9 Best WordPress Plugins for 2021

Every business needs a website to interact with users. Your customers deserve the ability to navigate what you do, how you do it, what you sell, and what value you offer. WordPress is the best platform to create a website, and a lot of businesses believe in it. Every 17 seconds, a post is published on WordPress by users. To make your website customizable and flexible, you need the best WordPress plugins.

Apart from offering us thousands of pre-designed themes, we have the power to customize and improve the features of our website through WordPress plugins. 

These plugins are nothing but simple or complex apps that work with WordPress. There are over 58,000 such plugins

To optimize for search engines, keep spammers at bay, and improve your website’s features, you need these plugins. So, here’s an exhaustive list of the 9 best WordPress plugins for 2021. 

9 Best WordPress Plugins

Every business has varying requirements. Keeping in mind these changing and dynamic needs of enterprises, here are the 9 must-have WordPress plugins. 

1. RegistrationMagic

registration magic plugin

The RegistrationMagic plugin is a robust WordPress form builder with multiple features. You can create unlimited WordPress registration forms, customize its fields, change the content, and fully configure it. You also have the power to analyze these WordPress forms and control their features, such as one-time login, deactivation, etc. 


  • The WordPress registration plugin helps you glance at important numbers, such as click-through and open rates.
  • You can analyze and track your forms based on browser data, conversion rate, location, filling time, etc.
  • The admin of this WordPress user registration plugin can control automation, user deactivation, and logins. 
  • It is also possible to customize your WordPress user registration by creating login forms, using MagicPopUp, and using a submission tracker. 
  • This WordPress registration plugin is built on CSS3, making it responsive and accessible across all screen sizes. 

2. ProfileGrid


ProfileGrid is another valuable WordPress e-commerce website plugin, which enables user profiles. With this WordPress plugin, you can create a comprehensive community for users on your website. All you need to do is install this WordPress community plugin and enjoy its features. 


  • This WordPress subscription plugin helps you enable or disable the creating of website groups and communities.
  • You can create different types of user-profiles using varied subscription, sign-up, and login procedures.
  • Amazingly, you can even set up a paid subscription or sign-ups on the website through this membership plugin.
  • This is the best membership plugin on WordPress built on CSS3 and allows accessibility on various profiles. 
  • You can improve the functionality of your website with paid extensions, such as WooCommerce member discount. 

3. EventPrime


EventPrime is a WordPress events plugin, which is designed for simple use. Even a beginner with minimal knowledge in website development can install EventPrime WordPress calendar plugin to create events and customize bookings, payments, email confirmations, frontend form submission, etc. 


  • Create events and customize them to show on the frontend through the WP calendar. Every event is shown according to customization and event color.
  • Design the event dashboard, which includes adding event type, performer details, and other details.
  • Add detailed information about the performers of your event. Include their bio to allow the user to make an informed decision.
  • Check the list of event attendees and analyze details of the related audience from your website’s admin. 
  • Utilize 4 widgets, event calendar, countdown, slider, and map. These features help in reminding the audience of the dates. 

4. Jetpack


Jetpack is the top WordPress plugin to design your WordPress website in a hassle-free manner. It has received more than 4 million active installations to date because it improves your productivity and makes it simpler to design the entire website.


  • Utilize features like backups and spam protection to keep your data safe.
  • Install SEO tools to ensure that your website is SEO-friendly.
  • Host all these features and installations on WordPress, which eliminates the load on the website.
  • Utilize the dashboard to analyze your tools and their progress.

5. Yoast SEO


Don’t you want your website to rank better in the search engine? Yoast SEO is the key. You can use this plugin to include SEO check on the admin panel. Every time you write and publish any content, this plugin will help you assess SEO effectiveness.


  • Just add the keyword to optimize the website around this keyword.
  • Include meta-description, tag, and title to enhance your SEO game.
  • Understand the SEO-related errors in your content and on the website.
  • Utilize the readability assessment to improve your content readability.

6. Smush


Images are vital for every website and post. You need to add engaging images to improve user interaction. Smush helps you compress and optimize these images. You don’t need to achieve this manually.


  • Compress images for your website automatically.
  • Improve load time on your post or website page by optimizing images.
  • Check the MBs you have saved while compressing and optimizing images.
  • With the pro-version, it is possible to bulk-Smush images.

7. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

It is simpler for users to press the back button or cross button rather than wait for the page to load. A slow website can terribly hamper your conversions and impact your reputation in front of users. WP Super Cache helps store data of pages visited before, which eliminates the need to load the entire page again.


  • Improve load time through static pages created by WP Super Cache.
  • Improve load time of your mobile and smartphone users.
  • Avoid processing the entire PHP script to open a page.
  • Enable garbage collection to free up server space.

8. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder

   On WordPress, you get a basic builder. If you need advanced designs on a page, then you need a developer to make that happen. However, the Elementor Page Builder helps you create pages with widgets, sections, and modules without creating code.


  • Fully control every element on your website
  • Design and save custom layouts for future use.
  • Make responsive pages and adjust the mobile site as well.
  • Design user-friendly, attractive designs on the frontend.

9. Simple News

Simple News

Simple News is the best WordPress plugin for news. It adds news to your website automatically. You can even customize this feature according to your requirements and feasibility.


  • Display title, excerpt, date, and news link on the home page.
  • Sort news and posts based on the date of publishing.
  • Customize images and other elements on your news page.
  • Display news on the sidebar, posts, pages, and footer.  

10. GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

With this WordPress consent management plugin, you can create and display a cookie banner on your website. The plugin lets you comply with data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA. You can obtain prior consent from your site visitors for loading cookies on their browsers. The plugin lets you block third-party cookies until the user consents. 


  • Display a cookie banner and provide options to accept or reject cookies.
  • Customize the cookie banner to match your website’s theme.
  • Do a complete scan of cookies on your website and lists them based on their category and purpose.
  • Block third-party cookies automatically.
  • Allow users to consent to only specific categories of cookies.
  • Show GDPR cookie banner only to EU visitors.
  • Keep a detailed consent report and export it as a CSV anytime.


From search engine optimization to user experience, many things add up to the entire experience of your website. If you execute everything manually, you require a lot of time to design a decent website, which might still not impress every user. So, utilize WordPress plugins, improve your website’s functionality, and add important website features. 

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