9 Benefits of Mobile Live Chat Support for Your Business

Mobile live chat is a direct support channel that bridges the gap between a business and its customers, allowing both parties to communicate in real-time and on the go.

Businesses use this feature for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Marketing 
  • Customer support
  • Sales, and more. 

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Live chat is mostly facilitated by a window that pops up on the website or application when a customer clicks on its icon (usually placed in the bottom right corner of the screen). 

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According to the research conducted by Kayako, 79% of businesses have reported an increase in their revenue and sales after adopting a live chat system. 

If this data wasn’t impressive enough, let us explore some more exemplary mobile live chat support benefits. 

Benefits of Mobile Live Chat Support 

Below is the list of reasons your business should consider investing in reliable and effective mobile live chat customer service. 

1. Enables You To Provide All-Time Support

24X7 availability is perhaps the most lucrative benefit of adopting live chat customer service.

If you run a business where customers might contact you at odd hours, like in the case of businesses that serve an international client base, using the live chat feature is quite advantageous. 

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Providing customer support round the clock will iron out the most frustrating customer complaint: their problems and queries remain unheard. 

Even if you do not have personnel available at all hours of the day, you can leverage the self-service feature offered by almost every top live chat vendor these days. 

All you have to do is ensure that your customers can still find solutions easily and quickly when the chat option is unavailable.

You can do this by referring them to relevant customer help literature on your website, like a knowledge bank or the FAQ section of your website.

2. Speeds Up The Query Resolving Process

With the help of live chats, you can resolve customer queries almost instantly. 

The technology also saves your customers the trouble of heading to another app, opening their email, and then sending their queries to your support team. 

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Instead, they can click on the small icon on your application/website and communicate with you about their problems in real-time. 

Moreover, from a customer’s point of view, it is often difficult to gauge how long a business will take to revert. 

Making the customers wait for longer can further aggravate them. It is not beneficial for your business. 

The immediacy that live chats bring to the table helps businesses speed up the query resolving processes and ensure customer satisfaction. 

3. Refines Customer Support Experience

Live chat on the website brings convenience and rapidity to the support experience you offer. 

Both qualities, by themselves, can do wonders to the quality of customer support you offer. 

However, another element of live chat support adds delight to the customer’s experience – personalization.

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Every time a customer uses the chat support system to contact your business, they will interact with a real human being. 

The person on the other side will be having the knowledge and intention of resolving their issue in the quickest, most hassle-free manner possible. 

Another way live chat support improves the customer’s experience is by letting you collect feedback in real-time. 

However, the importance of collecting feedback dictates to be discussed in a separate, dedicated sub-header of its own. 

(Hint: This isn’t the last time we’re discussing customer feedback on this list.)

4. Fosters Long Term Customer Relationships

Live chat support systems make customer support quick, delightful, and, most importantly, personal. 

Knowing this, it becomes fairly simple to imagine how the technology can help your business establish long-term relationships with your clients.

When your customers connect with your company’s support team over chat, the support team can make adjustments according to the situation and the customer’s sentiment in that situation. 

The best part is, you can achieve all of this without causing a serious delay in response.

And here’s a piece of advice:

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In addition, the support team can personalize their messages and have a conversation with the customer that truly helps them find solutions. 

If you are offering a product that solves a complex problem, there is a chance that some customers may require support repeatedly. 

It presents a chance to refer them to the ‘known’ support representative. 

Over time, your customers may get more comfortable while conversing with your team, and seeking support may stop seeming like a tiresome task.

This helpful and empathetic approach can help build rapport and foster long-term customer relationships.  

5. Builds A Positive Brand Reputation  

Focusing on making customer support accessible and available 24/7 significantly contributes to building better relationships. 

Moreover, live chats are free. Your customers and potential customers won’t have to pay anything to get instant answers. 

It is especially true for overseas conversations, as it further adds to the customers enjoying a positive user experience. 

Additionally, the chats are more inclusive than other forms of support channels. 

For those with hearing impairments, communicating their issues to the support team becomes easier, and your support team can tend to their issues quickly and effectively.  

Moreover, every time a prospect becomes interested in knowing more about your business, they visit your website and get instant information delivered to them. 

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It will enable you to provide your prospects with a delightful experience from your very first interaction with them.

The positive experience will remain consistent when a prospect becomes a customer and avails support using a chat support system.

When your customers are happy, they will spread a positive word about your business. 

It further helps your brand establish a positive reputation among your audience.

6. Helps You Acquire More Customers

Acquiring more customers and generating more sales is perhaps the topmost priority of every business. 

When you invest in live chat, it can help you resolve your customers’ queries almost instantly. 

Even if there is some research involved, personnel from your support team can get on it immediately and instantly provide relevant and helpful answers to the customers. 

Another way businesses are using live chat support systems to increase sales is with the help of AI-enabled chatbots.

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These chatbots can be programmed to give product recommendations, provide website tours, and even help with selecting the best product based on a prospect’s needs. 

For several years now, businesses like Lego have been using this technology, enjoying great success.

7. Gives You Insights For Improvement

As promised earlier, it is time to discuss customer feedback.

It is always better to plan your next move based on data rather than assumptions. 

With the help of live chat, you can collect unlimited data and use it to improve customer experience, marketing outcomes, and business efficiency. 

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Modern live chat software allows you to organize this data and filter it later when reviewing the insights. 

The data collected can help inform your sales and marketing team to improve their practices and campaigns. 

Additionally, it can help your product team make the product better than before, allowing you to meet your user’s expectations. 

8. Boosts Productivity of Support Team

Maintaining an equal ratio between the number of personnel in your support team and your customers is impossible. 

But attending to all customer queries that you receive is crucial. This is where live chats become not only relevant but also extremely helpful. 

Unlike an email or a phone call, where one agent can only attend to one customer at a time, live chat support makes it easier to juggle multiple queries at once. 

It is especially true if the customer’s questions are simple and need quick answers. 

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So, it is best to opt for a live chat vendor that allows you to handle all your support channels, including emails and chats, in one place. It will further boost your team’s productivity. 

9. Provides Better ROI 

Live chat allows direct communication between the customer and your business. 

When you use live chat, the customers don’t have to wait in line for someone from the support team to be assigned on the call. Or wait for two to three days to receive a response to their email. 

Moreover, customers don’t have to switch between applications such as social media platforms, email apps, or your website/application to reach out to you. 

It allows them to communicate on their terms, which is nothing but convenient. 

This speed and convenience brought in by live chat have contributed to higher conversion rates for many businesses. 

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Additionally, an experienced support team member can usually handle up to five chats at once. 

It essentially improves the efficiency of the entire support function of your business.

Consequently, live chats have proven to be a great tool for customers and businesses. 

While it brings ease to the customers’ lives, it drives an improved ROI for the businesses. 

Importance Of A Well-optimized Website 

To reap the benefits of live chat mentioned above, you need to have a well-optimized website. 

It is all set to offer a good user experience to the customers across devices. 

Essentially, it will have:

  • Good page loading speed
  • High-quality images and content
  • Easy and simple navigation

And everything else that turns that lead into a customer. 

Not to forget, all of these user experience problems negatively influence the effectiveness of almost every online marketing initiative you undertake.

It is best to use a tool such as a website analyzer that will enable you to prepare your site for better performance. 

With that, your website can perform better in generating traffic and conversions. Plus, you can get the most out of your live chat system.

Mobile Live Chat Support Is A Winner 

Live chat support is one of the most comfortable and easiest ways for customers to contact a business. 

This is perhaps why 85.6% of customers are satisfied with the live chat service in today’s day and age. 

Beyond helping you improve customer service and experience, it also allows your team to improve productivity. 

Are you using live chat support for your business? If yes, what benefits are you getting from it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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