Spring cleaning: 8 ways to refresh your WordPress website

Spring cleaning: 8 ways to refresh your WordPress website

Spring has arrived, and with it comes the desire to clean up and start fresh. But why limit your spring cleaning to just your home?

Now is the perfect time to examine your WordPress website and see where improvement is needed. Examine your site’s functionality, usability, and relevance and make necessary changes.

1. Fix those annoying WordPress issues

Do you have a problem with your WordPress website that is causing you frustration? Maybe you have attempted to resolve it independently but have been unsuccessful in finding a solution. As a result, you have just left it as it is. However, the issue bothers you every time you look at your website.

It’s time to stop ignoring the problem and start taking steps to fix it. You can search for solutions on Google if you have a common WordPress issue. However, for complex problems that require coding or an in-depth understanding of WordPress, it is always a good idea to seek the help of a professional.

2. Backup your website

Backing up your website is critical to protecting against accidental data loss. Without regular backups, you could completely lose the latest version of your website, resulting in hours of frantically updating and republishing your content. Data loss can quickly happen due to internal mistakes, hardware failure, plugin errors causing crashes, or becoming a victim of hacking.

Can you afford to take the risk? You must investigate a robust offsite backup strategy to protect your site if the answer is no.

3. Make any WordPress updates

The popularity of WordPress has made it vulnerable to hack attempts. However, your WordPress website will be exploited only because of personal negligence, such as not keeping up with website maintenance.

Website maintenance, such as reviewing and updating your plugins, should be done regularly to keep your site secure and running as it should. Schedule time to periodically check and update your theme, core, and plugins to prevent dealing with a hacked site.

4. Review your site security

Web security is critical to your online presence and should not be ignored. Implementing security measures to shield your site against common weaknesses and attacks is essential.

Read these blogs to identify and resolve potential risks before they become apparent to yourself or your customers:

5. Run a website audit for improvements

When did you last check that the images on your site were appropriately loaded? Or is every link within your site working? Likewise, when was the last time you read through your site’s content to ensure it is still relevant and meets your company’s vision and values?

Take time to audit your website’s content and functionality to ensure that it remains fresh and provides customers with good service. Nobody likes outdated information.

6. Delete spam comments

You’ve likely received annoying spam comments at least once. It is not uncommon to receive hundreds or even thousands of comments every week.

Although you may be tempted to leave a backlog of unapproved comments due to the time and effort it takes to review and approve them, this can significantly reduce the size of your WordPress database.

To avoid slowing down your website, it’s vital to keep on top of the comments being accumulated in the backend and regularly delete them.

7. Test the speed of your site

Slow page loading times are standard for WordPress websites, which can frustrate your visitors. Unoptimized images, bad hosting, and poorly coded themes are reasons your website can become sluggish.

As faster websites result in a better user experience, investigating how to speed up your WordPress site is worth the time and effort. You can check your website’s current speed here.

8. Optimize your site for search engines

When your website is well-optimized, it will improve your visibility on search engines, increasing traffic and conversions. A robust site architecture, straightforward navigation, properly tagged images, and relevant content will help search engines index your site quickly and easily. This will also give visitors a better experience of using your site and encourage repeat traffic.

Please spend some time reviewing your site to see how SEO-friendly it is. Are you ranking for the keywords and phrases you want? Are they included in your page titles and alt tags? Now is a great time to review your site’s content to improve SEO.

Here at WP Tech Support, our team of highly experienced developers will take care of all of the above for you, leaving you to focus on running your business. Our WordPress Maintenance Plans ensure that your WordPress website stays up to date, secure from hackers, and fully optimized and backed up daily. Investing in our services is like a regular spring clean of your website, so your online presence stays fresh and vibrant all year round.

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