5 ways to make people love your brand

This Valentine’s Day we’re encouraging business owners to see it not just as a romantic occasion, but a time to celebrate and strengthen relationships with their customers, too.

Every business owner wants people to love their brand and continue to use their products or services, despite what competitors may be doing to try and win them over.

When customers fall in love with your brand as a whole, rather than just a singular product or service, they are more likely to continue using and recommending you through their lifetime. They are, essentially, the best friends of your business.

These 5 ways helped them to get there.

1. Create a positive onboarding experience

People want things to be easy. When they land on your website they want it to load quickly and to be able to navigate seamlessly through the information you provide them. A website that’s designed with the user in mind and performs to the high expectations set by customers will create a positive experience.

A balance of colour and white space, properly optimised images and clear call to actions will inspire visitors to progress down the sales funnel. On the other hand, a poor onboarding experience due to a sluggish site, confusing navigation and broken links leaves potential customers wondering whether to look elsewhere.

2. Facilitate the jump from stranger to thriving user

A key to a successful business is to retain a customer for as long as possible. The work to convert a brand new customer is much tougher than trying to retain an existing customer, which is why you should identify ways to touch base and increase engagement regularly.

Having an active social media presence is a way to keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds and provide a platform for your customers to engage with your content.

3. Demonstrate how your product makes their life better

The art of acquiring and retaining customers is to convince them that your product or service will improve their life. To do this, you need to put yourself in the customer’s situation and decipher what’s important to them at that particular time.

Your website is a vital asset when it comes to showcasing what your business can offer so getting traffic to your site is important. A well-optimised website with a strong SEO strategy will help bring essential traffic in.

4. Inspire trust with your brand ethos

Trust is an important element when it comes to getting customers to think positively about your brand. There are certain important trust signals that play a key role in every user’s experience when visiting a website.

The main trust signal customers look for is security. If you host any kind of sensitive data, then setting up a secure HTTPS login is necessary to guarantee no information passed between the server and your customer can be intercepted or stolen. It’s something your customers look for when choosing who to pass their sensitive data to.

5. Establish an emotional connection

People want to believe they make decisions rationally but, in reality, they make them emotionally first. By appealing to the customer’s emotions, you are more likely to win them over. How a person reacts emotionally to your brand can be seen through the way they interact with your website.

Your Google Analytics data can tell you how invested each visitor is. A low bounce rate and a good few minutes spent on each page is ideal.

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