5 Tips to Use Website Management & Automation

The growth of your business depends on so many different factors and emerging trends that it can be challenging to keep track of them all. From making sure that your website is secure for all transactions and interactions, all the way to creating the right environment for your employees, your brand will succeed only when you have a strategy that covers all these and many other aspects. In 2021, in particular, managing your website and a range of business processes through elevated automation will help you achieve more every day.

How? By freeing up more time for your employees, covering menial and tedious work that is already error-prone, and by enabling cost-effective solutions for each department in your business. Automation has the potential to help you maintain your website and streamline your business processes. However, you should be careful when choosing which aspects of your company you should automate. Here, we’ll cover the core ideas to embrace automation in managing your website and handling different business-wide processes. Hopefully, they will enable you to create your own automation strategy for 2021 and beyond!

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Choose the right plugins

When you choose the most optimal platform for your website, you should make sure that you’re putting all of its available features to good use. If you’re using WordPress, as one of the most trusted platforms for businesses of all profiles, you can use top WordPress plugins to automate a range of website-related tasks. 

  • Now that digital events are more popular than ever before, the EventPrime plugin helps manage all aspects of creating and managing your online event. You can even use it to collect event attendees’ data and information and tailor the content to their needs, in addition to core calendar features, reminders, email notifications, and the like.
  • Yoast SEO helps you understand your site’s SEO performance, spot where there’s room for improvement, and conduct regular checkups to prevent SEO-related issues on your website.
  • Broken Link Checker serves to help you track your link portfolio and spot broken links that need to be replaced. Without the plugin, you’d be looking at a tedious job that would take hours of your marketer’s day to complete.

Automate SEO processes

Even though there are so many aspects of managing your brand’s online reputation and your website in one go, how you handle your SEO can make or break your business’s success online. Yes, you will always need your trusty teams to handle the most creative and the most intricate portions of SEO, but some aspects of SEO can indeed be automated and help your teams focus on the more vital ones.

In addition to putting your plugins to good use when automating various parts of your SEO, make sure you also automate competitor analysis and brand monitoring to always keep an eye on how your brand is perceived. 

Make scheduling simpler for your team

How you manage time in your business heavily impacts your ability to streamline any part of your organization. Eliminating time-wasters and burnout alike starts with automating scheduling and time management in your business. This particular business process can be simpler with the help of the best scheduling software available, designed to increase transparency and automate various time management aspects. 

You can set up automated reminders for employees, get a clear overview of your staff’s daily workload to allocate their time better, and compile performance reports. This will help you understand where you have issues with your time management, and it will help simplify shift allocation across the board. 

Streamline social media posting

In addition to your website and your team’s inner workings, you can also extend automation to your social media management. The job of any social media manager is complex enough as it is. They need to create compelling content every day, respond to comments, show appreciation for shares, respond to reviews, and help customers via direct messaging platforms. 

Look for trusted social media tools that automate everything from posting, scheduling, generating fun hashtags, all the way to analytics so that you can learn from each campaign and improve in time. Automating these menial processes will give you more time to focus on content creation and customer interactions. 

Use AI-driven chatbots for customer support

A task that helps keep your website alive and interactive can also be a burden for your employees. Your customer support is vital for the success of your brand. You need to be available to respond to customer queries almost immediately, share relevant information, and use your support as a cross-sell or up-sell opportunity. For that, you can use AI-based chatbots on your site. These bots help manage customer communication with ease (and without bias), while your teams are free to handle more complex issues.

The perks of chatbots don’t end with automating a task that your employees would otherwise need to handle. They help collect and analyze customer-related information and allow personalized content creation for future visits by the same customer. Chatbots also help with smarter product recommendations and asking for customer feedback when the moment is right, which is a perfect way to improve your overall brand reputation and boost loyalty.

In a sense, all of the listed ideas encompass both the notion of business process automation and streamlining your website management through automation, too. Meant to help your teams focus on mission-critical assignments and help reduce risk and errors in your processes, these and similar automation solutions are there to make running your digital business a much easier task. Remember to put these ideas to use and incorporate them into your own 2021 strategy to leverage technology and automation across the board and focus on growth.

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