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According to W3Techs, WordPress now powers 30% of the web. What began as a blogging platform has now become the fastest growing CMS on the market. Not only does it remain a powerful tool for bloggers, but it also helps organisations of all shapes and sizes to run their business online.

So what sets WordPress apart from the rest?

It’s affordable

WordPress is free to use. And there’s no catch.  The reason it’s free is because it’s an open source project maintained by a group of volunteers who are constantly looking to improve the platform and stay on top of any potential security vulnerabilities.

As the platform is so popular, thousands of free themes and plugins have been created so you can extend the design and functionality of your WordPress website. This makes it extremely versatile for a business in any sector. And the fact it’s been tested on millions of websites for over a decade has allowed it to be refined into what it is today. 

It’s secure

The team behind WordPress work with security researchers and hosting companies to continue to make WordPress as safe as possible. If exploits are found, security updates are immediately released for download.

Although they are a popular target for hackers, the majority of WordPress websites that get attacked are usually a result of personal negligence such as sticking to a simple password, not regularly updating themes and plugins or failing to implement basic security features.

By applying some common sense, managing WordPress updates and regular maintenance, WordPress is as secure as any other CMS can be.

Plus, the inclusion of HackerOne last year – where people are rewarded for finding vulnerabilities – has led to security issues being found and fixed faster.

It’s scalable

Unlike many other CMS’s, WordPress is incredibly easy to scale which is one of the many reasons more and more enterprising companies are choosing to use it. The 60 million plus websites that are powered by WordPress range from small blogs to internationally-recognised news websites, attracting millions of page views a day.

Some of the big brands using WordPress include Bacardi, The New Yorker magazine, Sony Music and Vogue – all of which receive high volumes of daily traffic. So whether you’re a sole trader or an eCommerce powerhouse, WordPress is able to handle your requirements like a champ.

It’s customisable

As mentioned previously, WordPress is open source which means that anyone can build anything they need to make their website perfect. There are hundreds of different styles to choose from with multimedia capabilities so that you can upload and manipulate images, videos, audio files and pdfs, as well as being able to auto-embed content from YouTube without having to create or copy any complicated code.

As a platform, WordPress is incredibly easy to use and intuitive, enabling millions of non-technical enthusiasts to successfully start and manage their own website. If you don’t feel comfortable coding, you can pick from hundreds of thousands of plugins already created.

If you’re ready to join the millions of individuals and businesses that use WordPress, we can help you make the most out of the platform.

We handle all aspects of your WordPress site’s security and maintenance to ensure you’re protected – including backing up your website to our secure cloud server for complete peace of mind.

Our great value monthly plans range from just £35 per month – a small price to pay to ensure your website is healthy, optimised for SEO purposes and secure.

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