6 signs you’ve outgrown your web hosting service

As a website owner, you may be aware of how important your web hosting service is to the success of your business. A good web hosting service will help ensure your website loads quickly and is secure without any substantial downtime as well as other advantages.

Many website owners make the wrong choice by going for a cheap option which they may find no longer meets the growing needs of their business, but it is never too late to change hosts.

We’ll help you determine if you’ve outgrown your current web hosting service with these 6 signs to look out for.

1. Your website loads slowly

The time it takes for your website to load is one of the factors Google uses to determine your website’s ranking. It also plays a major part in your conversion rate with 40% of web users abandoning a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

So, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, immediately run a website diagnose test to find out what’s causing it. Aside from the hosting, there’s could be a whole variety of reasons why it’s sluggish.

2. Repetitive security breaches

Has your website’s security been compromised? Digital security is important to your customers, your reputation and your bottom line.  If you are becoming a victim of security breaches, your web hosting servicemay be to blame.

There are many forms of hacking that put your site and its users at risk which is why online security is vital. It’s important to learn the signs that your site has been hacked to avoid presenting malicious content to your visitors without even realising it.

3. Your website is often down

There’s little point in maintaining a website and having an online presence if your visitors can’t access it. If your web host provider is unable to give your website with maximum uptime it’s essential to make the switch to a provider that can.

A proper web hosting plan provides you with a fair bandwidth usage, making sure that even when you have an unusual spike in traffic, your website performs well.

4. Your server has a bad name

Before investing in a hosting deal, you should make sure that they aren’t blacklisted in your region or somewhere else otherwise you could end up compromising the integrity of your website. It pays to do your research before signing up to any web hosting serviceto avoid being penalised by search engines.

5. You aren’t receiving customer support

If you’re not receiving a good enough level of support from your provider then you should consider moving.  You want to feel confident that you will be supported through any issues you may come across in the future so you should consider how much faith you have in your current provider to come up with a solution.

6. Your business is growing

And finally, perhaps the biggest sign that you’ve outgrown your existing web host is that your business has significantly grown.

Business expansion leads to consistently more traffic and a greater need for more bandwidth. If you’ve previously relied on shared web hosting, you may need to move to a more secure and reliable web hosting provider.

Aside from where your website is hosted, there are many other aspects to your website that you should review on an ongoing basis to make sure you are making the most of your online presence. WP Tech Support provides WordPress maintenance plans to keep your website in tip-top condition. From emergency fixes to SEO optimisation, whatever your website needs we have you covered.

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