4 reasons WordPress for ecommerce is the way forward

Are you starting an online store? Have you considered the benefits of WordPress for ecommerce?

While there are several platforms you can choose to use, WordPress offers a number of key benefits for online store owners such as its ability to scale, its flexible format, and optimum security. The platform is an extremely cost-effective solution, meaning you can get your store off the ground for a minimal investment.

Why start an ecommerce business?

Based on current projections, around one-quarter of the globe shops online meaning the value of ecommerce business is on the rise. As there is so much activity online, it takes a well-planned strategy to cut through the noise and stand out enough to attract customers. You’ll need to invest a significant amount of time and energy to set up your online store, taking into consideration your customer’s security and buying journey.

WordPress for ecommerce

While it’s not strictly a dedicated ecommerce platform, WordPress has all of the hallmarks of a suitable solution. Here’s just four of the main reasons WordPress for ecommerce makes sense.

1. Scalability

WordPress is extremely versatile, highly configurable and, from a design and business perspective, can be changed quickly and seamlessly when the need arises. The platform is able to handle huge amounts of traffic so it is an ideal choice for ecommerce sites.

Building a scalable digital environment hinges on multiple aspects, but, most importantly, a website that is capable of withstanding traffic fluctuations.

Most other platforms are much tougher to scale, which is why more enterprising companies are moving to WordPress instead. There are now over 60 million websites run by WordPress with a huge variety in size and content, and some having millions of views per day.

2. Security

Security is vital for any website, but particularly for ecommerce sites where card transactions are taking place.

Thankfully, WordPress is built from the ground up to be inherently secure. The team behind WordPress work with security researchers and hosting businesses to continue to make WordPress as safe as possible. If any vulnerabilities are found, security updates are instantly issued for download.

Applying sound judgement, managing WordPress updates, and running regular maintenance will make your WordPress website as secure from hack attempts.

3. Adaptability

WordPress is extremely adaptable allowing you to create or commission a custom design to meet your exact requirements. There are hundreds of styles to choose from, and the capability to upload and manipulate images, videos, audio files and PDF’s. The WordPress platform is extremely straightforward and intuitive, allowing non-technical enthusiasts to run and maintain their own website without ranking up huge development costs. There are also thousands of plugins already available if you don’t have the experience or confidence in coding your own site.

WooCommerce is the number one e-commerce plugin offering control through a user-friendly interface.

4. Affordability

When you’re starting a new business venture, you’re likely working with a minimal budget. Fortunately, WordPress offers a cost-effective solution. Although you will have to pay for a domain name and hosting, the actual platform itself won’t cost you a penny – it’s free to download and use!

If you’re considering outsourcing the development and maintenance of your site, it will add an extra cost but provide incredible value. Not only will it save you a huge amount of time, but it will ensure you are providing the best experience to your customer base from the outset.

We can handle all aspects of your WordPress site’s security and maintenance to ensure you’re always protected. We also include daily backing up of your website to our secure cloud server for complete peace of mind, allowing you to scale your site with confidence and to its full potential. Take a look at our monthly WordPress support plans for more information.

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