and time between the customer and the business firm. It’s free of cost and you can get started with it whenever you want by installing HubSpot’s plugin to your WordPress.

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