Astra vs Ultra WordPress Theme Review 2023

Astra vs Ultra WordPress Theme Review 2023

The two topics I am comparing today are exciting. On the one hand, a theme that emphasizes its design, and on the other, its speed.

No doubt, this will be an interesting comparison. So let’s start in order.

Features of Astra

What is Astra?

Astra WordPress is one of the world’s most popular, if not the most, WordPress themes.

Extreme competition creates little space to break through as the best. Find out if Astra successfully fights with others below.

Astra’s competition is OceanWP, Hugo, and others.

Astra: Design

Find out below if Astra is a good design theme.

Initially, we should mention the sticky header, a handy option.

Astra vs Ultra

A sticky header allows very fast access to pages. It keeps nonstop on top, a feature of the sticky header.

You can create your template pages using the tools available in the mega menu option.

Astra vs Ultra WordPress

You can edit your brand by setting whatever color you want. In the Pro version, you can also change the typography.

Astra can significantly change the site’s look. So, I will now tell you the options only available in the Pro version.

Typography is an effective option for every WordPress theme. Here’s how the Astra turned out.

Everyone knows that feeling when you want to highlight the first blog post on your page or, say, the most popular blog post on your page; all this is possible with the help of Astra. In the pro version, this is precisely what is available to highlight the first blog post on your list.

In addition to all these options, you have post pagination, blog structure control, recent posts, and so on.

You can adjust the left header of the logo and then the proper header and edit everything to suit you. You can arrange the titles to see how they appear on your mobile phone.

Astra vs Ultra WordPress

Buttons that have round or sharp edges are also available however you choose, and so on.

So, step by step, we came to integration. The Astra offers four main integration options, two of which are in the pro version. LMS Lifter and LearnDash Astra are very easy to integrate with so that you can build your course page.

Custom Layout features are only available in the pro version of the Astra. You can customize the header to your liking and use it on all pages or individual ones.

Astra: Speed and Performance

The Astra boasts that it requires less than 50kb of resources to load. And so, compare yourself with other WordPress themes with about 100kb of resources.

Astra vs Ultra WordPress

Another important feature is that Astra uses self-hosted Google fonts. The result is that the fonts will be loaded quickly.

Astra: WooCommerce and Support

An excellent option for WooComerce is a quick look, which means you can ensure that your site visitors can see specific details about something without clicking on it.

Astra vs Ultra WordPress

“Falling cart” means that people on your site can see what they put in the cart without clicking.

All of these WooCommerce-related options are available in the pro version of Astra.

There are also detailed articles that are often updated. So now, if you are one of the few to whom something is unclear, you can ask them.

Astra vs Ultra WordPress

They offer three types of help. First, you can contact their team working 24/7 if types of use.

Features of Ultra

What is Ultra?

Themify Ultra is a powerful WordPress theme created by Themify.

With the help of this theme, you can quickly and easily create your website according to your wishes.

Competition for Ultra is Float, Clipper, and others.

Ultra: Design

Ultra comes with pre-built skins for your website, saving time for its clients. The picture below shows examples of what it can look like. It has been announced that many more new skins will be available.

Astra vs Ultra WordPress

Ultra has thought so much about its future customers that it has prepared over 60 pre-designed layouts.

You can also create unlimited layouts using drag and drop builder, various slider options, animations, video backgrounds, and so on.

Astra vs Ultra WordPress

You can have complete control over the design from header to footer. In addition, you can organize the main page and other pages so that each page looks the same.

You can choose from 17 header styles.

As for the single post layout, you have the standard format plus four unique designs. There are also six styles of background headers where you can put a monochrome image or, say, a video.

Astra vs Ultra WordPress

You have the option to apply different filters to the images.

If you want to sell something, you can create your page with the help of WooCommerce integration.

Ultra: Speed and Performance

In terms of Performance, Ultra is not the fastest WordPress theme, but it’s not the slowest either.

In addition to all the available features and unique functions, the speed is excellent. If you are unsatisfied with the loading speed, you can increase it manually.

For example, it will use plugins such as WP Rocket and Cach plugin.

Astra vs. Ultra Comparison

Let’s compare these two topics in the three most important categories.

Astra vs Ultra: Design

The first category is design. Both themes are excellent here, but you have whatever options you want.

But it should be said that Astra is at a certain level compared to Ultra. The design, however, works in Astra’s favor.

Astra vs Ultra-Won: Astra

Astra vs Ultra: Speed and Performance

Should this category be done at all?

We all already know the speed of the Astra. As you expected, Astra wins here very quickly. Astra vs Ultra-Won: Astra

Astra vs Ultra: Price

There is an Astra-free theme, which is excellent news for people who want to save money. But, of course, there is always a but. This version is quite limited, especially compared with the cheapest paid version, Astra Pro. But as I like to say, “How much money is so much music?”

Okay, let’s get to the paid versions of the Astra now. Three versions are available. The first version is the Astra Pro. As you can see in the blog, this version offers many options. The average price is $59, but currently, the package is on sale for as little as $49.

Now, we move on to the second package, the Essential Bundle. Again, the average price of the box is $276, while this package has also been reduced to $169, so you can save $107, which is not much in real terms.

And in the end, we came to the last version, which is both the best and the most expensive. Its name is Growth Bundle. This is an excellent theme, and you have unlocked all the possibilities. Its price is $523 but is now on sale, so it is $249, a discount of over 50 percent.

Ultra Price

The first and cheapest package is called Single Themes. The price of this package is 59$.

The second package on the list is the Master Club, the most popular. One for its features and one for its $89 price.

Astra vs Ultra WordPress

In the end, we come to the third package, the last one on the list. This package is called Lifetime Club, and the price is $249.

Astra vs Ultra-Won: Tied


At the very end comes the conclusion. In my opinion, Astra is one class better than Ultra.

The only place Ultra can complete with Astra is that it can be purchased with a package of up to 42 themes.

Astra wins in other categories.

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