8 Reasons to Develop Your B2B Commerce Site in WooCommerce in 2022

Do you want to create a B2B eCommerce site? The majority of businesses are deciding to relocate their operations online in order to prosper. Having a strong web presence helps businesses, whether they are restaurants or service providers, appear trustworthy. B2B businesses must also follow this.

What is B2B business?

Selling to other businesses falls under the B2B business model. B2B customers frequently make sizable orders and are better-informed consumers because they frequently make repeat purchases.

Here, the choice of the appropriate platform—possibly the one that makes it simpler for the customer to sell online—is crucial to the success of a wholesale seller coming online. B2B eCommerce greatly contrasts with the B2C business model, in which a company sells to individual consumers. To further elaborate, B2B businesses should provide customers with a more individualized experience.

If you already have a basic B2B commerce site up and running, you can employ a specialized WooCommerce B2B plugin. It is a wholesale package with more mature features. This plugin integrates five independent plugins so that B2B merchants can have a fuller experience with the freedom of personalization. 

Reasons to Develop Your B2B Commerce Site in WooCommerce 

With the help of the adaptable and cost-free WooCommerce plugin, you can convert your WordPress website into an online store. Although WooCommerce is promoted as a solution for B2C stores (with B2C clients), don’t undervalue its capacity to assist you in building an effective and user-friendly B2B online store.

Easy to Use

WooCommerce is made to be user-friendly and modern. Not just for your clients but also for you. Since none of us are skilled in programming, manually creating a website’s backend to run an e-commerce store could be time-consuming.

WooCommerce is equipped with everything you need out of the box to launch your b2b store. Because the processes for setting up, structuring, and running WordPress are so straightforward, anyone with even a basic understanding of computers can use them.

WooCommerce’s user interface was thoughtfully designed so that even the least skilled user can utilize it automatically. It is simple, easy to use, and made to increase sales and conversions for the store owner.

Extended Features

WooCommerce is always being updated. As a result, you are not forced to use another B2B solution that has an outdated interface, limited features, or is exclusive. WooCommerce offers you a staggering degree of flexibility and independence because it is open-source. You can customize your WooCommerce by:

  • Adding unlimited products
  • Having consumer-like experience
  • Adding various payment methods
  • Enhancing the site’s security and updates
  • Installing plugins

If you operate a B2B store, this is a major advantage. Since every B2B commerce company is different, your requirements probably are too. A significant advantage is being able to freely personalize your store without having to develop a custom system.

Free Store

Nowadays, it can be difficult to obtain something without spending a fortune, but WooCommerce offers you something for free. You will receive the advantages that come with using WooCommerce to host your website.

As there is nothing comparable to WordPress for eCommerce websites, the WooCommerce platform is attractive and unique. WooCommerce is managed by devoted developers and givers that keep the program updated for the newest e-commerce store.

Licensed software is necessary when you need a little bit more functionality, but it is the best option because it typically pays for itself. It will either improve your ability to sell, update your approaches, or preserve your development experience.


A lot of people use the e-commerce WordPress plugin. Nearly 2 million websites are powered by WooCommerce, and its market share is expanding every day. It is a strong rival for any kind of online store, including B2B commerce, because of its enormous popularity. 

When working on a WooCommerce store, it’s quite comforting to know that if you run into a technical difficulty, you can quickly find a solution by conducting a quick Google search. This is because many people have experienced similar issues and have solved them.

Constant Improvements

This is an essential component of every legitimate, open-source project. It is not entirely the work of a team. However, it develops as a result of numerous users and numerous devoted givers by advancing the system while also making it a part of versions, purchases, and communities.

We require more than one expert to respond to our specific query and keep us serving. WooCommerce is able to change, adapt, and keep getting more precise with each updated version.

Professional Platform

You can tell the online store you select is the best because you keep returning to make more purchases from it, whether for reasons of quality, price, service, or even just because you like the way it looks and feels.

With WooCommerce, you can use WordPress and eCommerce Plugins to replicate anything you need to create the same experience you have as a client, giving you a professional platform for your own website. You can implement this design by fusing a business-related theme. Similar to the exterior and interior of a physical store, the theme controls the look and feel of your online shop.

Sell Anything

You can sell whatever product you desire because of the structure WooCommerce renders and the plugins you have access to utilize in it, including:

  • Virtual products
  • Appointments 
  • Physical products
  • Subscriptions 
  • Reservations

Business Growth

When selecting an eCommerce feature, you select the top online store and the greatest business strategy. Your WooCommerce Shop may be small now, but it will grow with time; therefore, you should choose an eCommerce platform that can set up a rental business without requiring too much sophistication right away.

WooCommerce supports stores ranging in size from tiny to huge. With time, it can predict consumer counts ranging from a few shoppers to many thousands of customers. Your WooCommerce website’s capability is increasing as it grows, too.

It’s Time To Build a WooCommerce B2B Store!

WooCommerce is a great option for a B2B or wholesale website for a variety of factors. B2B shop setup could appear difficult at first, but with the aid of a WooCommerce B2B plugin, it is quick and easy to complete.

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